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  2. Weapon appearance, why isn't it free?

    Costs one bronze with premium , not one gold.
  3. Weapon appearance, why isn't it free?

    Team Bloodlust uses it as a gold sink like how many other things like mailing items to alts and market fees. Pets cost around the same to change appearance also. I agree that it should not cost anything to do but at least lower the cost to do it to like 5-10g. (maybe a sliding scale for weapons IE: raven 5g, aransu 10g and GC 15g) They also need something to give premium members so that is why it only costs 1g for them.
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  5. Sprechen wir einmal Klartext über...

    Da ist er ja wieder der Merlin :D Der sich über alles beschwert und am besten geschenkt bekommen will :D wie z.b am 1 Mai Premiumersatz :D? sehe Forum :D Mensch das spiel besteht aus farmen,ich finds gut hab riesen lust stunden lang zu farmen :-) hab ja nichts davon wenn ich von heut auf morgen schon max end gear habe :)
  6. Sprechen wir einmal Klartext über...

    Ich wünschte ich würde hier bezahlt werden ich bin Montag bis Freitags sehr viel im Forum einfach, weil ich nichts besseres zu tun habe. Ich rede auch nur gegen die Sachen, die kritisiert werden, weil es entweder weinerlichkeiten sind wie "ich habe keine Lust zu farmen flenn flenn". Klar wäre es besser, wenn man die Handschuhe auch für Marken kaufen könnte aber irgendwo soll man auch Farmen müssen finde ich. Nach der Story ist man schon Dawnforge 3 mit 7 Eckigen und First Gen Legendary Items bis VT dauert es nicht lange, vorallem, da man das im F5 kaufen kann und TT ist ja mit MSP schon komplett farmbar mit Ausnahme der Schmuckteile. Dann haben wir mal eine Sache, wo du echt mal farmen musst und "flenn flenn will nicht farmen flenn flenn". Zu den Scales ja die dropen genug aber Aufgrund der Menge, die die Community braucht wünsche ich mir halt 2 Drops pro run statt 1 dies sind aber alles nur Wünsche und keine "Ihr seit schlecht" "Ihr seit doch doof, dass es so ist " etc. wie es bei solchen post wie diesen ist. Hier beziehe ich mich auf "Aber das passt wieder einmal hervorragend in euer Geschäftsmodell" von deinem Text.
  7. Gem shop

    Hello, I want to ask if it's possible to add a new shop .(Exchanger) After the gems we get from last 2 events , I think the players need gem exchanger or something to make the gems that they need. For example : - If i have a Sapphire, I'd like to be able to change it to a Ruby. - It could require some materials and one of the old gems and provide you with a new gem.
  8. Greetings. As you know, we can change outfits as much as we want without charging, but changing weapon appearance costs gold, and if you have the legendary weapon (Raven, Riftwalk, Aransu etc) it can cost 20g and more. That amount of gold could be nothing for players who have like 10k gold in their pockets, or Premium members that can even pay 1g for that, but think about this: a normal player, who have less gold than those ones, and he must use most of it for upgrading materials, jewels, elements and whatnot, BUT he has a cool outfit and he wants the matching weapon to go with it, so those 20g can mean a lot. We saw a lot of changes in the past years and more, bigger updates are to come in these months, so considering this minor feature is outdated, why not to make the weapon appearance changing free for all? Why can we change outfits for free except the weapons? It's like you get a new outfit, you try it on, you want to use a different weapon skin to go with that, but you change your mind because it costs that much.
  9. Talus Engineer Corps quest

    Yep the quest was removed with the update that rid of most of the under 50 blue quests. A similar quest is the Shadowstrike instance which needs a quest to be activated, and gave out the Obsidian Serpent. I only got the Secret Agent costumes because Alienware did a gaveaway a few years ago.
  10. Sprechen wir einmal Klartext über...

