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  2. Bans for game crashing

    I understand what you mean, but to give you a specific example for the remor: the reason it does 500k is because of the VT badge, not because of gear.
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  4. Hi, Do we know which daily quests, day by day, we will have when the patch comes out?
  5. Salut à tous, Voilà, j'expose mon problème, j'ai voulu optimiser mon pc avec Capet un youtubeur, et du coup au final, mon jeu ne marche plus. Si quelqu'un a fait la même chose, et qu'il a trouvé où été le problème, je lui serai infiniment reconnaissant. Tout aide bien évidement est le bienvenue, bien sûre! Ce qui m'affiche lorsque je lance le jeu: Voici les optimisation que j'ai faites: vidéo 1 à 6 Merci si quelqu'un peut m'aider, sinon je ne peux plus jouer
  6. High Ping sucht familiäre Member (Karminlegion)

    Push Nicht so schüchtern Leute
  7. I hope it will be 0 copper like you said. I don't mind doing Circle of sundering for the tokens but 100g for a switch is just mehh =.=. that would help players playing both spec of their class.
  8. Bans for game crashing

    listen i have Dragonforge 3, First PVP accessories Ring/Necklace/Belt/Glove and 8 Nova core which is i consider Gear everyone in 6v6 should have since it dosent cost alot but i am one shot max gear people do with a normal attack not even their super attack like KFM Tremor up to 500k. If you want to compete you have to use way to much gold to upgrade PVP stuff we need our stuff for PVE. Either they give us the accesories stage 1 for free or they remove PVE mats from PVP stuff so we have PVP mats. Since i am not a bad PVP player i can take on most max gear people with this trashy gear if i am fighting 1v1 but there is no chance i can fight against 2 of thoose at the same time.
  9. Bans for game crashing

    the give up option does not sound too bad, but i would still leave the queue time punishment. As for the gear: you buy a stage 3 PVP acendant weapon for basically nothing, the basic pvp accessories (skushatter, skypearl, necklace) drop like candy now and dnont need any pts to upgrade.
  10. Bans for game crashing

    my point is enemy team 6 people with max gear vs 3 guys with max gear 1 with decent gear (Dragonfroge for example) 2 hm 13 not even Raven wapon. Why does this team have to wait till the match is over ? they could atleast put in an option where you can give up like League of legends. 1. Let players spawn alive at log in (probably easy to implement into the game) 2. add an option to give up ingame just like league of legends (probably easy to add) 3. remove the gear (not gonna happen) 4. give us stage 1 gear of the newest acc for free (the need to farm it is totally ok thou) instead of demanding PTS and all.
  11. Awakening Shadow Warlock Rotation.

    Hello, With the upcoming patch and ability to re-roll, I was hoping to re-roll into a shadow warlock. I've checked out F11, the Talents seems to be: 1, 1, 2, 1, 1. Or is 3, 1, 2, 1, 1 preferred? (I've seen people suggesting '3, 1, 2, 1, 3' but have yet to see a single top F11 spec it that way before) I was hoping if you guys could help me out with the rotation for a max geared shadow warlock? My current rotation is: Sanctum (c) -> Quell (1) -> Soulburn (TAB) -> Defile (2) -> Umbral storm (v) -> Umbral imprison (3) -> Dragon Helix (4) -> Dimensional Salvo (RMB). I personally feel like the opener is a tad long and is wasting my BW a bit too much, was wondering if you guys could help me out with the rotation. Thanks a tonne.
  12. You need to remember the rarer the fish the more pearls you get, and to catch the rarer fish you need the better baits which costs pearls to buy get say 12-15 pearls per fish, but the rarer bait costs 12 pearls
  13. Bans for game crashing

    Huh? i think you missuderstand what i said o.o, i am all for the way it is now. Granted it may not be fair for those who actually crash, but like you said, they cant tell if its an actual crash or enforced. The issue is that people used to intentionally kill the game and not loose ranking points when the team was bad, now they are banned from queing if they do so which makes it fair in the long run. I would not allow people to leave if they see the team is bad, cause think of it this way: you spend 30 min in queue, then when it pops everyone leaves...and you are back at the starting point.
  14. System requirements are: AMD Athlon 64 X2 3GB ram GeForce 8600 GT Since my PC broke i am forced to play with an old Laptop: Intel Core i5-3437U Intel HD 4000 4GB ram At lowest settings (optimized for low end) + BNS Buddy tweeks i have barely 30 FPS and infight 16fps at 800x600 its no fun playing like this thats why i only do the 3 daily missions. It should run much better if you look at the system requirements. From my experience you need atleast something like an I5 2400 + GT 630 to play this game with trashy graphics. Hope this game will be soon in Geforce Now.
  15. No, you don't its 255 daily limit, from 1 char.
  16. Bans for game crashing

