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  2. Broken Trove Logic

    There is a thread discussing this already. And no, it's not acceptable. It's a slap in the face.
  3. Angeln

    Ich weiß das sich das F Symbol ändert aber trotzdem geht es meist zu Anfang schief. Was mir auf gefallen ist wenn es schief geht dann ist die Angel mit Köder im Wasser als wenn ich sie nie eingeholt hätte. Und ist nicht so das ich nicht weiß wie es geht hab um die 400 Fische geangelt darunter ein purple Fisch.
  4. Broken Trove Logic

    So i think NCSoft should either have a serious talk with the guy which decides what the crit's contain or they are making fun of ppl on purpose. I decided to invest almost 100$ just this trove to get at least 1 3star with something nice! Today i got my wish.. 3star. Upon closer inspection i can see this must be a joke. SKINS?! 300G worth of mats?! I had 2star crits that had better loot.. so what is the point of 3*** crit's if they contain useless loot. If they think some people value skins more then guilded gems or heck 3 PTS's at least then they should do 2 versions of the 3*** crit when it drops.. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE in my opinion. Sorry.. Maybe i`m missing something, but would you guys be happy with the choice in that screenshot?
  5. Fishing Guide

    found Pink Tilefish in Dasari
  6. Die Seelen wurden billiger gemacht, nicht verschlechtert xD
  7. Le jeu ne se lance pas

    Bonjours, Alors voila mon problème ; J'avais deja essayer de télécharger B&S mais le jeu ne marchait pas alors j'ai abandoné. 3ans plus tard je le réinstale et miracle il marche apres une tres longue attente (environ 1h30) sur l'écran de chargement avant que le jeu se lance. J'ai pue continuer a y jouer mais le temps de chargement est toujours extremement long. (je ne sais pas si c'est normal). Depuis hier le jeu ne se lance plus je vais sur le launcher NZ je clique sur le bouton "lancer le jeu" le launcher m'affiche "jeu en cours" mais rien et puis environ une minute apres il me remet "lancer le jeu" j'ai essayer de faire "analyse de ficher" plusieurs fois de relancer le client mais rien a faire. Si quelqu'un a eu un probleme similaire, ou alors si quelqu'un peut m'aider ou me conseiler j'en serrais ravie. Merci d'avance d'avoir pris le temps de lire mon probleme.
  8. hi i just got the Awakened Legendary soul badge stage 1 box from Mushin's hall, and have no idea which option i should pick for my Fire Gunner any help would be appreciated
  9. Today
  10. Key Trove discount

    Greetings everybody, We cleaned this thread up a bit. Please refrain from personal attacks and keep your comments geared toward the topic and not each other.
  11. Senior Producer für Blade & Soul Nico Coutant blickt auf die erste Jahreshälfte in Blade & Soul zurück und gibt Auskunft zu zukünftigen Entwicklungen.
  12. Nico Coutant, producteur senior de Blade & Soul, dresse le bilan de l'année pour Blade & Soul et nous parle de l'avenir du jeu:
  13. Blade & Soul Senior Producer Nico Coutant gives a look at what’s been happening with Blade & Soul so far this year and what lies ahead:
  14. Codes für NCoins gibts bei Amazon, allerdings empfehle ich, die Coins lieber hier direkt bei NC zu kaufen.
  15. That fix the problem Thank you
  16. YoloQue [Karminlegion] sucht Verstärkung

    Suchen weiterhin neue Member
  17. Class for a returning player

    Yun Blade Master(Spectral Blade) would be my pick now. It's fun, visually appealing and aside from Yun's busted legs, I still like them and Gons. It's one of the best specs in PvE and PvP, and it's a bit more ping friendly than some classes, but of course higher ping will always lower your performance. Force Master is viable in both specs, has some of the highest dps like Gunslingers, but Fire is more ping friendly and is the much more played spec. KFM - I only play Wind(Flying Kick), Idk how the new spec compares, but all the parses I've seen so far have been the lowest of the 3 specs. Fire KFM has burst, Wind KFM has sustained, but Wind KFM pulls ahead for PvE, and Fire KFM for PvP. If your ping is high though, I wouldn't recommend Wind KFM. Assassin - I would love more blue buffs in general. Assassin is pretty solid all around, but much more ping reliant.
  18. Broken weeklies rewards

    Cool that you're aware of it, but we are also aware of the fact that the post you linked hasn't been updated for 18 hours. So maybe can we get a new UPDATE? Here a fix > Weekly Challenge closes every tuesday night/wednesday morning, do your weeklies before that or you're ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ed! Working as intended ! But you didnt announce it in time since you were only aware of it after it already impacted the players, so can we get a compensation ? thanks
  19. Waffenskin - Anzeigefehler

    Hallo, ich möchte hier einen Anzeigefehler melden welches das Schwert vom Klingenmeister sowie Klingentänzer betrifft. Ich hänge ein Bild dazu an um zu verdeutlichen was gemeint ist, im Grunde fällt es direkt ins Gesicht.. denn der Skin ist recht verschoben..
  20. Second set of weekly challenge?

    Greetings everybody, This is our latest post on this topic:
  21. Bugged or changed raven SS?

    there was never cd on raven shields.
  22. Bugged or changed raven SS?

    I remembered there were a 30% cd on raven ss Raven soul shields no longer give 30% cd for bb. p.s. raven ss on assassin only or were there no such thing as 30% cd on bb in the first place? because looking at kfm raven ss theres 30% cd for bb
  23. Ich glaube ich hatte noch nie eine Gamecard, immer Paypal oder CC. Wobei stimmt, CreditCard dient quasi als Gamecard, also meine ist Visa/Barclaycard.
  24. Key Trove discount

    Oh okey. Thanks for your answer Sir!
  25. Key Trove discount

    Except that in other areas the win rates are displayed. That makes your chances of winning something far more clear, as well as showing how the chances of winning something can change dynamically.
  26. Hallo, ich habe mir in letzter Zeit überlegt mir mal eine von den NCSoft Karten zu kaufen und damit NCoins aufzuladen. Doch wo bekommt man die her? Unser Gamestop verkauft keine (Hab gelesen das Gamestop den Verkauf eingestellt hat) und Media Markt verkauft erstrecht keine. Also. Wo kauft ihr eure Gamecards? Und hat jemand noch eine Alternative wo man welche kaufen kann?
  27. @Rumpeldiepumpel Hey Problem hat sich behoben, mit deinen Tipps! Dankesehr :)
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