    Oh ist da jemand frustriert, weil er soviel Gold für die Scales ausgeben muss? Die Droprate ist vollkommen OK, ich hab für die 50+, die ich benötigt habe nichts zahlen müssen, war nur ein Wochenende BC und MSP Farming also kein Problem. Spassig ist allerdings, das es immer die Selben sind, die gegen alles, was kritisiert wird reden. Könnte man fast den eindruck bekommen ihr werdet dafür bezahlt ;)

    as title says is simple mode good fore ice wl? and if not can somemone tell me what is now good rotation for ice? i use simple mode cuz in raids my frame rate drops rly low like 20-25 frames..... i got ryzen 1600 and my settings are on minimum all but still it is bad... pls share some info with me cuz i want to use my wl as best as i can...
  12. Talus Engineer Corps quest

    I haven't found the secret agent outfit either, and putting outfits behind a pvp wall when they were pve really is poor form. I wanted that outfit and tried so many times -- then they killed the quest and locked up the outfit away from where PvE players could get it. Um...guess they are going to release it right about the time the bloodlust outfit comes out in F10....
  13. Well, Agree and Agree -- how boring!
  14. Friend List Empty

    Update: when I got back into the game -- friends list empty again.... No wonder I have problems making friends in this game w/friends list getting zeroed every new start.
  15. Sprechen wir einmal Klartext über...

    Hab' auch keine Ahnung wo das Problem liegt Kann mir keiner erzählen das beim farmen der 25 Marken nicht mal 2 Handschuhe rausspringen und wenn doch, dann hat man halt einfach mal Pech Für solche Leute könnt man die Handschuhe auch beim Händler reindrücken für 5 Marken Oder man jault weniger und farmt einfach weiter :D
  16. F12

    s’entraîner avec un mode simplifier ? en quoi tu t’entraîne en restant appuyer sur un bouton ? certe sa fait pas tout et heureusement mais l'avoir en f12 permettais au pire juste de comparer le dps du mode simplifier au mode normal quand tes doigt font le boulot a part sa il a pas d'utiliter sinon tu va à l’entrepôt du froid solo et tu essaye
  17. Sprechen wir einmal Klartext über...

    Sind einfach Leute, die frustriert sind, dass die nicht im Lotto gewinnen obwohl Sie immer dran teilnehmen.
  18. Sprechen wir einmal Klartext über...

    Also ich bin gerade in der Instanz gewesen und bekam in einem Run 2 Handschuhe... und dann lese ich diesen Kram hier xD
  19. Friend List Empty

    An update on this -- mine started working when 2 people asked to be friends -- I approved, but nothing happened for a while -- but that's because they weren't on -- cuz when they got on, they appeared. And here's what else I noticed. Was talking w/someone about this in chat, and they complained that they never knew when I was on because my indicators in 'friends' always indicated I was offline. So we thought I'd might try to friend him again -- and i got message that I was already friends w/him (even though he wasn't on my list since I lost the list). I told him to try unfriending me and redo it, he did -- and then he could see me, but he still wasn't on my list. so had him try again, but let me invite him this time. Was able to invite, but still couldn't see him -- but later he changed characters, and when he came in on his new character, I got message he was on line -- and checked and he was now on my list. So you might try getting someone who has you on their list to drop you, then try inviting them again, and then if it doesn't appear, have them bounce back to lobby and re-enter. I don't know if my list will still have anyone on them when I go back in (as lost connection a while ago) and couldn't relog in -- wierd... Anyway, just thought I'd update this w/my symptoms...the fact that game still thought I was friends w/somone who hd been on my list seemed significant -- i.e still there, but just not on my list...
  20. Doing 2-3X damage isn't about the gear. That was partly my point -- they can do more damage than me with the same gear. I need a higher gear level to do the same damage as many people at a lower gear level because of other factors. Almost all clans are the wrong clans because they are clans (cliques) with established rules and ways of doing things that usually don't fit everyone. Considering I haven't made it through dogboy , I have no idea what you mean I got kicked from last clan for trying to get a group to do ET w/me in first week it came out -- not because I was expecting to finish anything, but just explore and see how good/bad it was. Got message in clan chat when I was in middle of a weekly run asking if I anyone might interested in a BT -- I said yes, but not just then -- would pulse when I got out. When I did, maybe 20-30 minutes later, They said 'uh, we finished BT about 20 minutes ago and are just finishing up weeklies". Oh...well that means you're free and can come explore ET w/me. No answer.... I go on ... I suspect not, which means it's the perfect time to go check it out! response.... Then someone response that it is the latest content and much harder than even TT. (I'd heard earlier in faction chat that ET wasn't as hard because it didn't have as much party-killing mechs or something like that -- dunno). They said that I hadn't even run the VT w/them or TT at all and I wanted to do ET? -- yeah, I just wanna go check it out and see what comes up and how far we get... and what it looks like. So how bout it? Wanna go? "You've been kicked from the clan"..... Just because they hadn't been able to memorize the mechs so they could lord it over those who can't memorize...rt... I've yet to find such a beast...some said they "used to", but usually when I come in they don't have room and they want parses that I won't do because they are worthless to show how you do in the dungeon. But only clans doing TT were hardcore enough to not want to help you if you hadn't already memorized the TT mechs and had the execution down perfectly (nothing wrong with that expectation, I 'm sure!). I said above...the exact gear isn't the point -- its what I do w/it. I could have all the Celest gear, but if I only perform at a VT level, that's it (that's an extreme example, BTW), to do TT, I'd need something better to contribute on an equal level. I can show you my gear, but it won't make a difference, as you will advise me to do some other than what I can do that would work for you. Nvrtheless... I have two mains rt now -- my oldest is a gunner:á While my younger main, which I tend to play more this year was a reason for getting kicked from a clan I'd been in for 8 months. They got new leadership who didn't like me having my equipment and not being better than I was so didn't like me working on multiple characters when they felt I wasn't good enough on my first. So they said mains only, and kicked my FM, but I told them I was playing my FM more... But they wanted me on my gunner (not that they were using me in any raids) and told me it was too slow in making my choice, but I could make a choice then to quit the clan or be kicked and have a good life. Ooph. So that char is at: FM It is lame when my oldest character had been waiting for TT for over a year but kept being locked out because my DPS wasn't as good as others and especially not for my equipment. Have even had more than one accuse me of having bought my account -- just because I know how to level up, doesn't mean I an expert at memorizing or doing mechs.
  21. Ach vielen vielen lieben dank für die antworten .. ich hätte mich noch doof gesucht :) ich gugg dann mal … Sehr lieb von euch :)
  22. Sprechen wir einmal Klartext über...