    You either allow leaving the game or give bans for leaving the game its that simple. What do you want to change @Grimoir ? I dont see anyway they can ban people who leave intentionally without baning thoose who crash. Yeah they could spawn you alive when you log in but this wouldnt eradicate this problem people would still crash and wont be able to join back so they will get banned. In my oppinion they should just allow leaving since 90% ot the time you can tell if you lose before the match begins.
  17. Hat der Gewaltenbändiger noch eine Zukunft?

    Also im PVE hat sich der FM nicht sonderlich verändert ja er hat aber schon Skills und Buffs bekommen die besonders im 6v6 stark sind und den FM zur stärksten Klasse im Spiel machen. Seit ende 2016 ist der FM aber auch unter den Top Klassen PVP Technisch. Ich muss aber sagen der FM wird im PVE relativ schnell Langweilig nach meiner Meinung zumindest.
  18. Noted Kozuki thanks for the answer. Catching rarer fish will not affect this event reward outcome right? except that you get more pearls, which can be obtained by fishing more. Btw, one time fishing is always fixed at 30 second? not RNG?
  19. Status update for June 2019. We are still recruiting Singapore & Malaysian members. Mains only - To apply, please view clan rules for steps:
  20. Temporary Item Reversal Policy Loophole?

    It depends on something else in my experience they want to keep the people who are investing in their game active you know. I will probably get a strike for this thou.
  21. Salut salut, DIspo aussi si tu veux
  22. Temporary Item Reversal Policy Loophole?

    I held off upgrading my soul because I knew the reductions were coming several months ago. I personally congratulate NC on offering this policy when they really didn't have to (and in so doing added a lot of extra work for their staff). I've had very good experiences dealing with support and I hope they keep doing things like this to keep their customers happy.
  23. Actually tis not a loophole, swapping soul between trees is transforming and not upgrading. So support after checking will not revert your soul because you did not upgrade it to a new stage.
  24. Tournoi JcJ 1v1 Juillet 2019

    Bonjour, Nous organisons un Tournois JcJ 1v1 16 joueurs en Arène sur le server Jinsoyun, Majesty Tournament dimanche 7 juillet à 20h30. Bonne humeur et récompenses à la clé ! Merci de contacter in game /m Myrrhina pour plus d'informations. Nous vous attendons nombreux ! Cordialement, -Staff Majesty-
  25. Eyy lmao you fell for the click bait title. hehe xd There really is a loophole though... kind of... So, with the upcoming soul cost reductions, a lot of people will be asking for reverts. So a "Temporary Item Reversal Policy" was created and can be viewed here: For all of you who didn't click on the link, basically if you've upgraded a soul or weapon between May 1st to June 19th, you can get it reverted regardless of having an item reversal or not. So the loophole question is, if you switch your soul between the two soul trees (Dragon and Tiger) right now, doesn't the support staff technically have to agree to reverse it for you? This loophole doesn't let you get tons of extra oils back if you couldn't before, but it does force support to give you a revert. I actually wanted to point this out a week ago, but I figured that if people saw this and decided to purposefully change their soul to mess with the support staff, I would feel bad about it. Now that we're less than 3 days away from the end of the deadline, eh good enough. That being said, this loophole is only half of why I made this post. The other reason if to discuss your experiences with this reversal policy and the support staff in general. I've been hearing and seeing cases where people who upgraded a long time ago gets their items reverted anyways, or people who should be able to get their item reverted is having a hard time trying to do so. People are saying that dealing with support is basically a GM lottery, where if you get the correct person you can your items reverted etc. There has been a lot of grief going around in discord channels and conversations about this. Personally, I'm just kind of salty about the deadline because I missed it by about a week, but I'm interested in what you guys have seen, heard, and feel about the current situation. Is the GM lottery really a thing? Are there anyone else having trouble getting items reverted? And what did you think of the reversal policy?
  26. Merchant

    Valindria is the place where there is only solak..near the middle.. You can find her there by the nearby merchant.
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