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  2. Forums Allowing Custom Profile Avatars

    Fair enough. I'm not asking that an overhaul for the Forums be made, as that could over-complicate things. Sounds fine by me. As someone who works with file security and keeping my own stuff in one place, I'm in agreement. Well, the sooner the better I'd say. People use these forums, and having different personalities shown on the forums through different pictures is a nice aesthetic touch. I'm in agreement with this being the only thing implemented. The last statement is the reason I want profile avatars to be different. We're a community, and we all have different thoughts, opinions, and personalities. Making everyone equal is counter-productive for what's trying to be achieved, and it isn't fun. Hopefully, this gets changed soon.
  3. Tower of Memory Quest!!!!

    I think it'd would simply be best to have an NPC quest giver stand outside so people don't forget. It's unnecessary to add unlimited entry passes because this is a separate instance dungeon that can be done in groups.
  4. Which is something I wish was changed because the Faction system is really cool in Blade & Soul, but they just aren't rewarding enough to do for players. Having cool raid-strong bosses for factions would be nice. That'd be interesting.
  5. Marketplace Not Working Properly Again

    Time to rewind back to when the F5 Marketplace was fixed, I guess.
  6. Gem shop

    Something like this would be flexible, but it would also undermine picking your gems carefully from [Hexagonal Gem Chests] and [Heptagonal Gem Chests]. Something like this would also require a revision of how gems are transmuted, which means the transmutation system would have to be adjusted slightly as well.
  7. Suggestion: Toggle Inventory Sounds

    I'd say it'd be better to ask if we could disable the notifications that play for new inventory items. Keeping it in the system console alone is enough for me to look at. I don't need items being flashed on the left-hand side of my screen for every new item I get.
  8. I've done this already, and the Support Team helped me out quite faster than I expected. Thanks for the update with this.
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  11. Are you on Yura? Feel free to join my public Discord. There's some people who run MSP regularly on there and no requirement either. It's a nice and helpful community.
  12. A video guide on the first boss in Scarlet Conservatory. Also known as "ET".
  13. Tower of Memory forgot quest

    ToM is locked to once to per day. If you forgot, then unfortunately, you lose out on the daily reward. You can try sending a ticket.
  14. Nachdem mein Charakter diesen Abend erneut eine sehr nervige Abwandlung hatte, muss ich jetzt doch mal nachfragen das bekannt ist. Beim Durchsuchen des www. habe ich nicht wirklich etwas passendes gefunden. Dieses Problem, das ich jetzt bereits ein paar Mal hatte, ist kurz um, dass mein Charakter nicht mehr anständig vorwärts läuft/sprintet. Er bewegt sich dann nur stockend und zittrig vom Fleck, mitsamt Geräuschen, die anmuten als würden diverse Aktionen völlig durcheinander geschmissen. Zur Seite und rückwärts funktioniert wie gehabt. Beim vorwärts kann ich diese Zitterpartie theopraktisch auch umgehen, wenn ich 1x Leertaste drücke bzw. halt einen Sprung mache, während ich W halte. Das macht es nicht unbedingt weniger nervig. Ich kann weder rekonstruieren was das auslöst, noch wie sich das normalisiert. Ich habe schon viel rumprobiert und logge mich dann zeitweise immer wieder ein und aus. Irgenwann geht es dann wieder (und irgendwann ist manchmal auch erst der nächste Tag). Das Rumprobieren geht so weit, dass ich auch schon eine andere Internetverbindung getestet habe, aber auch das hat nichts gebracht. Da ich das, wie gesagt, jetzt schon mehrfach hatte und einfach nicht dahinter komme, frage ich also mal in die Runde, ob das Problem bekannt ist und es da einen Trick gibt das Ganze (frühzeitig) wieder hinzukriegen? So macht das dann wirklich wenig Spaß weiterzuspielen. Keine Ahnung ob es was zur Sache tut, aber ich spiele BnS mit diesem Setup: Ryzen 5 2600 (stock, mit aktivem Boost) 16(2x8)GB DDR4-3000 Radeon RX 580 (OC) Windows 10 Pro (1803)
  15. Rating ist falsch

    Ehm, ich weiß ja nicht wie du rechnest um auf Platz 18 zu kommen, aber du hast mit 37sek Platz 46 in der letzten Woche erreicht was auch dick und fett in deinem Bildschirm steht ! Nur die Konkurrenz schläft nun mal nicht und da werden dich noch 6 Leute von der Zeit her unterboten haben, wodurch du auf Platz 52 gerutscht bist, was für mich eigentlich völlig logisch und ersichtlich ist. Kann deswegen auch den Bug den du beschreibst nicht nachvollziehen, da der einzige Bug darin besteht n Anzeigefehler zu sein.
  16. Icebreaker sucht Verstärkung

