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  2. Players were informed the weapon will loose gem slots, also players were informed that used psyches will also be removed upon sealing.
  3. Brilliant Sealing Charm Fragments are a scam

    In addition I believe there is a disclaimer you need to click before you seal the weapon confirming that the gem slots will be reset.
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  5. You can’t really blame support for that. In the patch notes it was written that sealing a weapon has the potential to lose gem slots/have a random amount of slots once you open it again.
  6. suggestion

    Yeah, a storage acessible from every char on an account would be nice. its a pain in the ass when you need to send lot of gems / mats. But thats something we demand since the game exist and im afraid it will never happend :/
  7. As the title says, they are scam, when it comes to sealing and sending a weapon, to another character. Today I bought a bundle of 11 (which by the way can NOT be withdrawn from the mail 1 by 1), just so I can seal some of my wardens gear and send it to my destroyer. The great sword had 8 gem slots on it, which I have had open from 4 slots originally (mostly with real money purchase from the cash shop "f10"), I removed the gems, removed the appearance weapon and sealed the sword, mailed it to my destroyer, all fine, but when I opened the weapon box on my destroyer, the weapon I received only had 3 gem slots. I made a ticket about this, but the nice GM have pointed me to the forums, instead of an actual answer and solution to my problem. I am not planning to just let it slide, since this have cost me real, hard earned money, so I would like an actual answer from NC employee, on how are you planning to resolve the "issue"? This really feel like a scam.
  8. Stealthy droprate nerfes

    So you think you havent already lost enough player of the already low playerbase? You thing it might be a good idea to stealthy nerv droprates? Dont know what im talking about? Just an example: Befor the maintenance on Jul. 05 i got about 5-7 alpha coin fragments at Boss 1 in DEN The droprate was massivly nerfed during this maintenance cause now i get 2-3 fragments in 10 runs at best since the maintenance, and thats not just an unlucky day. Ill do this dungeon on regular daily base (about 5-10 runs per day) But yeah it realy make sense cause you can get Alpha Coins from Trove, so why not nerf the droprate so people are more likely to cash? Do you realy think no one will notice? But carry on screewing the playerbase, good game...
  9. KFM Titan stance

    Currently , when I use titan stance I don't get the option to use my z x c v abilities. Their requirements are only to be in titan stance so I'm confused on if I'm doing something wrong. I checked around and haven't seen this issue been raised anywhere else yet. some screenshots of me trying it in training - i have also attempted to use the abilities in pvp
  10. ET-Raid sucht Verstärkung !!

    HiHo Blade and Soul Community Wir suchen für unsern ET-Raid noch tatkräftige Unterstützung, Gildenbindung wäre toll ist aber nicht zwingend notwendig. Wir suchen : HMB Gunner BB SB Bei intersse und weiter informationen schreibt mich in Forum an.
  11. There seems to be a bug with the wolf form in iron claw spec. left click is supposed to lower the cooldown of 4 but i notice that sometimes left click will not hit at all for the entire duration of wolf form. My accuracy isnt low enough to miss attacks especially on a training dummy, but even if it was i wouldnt be missing only left click for the whole duration of wolf form. Had anyone else noticed this issue?
  12. Suche eine Freundliche Gemeinschaft

    Hallu Schau doch mal bei uns vorbei wir würden uns freuen.
  13. cant buy subscription

    Hi @ChiliP, During maintenance, it is possible that purchases are unavailable, whenever we are making changes to the platform and account systems. Please try again and if it still does not work for you, our support will be happy to assist you with this issue :)
  14. Error while updating NC Launcher

    Greetings Mallika, Please reach out to our Support team in the Support tab above. Thank you!
  15. suggestion

    yeah so you guys made the soul heart and pet tradable too now and i am nearly going crazy sending my gems pet heart mats all that stuff from char to char cant u come up with a general stash that is acceseble for all your chars i would even pay real money for it i dont care it would just save me a looooot of time sending my stuff over... and im pretty sure i am not the only one xD
  16. Red Dragon Crux

    red crux is for belt or glove or bracelet like imperium glove or starbreaker bracelet blue crux for ring earing and necklace (the ones from raids) for the prophecy necklace u need a red crux too so i hope that helped xD if you really want to know which crux u need just check the upgrade path in game and it will tell you
  17. Bekannte Probleme – 19. Juni

    Die Liste wurde für das Update „Schatten der Verdammnis“ aktualisiert.
  18. Fishing bugged?

    It doesnt seem to work with vt optimization mod enabled. Maybe some other,too.
  19. Fishing Guide

    IT doesnt seem to work with vt optimization mod enabled. Maybe some other,too.
  20. GMs please read

    Yeah of course we got several skills boosted, but it is not like we have the option to just not use super sunflower, as it activates on its own and the problem is more the frequency of the skill... Most other modify things that influence sunflower also apply to super sunflower, which would be fine by me. But if it really doesn't, is it even worth switching as earth sum? (I haven't seen parses) It should be better as a new tier of item, not worse. And if you boost a skill with low damage wich you also just use 5 times a minute, it kinda is not worth it unless the boost itself is way out of line, which it probably isn't. Now that I think about it, didn't we have the same situation for ice fm in the past? I don't remember that good, but didn't they change it at some point (vt badge)? Of course after a very long time...
  21. Ist sehr schön das man jetzt alle NPC's an einem Ort hat, jedoch fehlt ein NPC welcher in letzter Zeit auch immer vergessen wurde zu updaten. Der Erfolgs-NPC welcher Kleidung der Dungeons verkauft wurde zuletzt bei der Automatonfabrik glaube ich geupdatet. Alle neueren Outfits fehlen bei ihr und sie selbst natürlich auch im Turm des Mushin.
  22. Mushins Turm und die Arbeitsspeicherauslastung

    Könnte vielleicht daran liegen das die ganzen neuen NPC's da stehen
  23. Beschützer Bug

    Und das Seelenabzeichen des Kriegsgesangs ist immer noch verbuggt. funktioniert nicht in der vereinfachten Kampfsteuerung! Bitte fixen, ist schon seit mehr als einem Monat so
  24. New warsong badge need fix.

    They badge is bugged since it got released. In simple mode its not working :( And they dont seem to care fixing it
  25. New warsong badge need fix.

    Every other person I talked and result is same for warden warsong is only 200-300k dps increase only if rotation is perfect and u are lucky else limitless outperform with scope for mistake. They really need to remove timer from clarity effect so that warsong badge can shine and become useful. Thanks
  26. Warden hongmoon points?

    Attack then focus speed and def if good gears. Else. Attack 50. 20 def then focus
  27. Error while updating NC Launcher

    But did you check the processes using this file?
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