    Das ist schön für Dich, nur weil du ein Schweineglück hattest, heisst es nicht, das andere das auch haben. Deshalb sind die Dropraten eben nicht in Ordnung. Ich finde die Droprate der Scales z.B. vollkommen in Ordnung. Die 50+ Scales, die ich für meine Waffe brauchte, habe ich in 3-4 Tagen mit Multiruns gefarmt wo wir reih um jeder einen Scale mitgenommen haben, oder halt über MSP, aber darum geht es nicht. Ich kenne auch 2 Leute, die in ihren 100+ runs den handschu 2-3 mal gesehen haben. Ich kenne jedoch wesentlich mehr leute, die in 150-200 Runs keinen einzigen gesehen haben. Aber auch darum geht es weniger. Wer 100+ Runs hat, der hat mit Sicherheit auch genug Cores um sich den Handschuh zu kaufen. Vorrangig geht es darum, das ein Item, was man nur für einen Durchbruch benötigt, eben NUR droppen kann und die Dropchance praktisch nicht vorhanden ist. Vor allem, wenn man dieses Item dann noch 2x benotigt und man dieses Item eben NICHT auch für z.B. 5 Münzen beim Händler kaufen kann. Man kann es halt auch übertreiben. aber wie bereits gesagt, ich Wette, die Dinger sind in der nächsten Trove, daher auch die beschissenen Dropraten.
  23. One issue on your response -- where do people get the idea that "bots" are filling ANYWHERE? (Note this isn't so much addressed to you as anyone who mis-uses that term). First off, an actual AI that plays the game for you (a bot), would be a huge undertaking -- and give we just went off of XIGNCODE3 (the anti cheat/anti-program) engine there is no way there would be the time or demand for an actual bot that could play BnS. Now whales -- another matter, people hanging around 'afk' (away from keyboard) -- those are common place events...but neither of those is a bot. Technically in the AI field a bot is a machine programmed to do some task because they can work 24x7 just like a machine! . More loosely defined in games is an external program that would play the game by itself to do low level tasks like farming. Given that most of the BnS world isn't build on any 'grid', even navigating -- getting a bot to walk or travel to some point would be a non-trival task. The closest thing to a bot might be something like a 'macro' -- but it would be very difficult to write a macro that has even the basic functionality of the in-game's 'simple' (I call it 'auto' or 'automatic') mode. Why?... because 'simple' mode can "access" your characters current state and the state of the surrounding environment. Have you looked what simple mode does (you can see the behaviors off of your s_K_ills page. It does things based on your status -- like if you have a buff -- do 1 thing, else if something else is going on -- do another thing. A macro can't tell when you have a buff -- it can't make "decisions" based on what's going on. So really, without the "hooks" (points where information or status can be read) that simple mode has access to and uses -- you can't have a really good "automatic" mode macro. Anyway to people in general, if you really think someone is using a 'bot' of some sort, theoretically you are supposed to report them -- though I'd more wanna get to know how they make things work -- do they use an AI 'seeing' program to navigate the world? Etc... More likely is they have some complex macros on a keyboard that a human can activate based on their knowledge of whats going on around them -- but it will be hard for them to be as good or accurate about the state of things around them as the 'simple' mode has can. Simple mode doesn't seem to do a good job for classes that require alot of manual typing skill/speed to do well. But classes that have 1 dominant attack sequence can be automated reasonably well. Really for a chance of making something useful for all classes in the game, I wish they'd let players add their own 'simple/auto' mode, then they might have something better than that which doesn't work for them. Anyway, if someone is really good about knowing what state they are in, then macros can give them an edge. But an actual 'bot'? I think this game is too complex to make development of a real bot worth it. I certainly wouldn't say it would be impossible to develop, but just that it wouldn't be easy and I would find it hard for someone to justify the development costs. And now -- back to our regularly scheduled ranting and raving! . .
  24. VT is Vortex Temple, the raid where you get Aransu Weapon and Badge. My Wind-Sum is Aransu 3, BT-Ring/Earring Awakend 3, Darkstorm Neck 6, Starbreaker Bracelet 3, King Gloves 6, Ancestral Soul Badge and Aransy Mystic Badge. Havent got the mats to upgrade all to 10 since im upgrading my main at the moment. I can hold ~500-600k with that Gear Earth Sum did aprox 100-150k more DPS with Tiger Bracelet 10.
  25. Rating ist falsch

