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  2. Please bring back badge exchanging system!

    they also said but dont give a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ about their states, like so many times. So 16 hours befor patch is more than enough time in advance in your eyes? you realy keep defending everything NC-Soft does, dont you? Yes it was anonced as a temporary feature. Anyway people liked, it it didnt hurt anyone, it wasnt gamebraking, on the contrary it made the game more enjoyable cause you could easiely switch between your elements without grinding like an idiot to get a second gearset for the other element. You could switch between element like you want what was a great advantage i realy enjoyed. Realy funny, thinks people complain about, for example Clan-PVP times during the european DaySaveTime never changed, even it would be quite easy to change a start- / endtime. On the other hand, things people like and aprecciated keep getting removed. Seems like NC-Soft alwasy do the opposite of what the community wants. The playerbase is raging, not only because of this patch, they are raging since weeks, but did you read any official statement from our so called Community Managers / Moderators? I havent, they do what they can do best, hush up and just wait until those threads dissapear at the forum nirvana, like they always do. They only getting fast and answer, when there is a problem with the shop or NCoin/Premium purchase, everything else icy silence. I dont know what they do, but for sure not their job as community manager Deffinition of a Community manager I havent seen much of this ;)
  3. We'll be sending the feedback to the development team. We'll let everyone know if there's any planned changes.
  4. lol this management team is starting to scare me.... i just wish they stop with all this pay 2 win stuff i mean selling stats now ? seriously i wish they sell more outfits and weapon skin , and flush all those cosmetics they have up for like 2 years now and start rotating some stuff but selling stats is just wrong and breaks everything fun about the game we will soon see xp charms for sale etc
  5. This is the last post I am ever going to make for this game's forums. After that, I'm leaving. It's just not right being a part of this anymore, and it's not the player base nor community being awful. It's the publisher and developer(s) being this untrustworthy and shady. Thanks for reading through all of this if you did. I've been playing this game ever since it came out in NA back in 2016. I quit for 2 years, then came back to find this game become one huge Pay-to-Win mess. I dismissed it, believing this to be one huge obstacle to overcome for this game to achieve its true potential. But then we get: recycled and repeated events, poor reception and feedback from NCWest community coordinators, very little to no bug fixes or status updates, poor game design decisions and changes made to the game, and now even more Pay-to-Win garbage. This has been evident over the last few weeks, and this game has shamefully continued falling from grace since 2017. With the release of the "patch," if we can even call it a patch, for Hongsil's Summer Blast event, NCSOFT decided to increase the Unity cap from 220,000 to 500,000. You can find the patch notes here: From a surface-level perspective, that doesn't sound so bad, and that's probably how some people saw it. Not really a huge deal, but not one that's game-breaking either. What it does is it allows players to farm more Unity, which doesn't really break the game. If Unity applies for PvP, then it definitely broke PvP, but I wouldn't know because I don't dare to touch it for Blade & Soul because of how poorly-balanced it is. The thing is, the Unity system itself is dominantly Free-to-Play because you can't spend real money to buy Unity levels, which made it a decent progression system that's earned through playing the game, not spending money on it. In fact, having Unity is likely a core reason people would get online daily to play, thus it was a good thing to add to the game. Unfortunately, little did we know that both NCSOFT and NCWest increased the cap with this patch just so they can ninja-add a bunch of bundles that include: Purple Ascension stone chests Unity XP charms which can be bought 10 TIMES PER ACCOUNT! And keep this in mind: they increased the cap because they knew the whales would hoard all the Unity charms and use them, which wouldn't work if the cap was set at 220,000, but increase it, and now it's effective for use. Considering Unity provides permanent stat upgrades, this game has officially become dominantly Pay-to-Win now that you can BUY permanent stat upgrades. Let me ask NCSOFT this: what happened to your promise mentioned below? Did this fully go out the drain? I think it did, considering what you did for this event contradicted everything in your "philosophy, especially where it says Outright shameful; you just scammed and cheated on your own player base and community, on top of breaking a promise you set forth from the beginning. You can read more about their revealed business model here: Now, being P2W screams NCSOFT, and we all know that. It's been seen with the daily material offerings that we can buy with NCoin and have reset daily, and it's been seen with Trove, especially Trove. But what they did that was absolutely disgusting was not tell us about these bundles being released, or plans to make Unity become a purchasable in-game item through microtransactions, completely turning it into P2W, only to carry them out and sneak them in with this "patch." That's disgusting, pathetic, and shameful; it has high D.P.S. written all over it. Players in Blade & Soul need high dps to even participate in the so-called "content" you roll out, well, now you can appreciate having your own high D.P.S. For those of you who might not have known this, one of NCSOFT's community coordinators made a reply to me when I said that we should have more daily livestreams to give us a look at events before they go live. This is what they told me: Hyunkel told me this 2 days before the event released, and he is a GM Community Moderator. You can find its parent thread here: So they tell me this, and what do we get? Nothing! No livestream, not an even an announcement for one, and after what we all saw when we logged in looking at the cash shop, we can see why. They knew we would flame and frown on them if they showed us this: and they were right: we're frowning upon them now. Guess what, unlike NCSOFT, I'm not afraid to show that I spent more than 25+ USD on NCoin through these screenshots because I'm not someone who keeps secrets and scams people, unlike NCSOFT. They never told us about this, and these bundles were NEVER mentioned in the "patch" notes before the event went live. A BnS Reddit user named Ponifex actually theorized the price to be paid if a whale wanted to overspend. While it may not be accurate, it's a horrifying estimate: You can find the Reddit thread here: Is this what you're expecting from EVERY player? Is that how much you want us to spend on your poor excuse for a gambling simulator?? Are you joking??? To all members of the BnS community, if you can't see it clearly, see it now. NCSOFT, more like NC$cam, is not to be trusted. Their greed has plagued the gaming culture with their focus on profit over quality and performance. I've been patient with them and tried to make this game seem more appealing, that in the future, it would improve, but clearly, it will NEVER improve. It only goes more downhill from here. Leave this game behind and don't come back. You will never get back the time wasted on this poor excuse for P2W garbage, but that will be made up with time spent on doing other things you know will not scam you in the future, like NC$cam did just now. I will not spend another penny on this game ever again for what it's becoming, nor will I spend another ounce of my time and energy putting up with this. This has become an illness on the gaming culture, and it's only spreading and getting worse.
  6. they need to give a 1 week period to switch ...16 hours :( i am still in disbelief right now everything came up so sudden ..... i hope i get one too
  7. @Youmukon stated So 16 Hours befor the patch is more than enough time in advanced... ... at least for NC-Soft. its not the first and for sure not the last time NC-Soft kick players, who still support their game, in the ass and ill guess support will send you their default message its endgame gear blabla, we cant change it blabla Anyway, good luck, i hope you get a friendly supporter who will change your badge.
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  9. Game dying

