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  2. Dear nc members... i know u all have lots of things to do... but if u say u will give rewards for ppl who participated in design contest by 23 august...and now is end of day 25th... can u at least tell what is problem? That question is for my fellow members who participated, i talked with lot on reddit none got 2 outfit chest u promised them... As for me im one of runner ups, and u told me ill get my prize by end of this week...and this week is done... I also talked with some runner ups on reddit they didnt get any reward yet...topis is here also And now for your design team....If u want to contact those ppl , well u will have better luck to put your hand in fire and not get burned... I sent 3 mails to them and got replay after 7 days, and replay was not good, it was like some spam mail.... Contacted your gms via ticket, now those ppl do their job, they responded i few hours, and tryed to help me...but it is not their job to deal with this thus they send me back on designer e-mail... Is your company that bad it cant even send out 2 grand prize to winners and to 20 runner ups??? And 2 chest to other participants ??? Is it really that much of job??? At least say something to ppl let them know what is hapening, give some feed??? Contest ended in 15 august, and your them isnt capable on deliverng prizes 10 days after??? DO you need maybe 2 months , becouse you know its like u are sending all ppl in bns chests?? Oh wait u did it alredy manualy with blazing chests....its not that hard i guess...
  3. Suche ET

    Hi suche ET hab nen sin und erfahrung bei boss 1 schreibt mir einfach in game oder discord "Raigirininja" #7106 N3Xus
  4. Omega One

  5. <SoulSisterz> [Coelinorden] sucht aktive Member !

    ========================== Rekrutierung momentan geschlossen!!! ==========================
  6. Please Make a SA Server..

    And it doesnt matter because they already stated numerous times there will be no new servers opened.
  7. Event upgrade materials limits

    But they're still the people who bring life to the game and make it playable in parties and raids for many money spending people. Atm there is no balance between the interests of f2p and paying people like me. Allthough I don't spend as much as the players who are called whales, NC is still getting my stake. But I also think about stop paying, because with this game service sooner or later I won't have any friends left playing this game. While I appreciate a limit to buy certain event items, I still critisize the necessity of playing alts to get to the limit. Events should be playable on one character for maximum reward (this is a point for the limit, as you acutally can do the event with the char you like!). I'd also like to make you think about the event construction in general. We have the daily challenge to pull us into the game every day, why isn't the event something like a weekly, where you actually can decide to do all the stuff on 1, 2 days or as daily? The players would be much more independent and from my point of view it would be a great qol change for many players with limited playtime on certain days of the week. In general I find the limitation to 20 oils acceptable, while I still want to point out, that the materials for oils should be more farmable. More farmable in the sense of giving us more different places to get evolved stones, demon spirit stones, etc. They propably don't have to drop more than in other places, but please give us a choice which place to farm the next day.
  8. 20-30% of the server population is resident of South America
  9. Please Make a SEA Server :(

    Learn to use search. This has already been answered 27 times, the answer is NO.
  10. Please Make a SEA Server :(

    Hi im new in taiwan server playing BNS, im experiencing disconnection and internet problem in this server, i have 180ms, can some one help to reduce the lag in the game?
  11. I'm a little confused...

    They introduced this with the last patch. Befor this patch you had to be Level 16 when i remember corectly. There was a quest, when you reached Jadestone Village, that introduced the Market. I'll guess the main reason for the change, was to stop goldsellers who still spam the chat from time to time. Anyway one thing they totaly forget, when you reach cinderland you get 2 windstride quests and you need 2 items for this quest (at the deva), bothe items are tradable and at least one was craftable with crafting guild. Since you are Level about 20-23 you are screewed cause you cant buy these items anymore and you cant even ask someone to buy it for you cause you cant trade. So either you kill a ton of mobs and hope they will drop these item and kill the deva a lot of times to use the wheel and also hope it will drop the other item, or you have to wait till you are Level 36, buy the items and do the quest then. I dont know if they reduced the devas HP so you can do it solo with the level you have when you reach this fieldboss. If not you are also screewed since there are not much players around to help in this area. Another thing regarding the weapon skins. Most of them are level 50+ Weapons. When i leveld my last alt i could buy the skins from the Market but i couldnt unseal them, i always had to ask a friend to unseal it for me, so i can use it as skin. I dont know wether they changed it again. Long time ago you could at least unseal higher weapons, use them as skin but couldnt equip them.
  12. Missions

    they were removed to make sue new players get to level 60 as fast as possible and can start grinding the end game.
  13. Missions