    Es ist kein Anzeigefehler, da es ein bestätigter Bug ist die Rekorde zählen einfach nicht oder haben nicht gezählt. Es war in der letzten Woche. Und letztes Indiz ich bin um 6 Ranks gefallen bis die Preisvergabe war das ist immernoch Platz 18, wenn man sagt, dass sich die Bewegung so weit vorne befunden hat und nicht etwas weiter hinten, was weit warscheinlicher ist. Somit sollte ich egal wie man es dreht und wendet mehr HM Münzen bekommen als eine und das Outfit sollte mir sicher sein.
  26. Sprechen wir einmal Klartext über...

    Ich finde die Droprates auch völlig inordnung. Kenne noch keinen, der in seinen Runs Mao wo er die 25 Münzen gesammelt hat nicht mindestens 2 Handschuhe bekommen hat und die Legy Items sollten so selten sein, dass es halt auch sein kann, dass du Sie mit Cores kaufen musst. Wozu sind die Cores sonst gut ? Mal abgesehen davon habe ich die Handschuhe 3 mal gesehen und habe etwa 40 Runs das finde ich mehr als Inordnung nur die Scales sollten mehr droppen, da ich pro Scale schon 40 - 55 Gold ausgeben muss.
  27. nein sind sie nicht, die wurden rausgepatcht, da gibt es nur noch die pvp Sachen. Es wurde ja angekündigt, dass Licht/Dunkel Waffen verschwinden sollen, und das man eigentlich dann Raumzeitlich und co kaufen können soll. Ich dachte ich hätte gelesen, dass bestehende Licht/Dunkel Waffen umgetauscht werden können, ich hab noch eine rumfliegen und man kann sie zerlegen (hab ich grad mal gemacht, yay neue Waffe mit 3 statt 6 Slots). Ich such noch mal eben in den Patch notes was jetzt damit ist und ob man die kaufen können sollte. Ansonsten haben wir spontan wieder nen Grund für die Hämmer :/ Edit: Laut Patch notes wurden die Licht/Dunkel entfernt. Es steht zwar nirgendwo, aber die Auswahltruhe für Waffe des Firmaments/Raumzeitlich gibt es bei Junsorei, der kleine npc der auch die Koldrak Sachen hat/Seelenabzeichen. Steht zum Beispiel im Turm des Mushin links neben dem großen Schild.
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