    Well thats of course a good excuse to reduce droprates any further right? Why they need to reduce the droprate of the Alpha Coin fragments at Boss 1 and 2 at DEN and why strangely 2 weeks before the trove? Was hard enough to farm the neck on my main, now i need twice the time to get it for my alt, thats what i call motivating players... Why you need two Mao-gloves for breakthrough and why you cant buy them at the merchent. They are worth 1 Alphacoin when you salvage them, so make them available at the merchant for 1 Alphacoin. its a freaking Breakthrough assessoir. And dont come its for a legendary item thats BS. Even Breakthrough Ring and Earings for TT assessouirs are dropping in ever freaking run in RT and SST. You think this is ok? Thats how you expell even the most patient player. F2P? Are we still talking about the same game? Oh see you mean this F2P model
  10. SAYING ITS A SHORT TERM THING GIVES no excuse to cut it off without warning ....i mean at least let people finalize what they are doing ........ more than half the community for a fact doesnt have the badge they intend to use may be they switch to try something and they come in with this ...that i for one thinks a stab in the back if support cant switch incase you are on the wrong build . espcecially for a patch without video or no public announcement to warn people to switch . this isnt just about hearing tuesday and make final switch before maintenance its about people who got the news when its too late ...people who werent logged for 3 or so days ..... if you can't understand that , or you got your badges correct good for you . but other people who are unfortunate rip. this was such a good move by nc soft ..... i wonder what other sneak system changes are coming that will step over more players when trove keys are going to expire they warn you with ingame notices etc . adding a ingame notice or something that letsm people know upon sign in etc that badge exchange will be remove but nothing was done ....... _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ i have 2 badges on my character wind and fire i dont use wind i just tried it last night ..i didn't get to switch back to wolf .....and now its gonna cost me another badge which rn am broke flat. i was messing around with legendary soul badges and i had the wrong one on last night cause i was trying wind . i switch back last night but just to let you know ..i could end up with badge that has no use to me .you have people out there who put alot into there gear instead of swiping and to have everything messed up in the blink of an eye is really a nightmare some people put hours days and months into they gear so when something gonna come in to change that , making the community aware is top priority regardless of anything being said just to avoid conflicts or to avoid support being pile up with claims that could be avoided . and i got some badges on my other alts from sunfire chest and i was messing with the builds ..i didnt even get chance to pick and choose ..this just spoil my whole day am not even gonna bother log on today ...break my whole spirti man
  11. Game dying