    Nach wie vor interesse....
  17. Suggestion: Toggle Inventory Sounds

    try this
  18. Icebreaker sucht Verstärkung

    Icebreaker sucht wieder neue nette hilfsbereite Member.Falls ihr interessiert seid schreibt mir doch einfach eine PN ;) WAR/WL wären bevorzugt. Natürlich kann sich auch gern jede weiter klasse Bewerben:) Freuen uns auf euch/Dich ;) Liebe Grüße: Lieca
  19. I hope this gets to the right people... Anyone else think there should be a setting to turn off that sound you get when getting new items in your inventory? I think the continuous pinging from multiple items can get a bit too much sometimes >.<
  20. According to today's maintenance notes, this problem should've been fixed. I don't know if we'll actually get the new boxes during double-loot-time (since it's not Friday yet), but what I do know is that all the boxes I farmed during the last weekend are still the expired ones and didn't get replaced. Is this intended? And is there any chance of getting them replaced with the new ones?
  21. F5 its broken

    It's a bug of server,you type or link name item you look for on the f5 search then tick "exact match" and press search,it will show the item.
  22. Send a ticket to support and see if they can revert the situtation for you, because you need to know 2 things about this pouches 1.- Gem you get is not HONGMOON, meaning you won't be able to upgrade it 2.- There is RNG and you can get different stats than AP. So if I were you, I would send a ticket to support and not say anything about defense, just that you didn't see the gem isn't hongmoon and that you spent irl money to gather materials and gold to craft it thinking that you would get the real thing. Maybe if you are lucky they will undo the process and you recover your stuff.
  23. francais

    Bonjour Proutas, Vous pouvez changer la langue du client et du jeu dans les paramètres, en haut, à droite.
  24. F5 its broken

    Good morning, Several days ago I try to use the store (F5). But this does not work, it always gives the same message when I look for any material. Is this a game bug or does my client have a problem? From already thank you very much IMG:
  25. I feel I understand OP's point. I know others do but whatever. For OP, the game itself should contain the basic info. I mean, BASIC info. The game shouldn't tell you how to work a rotation or best places to farm, but when one brings up a craft guild menu and only sees something like [Diamond] [%] [Diamond] [%] ...and no other info about it, I believe that this is basic info people shouldn't need to look for outside of the game. Yes, sure, on lack of in-game info, one is forced to look outside. But should that be the norm? Should we let this slip and toss it into the same wagon as the whole "know a dungeon like the back of your hand before setting foot in it for the very first time" thing? I mean, again, OP is not asking how to best deal with the mechs on 'X' dungeon, nor how to better dps on his class. Those are things the game shouldn't tell about as they are supposed to be personal findings. OP just needed to know what the heck the game was displaying without needing to use a search engine or ask someone else for it, because you shouldn't need to fire up a search engine or ask others for every bit of info about this or that. It makes a game tedious and not fun. So, I do feel this kind of info should already be in the game. Sadly it's not, and we get to this thread as a result. tl:dr: There are things one should either find oneself or ask others/search about. But there are other things I and maybe one or two players out there feel the game itself should tell up front. Anyway, this is my opinion. We all know the current "workaround" to this is to search, and many posters have already said it so I don't need to say it myself. But I feel some may be missing the point that this is a request to have info added to the game for the reasons I mentioned. EDIT: Let me add, I also agree that if OP didn't have all the info he needed, he should have stopped before doing the craft and until he had all the info he needed. The wise does not test the depth of the river with both feet, after all. But that's a different part of this thread and not the thing I'm focusing on.
  26. Bug SF soul badge & losing frames

    When switching stances the soulfighter class loses 5-6 frames which is quite expensive and absurd. My computer is well maintained, I am using MSI Infinite 8RC 257EU My internet speed is insanely good with a well maintained 60-80 ms in bns, in other games like league of legends I have around 5-10 ms. I have put my bns on my ssd which also has windows itself installed. The ancestral badge contains 2 badges the courage badge and the glory soul badge. THe problem: When using Anima which is in both eternal and enduring path it should reduce the focus chi by 5 seconds, this effect only works in enduring while it should be in both paths. The anima skill is exactly the same in both paths so it should work that's why this is a bug. The content of increase dragonfury is working as it supposed to do so, which is increasing the duration of dragonfury. This means the glory badge is bugged and still contains bad coding of the old bns system earth/frost where the badges where divided by the path you choose. hopefully you can look in these problems. Greetings, Munasagi
  27. Run the game as 32bit if you aren't already.
  28. LvL 60 voucher

    The codes are time limited, you didn't apply it within the time limit so it went poof.
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