    I would really like to know why virtually all the secondary missions have been removed! According to me, without them, the game for newcomers becomes boring, it's just a take the mission, go there and talk about it ... there is no longer the beauty of farming to go up, and even for some old players, they start a new game and they get bored to death because they no longer have to do anything, not to mention that by doing so you have made your vaucer of lv 50 useless since it can be reached in 2/3 days. If I could suggest to put back the secondary missions maybe not all but a good part and for those who have finished the story at least once of being able to choose whether to do it all again or do it with fewer missions! I personally have 5 pg (not many I know) but I would always choose to redo everything with all the missions! (I apologize for the bad English in advance XD)
  14. Suche 2x Master Hong Pet

    Ich bin auf der Suche nach 2 Master Hong Pets. Wenn jemand seine los werden möchte, ich Zahle 750g pro Pet.
  15. Akt 4 Kapitel 11:Der Willkommensschuss

    Eine Freundin muss sich dort zum Basar hinteleportieren aber wenn sie in den Ladebildschirm kommt passiert nichts mehr. Bei der Hälfte vom Ladenbildschirm stürzt BnS immer ab
  16. So Many Broken Promises, It's Time to Go

    I really enjoy BnS but dealing with this stuff is really off-putting. I don't log in as much anymore since i'm seriously tired of all the optimization problems, I don't enjoy doing my MSP with 5FPS and now I don't enjoy knowing the fact you can legit buy yourself stats. This game used to be so dang great when I joined on release, but now...? It's honestly at a pitiful state and it's really sad to see. They really need to UP their communication with the community, otherwise this game will probably fall into the wrong direction, which it already has unfortunately. New and non-recycled events would be amazing, not just an event tied to dailies like 90% of the stuff we get which is extremely annoying and burns people out constantly. (Such as myself.)
  17. Event upgrade materials limits

    Rich ppl bring more money than kids and unemployed.
  18. Event upgrade materials limits

    This hit me so hard i almost fell of chair :D laughed so hard, made my day lot better :D
  19. Please Make a SEA Server :(

    We are tired of playing with high ms!! please NC a sea server!!!!
  20. Hey, hab das selbe Problem wie oben schon genannt. Eine Trainingspuppe gibts bei dieser Übung übrigens nicht. Man soll das Solo machen. LG
  21. Well there is another fact that you are missing. Yet, there was no announcement in advance. Only the patch notes about 16 hours or so before patch hit. The amount of time you have to react to change does matter! Especially for european players that is little time to react as people need to sleep and go to work. So much to your "reassess your life"... Also, considering that the comminication from NCSOFT is crap not for the first time, yes we do tell them how to do their job. For me it's a sign that we care about this game. Because otherwise we wouldn't say a word about it. I understand that the system was removed and I don't think it should be there for ever. But how NCSOFT handled it was just stupid.
  22. My old clan no longer plays anymore and it would be nice to be a part of a group again for the gear grind and convo. in game: Sedura WL
  23. Can’t log in

    It’s says failed to log in. Please try again later. (0)
  24. Returning question(Returning Champions Charm)

    What quests did you do and who gave you them
  25. Yesterday
  26. I'm a little confused...

    I have more than that into the game so far and I'm only a level 32, but then again I've been told it was because I screwed up, as a new player, and instead of skipping everything and just rushing through the yellow quests, I actually did all the quests and watched the videos because, since it was a new game, I was curious about the lore and the game world. If new players are going to be punished for actually doing the content and trying to learn about the story, then they really should just remove all that extra stuff as it is apparently a trap for unsuspecting new players like myself. I don't know about that, but when I could access the market place I did find a lot of neat weapon skins and outfits and had the need to use the Currency Exchange to get 1500 gold right away for the first things I wanted, which took a bit of Ncoin. There were more things I was interested in but I guess because I screwed up and cared about the lore and the world and took my time with the quests and videos, I fell well behind where I should have been level wise for the time invested so far. I don't know, I haven't had the game up since and I keep considering giving it another go.. but all these traps and tricks to screw over new players really makes me hesitate to do so... because if it is like this as early in as I am... what will I run into later?
  27. Maybe the current state of the consumer mentality is so far removed from what it used to be that this is just the norm now, but people really are an entitled lot now. Here are the facts, they said it was temporary, but your complaint is that the notice was sudden. It doesn't matter, you still knew it wasn't permanent, yet you mucked about until the option was removed. And now people are whinging to bring it back, that life is unfair, and also surprisingly feel so entitled as to tell a Community Manager how to do their job. Seriously, this is bad comedy. My advice? Nothing to do with this game or the original topic...but you guys really need to reassess your life.
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