    pls delete
  12. Unity Exp Cap didn't update.

    its more weird now, on same account on EU limit stayed 220k and on NA server i have 500k
  13. How could they do this to us ( NO WARNING/SILENT PATCH)

    They literally told us 6+ months ago this would be a short term thing. I'm very surprised it lasted as long as it did.
  14. Please bring back badge exchanging system!

    am so pissed rn..becuase my badges are all wrong
  15. tbh i didnt even know theres a patch coming as no one was talking about it ...other than some new even dungeon thats all . no live stream was done either to even let people know what to expect . i was like let me check out forums and see whats up.... what i can't understand is nc secretly issue out a patch that remove a system that poeple will use on a daily weekly basis regarding pvp pve or just general swithcing of builds etc . how could they remove it without making public that the removal is today i mean patch note has it but that literally a day before what if we didnt log on in two days what happen then ?????? they need to allow people to use the system for 1 more week to do our switch because they didnt spread it much ....imagine my badges that i switch to pvp and cant go back to pve fusion if thats what i want hunting that divine stone and all those mats and badges all over again way they can keep it how they want if support will do the the switches for us ....unless they want support to be flooded with reports .
  16. i lost hope in this game ever becoming good again even with unreal...... everytime they make this game broken they push it way further the dps gap is so crazy now we went from 1 mil bursrt and under 1mil sustain to 6 mil burst and 3 mil sustain in a blink of an eye ....i stop doing pve content along time ago when those changes happened . everything is so boring now one person burst boss before mechanics even happen and even with hard mode that no one does ......its still lame. and these pay 2 win choices they making is obvious and they didnt even make a patch stream to let people know whats coming. just bam and drop one on us ....i really hope am using the right badges or else support has to change it
  17. It, along with weekly challenge, has been broken for a while now. I don't see it being fixed since they have a workaround.
  18. The most p2w patch i’ve ever seen in this game LOL

    Why do you act like this is a surprise? Since this game has launched that is only the 3rd outfit they did like that, Grand Phoenix and Rosethorn being the other two.
  19. I almost never used it, but if they want to created a better system instead that would be good because it was very inconvenient how it worked. You were even able to buy badges from classes you couldn't even use and then were unable to exchange it because you got the badge from a box you could not open.
  20. We will be distributing them tomorrow, August 22!
  21. The amount of moon shards you need for these costumes is also beyond ridiculous, the full Moon dance set requires 120 shards and you get like 1,5 on average for salvaging one from the costume box. Thats ~80 boxes or 8000 Ncoin. = 100€
  22. Ich hätte jetzt gerne einen Absurditätsknopf. Oder vielleicht besser einen Schlechte-Kommunikation-Knopf. Es ist halt einfach nicht mehr zu fassen. Wie ihr eure eigenen Ansagen ignoriert wurde hier ja schon deutlich gezeigt von den anderen Leuten. Leider gibt es im Spiel als auch im Forum Leute die nicht verstehen wollen, dass das eigentliche Problem nicht das Entfernen der Umtauschfunktion ist. Sondern die hundsmiserable Ankündigung. Ich bin von der Problematik nicht betroffen. Aber sowas um 8 Uhr abends vorm Patch raushauen ist einfach dumm. Es wird einige Leute geben die jetzt feststecken mit ihrer Ausrüstung. Bei den Geistesabzeichen hätte man noch diskutieren können ob das Umtauschen nicht weiter verfügbar sein soll. Die bekommt man ja alle aus der selben Kiste mittlerweile. Für die Seelenabzeichen finde ich es jedoch richtig, dass sie deaktiert wurde. Die einzelnen Abzeichen soll man sich ja über neue Turm Saisons erspielen oder die alten Marken auf dem Markt kaufen. Wenn ein tauschen des Seelenabzeichen jederzeit möglich sein soll, müsste man wie ich finde auch die Saisons und die verschiedenen Marken abschaffen. Ich hätte nichts aus Korea gehört, dass es dort eine weitere Saison gab die auf unsere aktuelle folgt. Gleichzeitig läuft die aktuelle zu diesem Datum aus. Mein Verdacht ist ehrlich gesagt, dass wir ab dem 18. November neue Joker-Marken bekommen werden und die alten vorher auslaufen sollen. Höre ich da etwa jemanden "Weiße Kugel" husten? Ich mochte diese Joker-Marken weil ich mir damit überlegen kann, welches Abzeichen ich für welchen Twink-Charakter hole. Jetzt muss ich mich damit beeilen... Nach drei Jahren hab ich mein Premium auslaufen lassen weil ich, keine wirkliche Pause zwar aber, etwas weniger spielen wollte. Im Moment kommt aber auch nichts was mich reizt Premium wieder zu aktivieren. Das sage ich als jemand der sich damals das Meister-Gründungspaket gekauft hat.
  23. Game dying

    excatly, and then pretend everything is fine and that people that complain about the game are just trolls ....
  24. Please bring back badge exchanging system!

    The problem is that it's good to have around.
  25. Game dying

    It still doesn't remove the fact that all Korean games have grinds in them whether we are in Korea or not you do realize this right? As far as drop rates they suck I agree however, it is part of the grind considering that is more or less for most classes / specs the Best in slot "endgame" necklace for now. Should it really be that quick to get without needing to farm? I mean they could offer us a true % figure on the actual drop rates but they really aren't inclined to. Also, my friend got a few gloves to drop the other day with very little grinding its just the RNG. Like I told a few of my members, if you find a game to be a full time job or just not having that much fun go find something else to occupy your time. Blade and Soul is one of those games that you honestly do not to be at the very end game in order to progress unless your attempting the newest raid. If you feel you MUST have that to do anything in this game then we are playing 2 different versions. As for your discord / friend list bug comment. While I get you it should of been fixed back during beta, it still isn't a game breaking bug like certain things that come in mind that people are abusing that I rather not discuss openly to further promote doing it. Again though you can either farm your ass off and spend in-game gold to also buy what you need or you can swipe to speed up your progression. It could be done much better but that is how Blade and Soul has been since the start due to their F2P model.
  26. Unity Exp Cap didn't update.

    yes updated it after maintenance, same here, lv 101
  27. They said when it released that it would not be permanent o.o so i dont see the problem here o.o
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