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  2. How come those are still there, since it does not drop in dungeons anymore, while the legendary elements/jewels (20g) were removed right away, when the new and CHEAPER ways were introduced. My point is, why OLD and useless stuffs are still there............................while important stuffs get removed right away ................
  3. When will gunners get nerfed ?

    Blade Cancer never got a nerf so Gunner...
  4. OHHHH fps

    .... Should I post a video detailing the difference in performance with each setting on? Its seems as though its basically word of mouth/speculation vs hard evidence(if I provide the video) Just say the word.
  5. Why aren't Pet Packs Account Bound?

    They aren't account bound because they claim to want to make them more available. If it's true just move the account bound ones to whatever alt.
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  7. Photogenic Characters

    Here are some pictures of my lyn <3 ^^ (pls don't mind this stupid cat in the background ._.) sorry for the spam ;v;
  8. Camera in arena

    I play a blade dancer and when I'm in the arena and I'm strafing left/right then use an approach skill like five point strike, the camera angle doesn't position forward automatically instead it keeps me facing an awkward angle so that when the opponent lands I can't accurately land a lightning draw while they're falling from the air.
  9. Yesterday
  10. Hui c: Heute habe ich mit einer Gruppe Hochburg Hardmode unter 5 Minuten geschafft, und das Archievment bekommen. Da habe ich eine kleine Frage: Kann man die Klamotte "als Belohnung" von einem Erfolgshändler kaufen ? Bisher habe ich nichts gefunden, weder in Zaiwei oder Valindria. Sayonara <3
  11. 6vs6,Afk,Balance

    Yeah and it makes so much damage, that most player onehit you even with 200k life, 5k def and 3 k kritdef. Totaly make sense. When i want to onehit others, i play an egoshooter not pvp in BnS. So they should remove Vt Badge Stats from PVP, to stop that "who need skill when you have gear" Bullshit Butt ill guess casher and whales would cry to loose their one hit no skill ability ...
  12. Altar/Kältelager/Weiße Kugel

    Ich Spiele BnS fast seit release und weiss sehr wohl, das Altar und Kältelager eine Tagessperre haben. Hättest du meine Aussage jedoch richtig gelesen und nicht nur halb zitiert, wäre dir folgendes aufgefallen: Es gibt keinen vernünftigen Grund, warum zumindest der Altar noch immer diese Sperre hat und einem Orb benötigt, da es hier rein garnichts wichtiges gibt. Du hast eine sehr geringe Chance, eine Essenz des Gefährten, oder Juwelenpulver bei Kaari im Kältelager zu droppen.
  13. Altar/Kältelager/Weiße Kugel

    Klar gibts dort etwas Interessant ist. Das wäre einmal der Beutel mit Mats, den Orbs, und nicht zu vergessen exp... Und das für 1min wenn man einen schnellen Ladescreen hat Die Inis haben halt eine ID wenn du reingehst und der Boss schon tot ist bevor du richtig drin warst, wird die ID als abgeschlossen angesehen nur du brauchst halt den Boss um die quest zu bekommen. Ist in Dkv etc. genauso
  14. Characters die animation

    If gon's & yun's idle animations/stances are what you call '' unique '' ... I don't want anything '' unique '' for my Jin, thanks ... For Lyn though ... i agree. Yes, give those rats something just as '' unique '' as gon's so we can finally see their overpopulation halt.
  15. Legendary Elements

    yep, revert this change immediately. Its insane.
  16. OHHHH fps

    None of those AA options work for BnS. Even driver-based FXAA causes too many bugs and most other are very very costy. @hussam haytham If 20-40 fps is when you are in a party combat without ctrl + f on, it's pretty normal. Even in korean videos it fluctuates between those values. That's why even them always use ctrl + f in party combat and still they barely keep it between 55-65 ... It doesn't matter if you have 120 fps while standing at an empty area. The important thing is the fps you get during party combat without ctrl + f on. If 20-40 is when you are idle, you might be running with onboard graphics which is quite common with notebooks. Making it to run on dedicated Gpu is easy for Nvidia, but for radeon it seems a bit complicated. If you are sure that the game runs at dedicated Gpu but still having 20-40 fps when idle, then you have a problem that no one in internet can find a solution for. Stuff like some settings in driver, unpark cpu, set priority, windows power plan to high performance ... These won't provide you even a single fps increase. They are all ancient placebo trash being spammed everywhere around internet ( not just for BnS ). I get full stable +60 fps in Black Desert everything maxed. Here it's 10-30 if i don't put ctrl + f on. In-game graphic settings don't make even a single fps difference. Shadows-textures 1 or 5, extra/special effects all on or off, FXAA 4 or off. All give me the same fps.
  17. Can't start game

    When I log into the client it works fine, but then it doesn't load. It's been like this for weeks and I have a subscription. The submit a ticket doesn't even work either
  18. anmelde probleme

    hat sich erledigt ich bin jede email durchgegangen und hab ihn nun wieder
  19. hallo ich hab das problem das ich mehrere accs habe und einen der maxlevel ist und ich mit dem max level halt schon lange nicht mehr gespielt habe aber ich weis die kompletten anmelde daten nicht mehr wass kann bzw soll ich jetzt machen
  20. Elder dragon Jewel and Elements

    In KR server, these elder ones can be used to exchange for legendary jewelries and elements just like the normal elements with the exact same 1:1 ratio. In here, NCwest just wants to make a big gold and materials sink before the next trove starts so that they can boost the sales. (probably the last trove sales were not as good as the previous ones).
  21. Please put this game available on steam

    With the same poor controller support?
  22. Legendary Elements

    Bump... If they used to be too expensive by this old date, now we all should just quit the game since the last changes have made them more than 3 times pricier than before. 30 Elements used to be 600g vs 2000g+ if you have to boy all mats from the market. GG ncsoft... you made them more accessible to all
  23. Ah oueeee , chaud de night déja que j'ai eux vachement à gérer son paterne et là faut le battre 100 fois , c'est la cerise sur le gateau . Bon bah gogo farmer yusang , merci de m'avoir répondu , rip je suis complétement aveugle .
  24. Please put this game available on steam

    Valve takes a sizable chunk of revenue of all sales, so I don't think NC would put up with that.
  25. 6vs6,Afk,Balance

    Yes, VT badge makes a big difference in term of damage in both PVE and PVP. That's why it goes for 8k+ if you buy the raid run. Even without VT badge, you can still play 6vs6 fairly good as long as you have other decent gears such as PVP ss, PVP weapon/accessory, and PVP gems. That's why I said 6vs6 is both PVE and PVP.
  26. Characters die animation

    OP, while this kind of thing does have little benefit, it would be a "nice to have". Instead of an animation, it should be just physics: rag doll to you're death. Say 5 - 10 feet when a character sized opponent kills you, and 10 - 20 feet when a boss size kills you. Something like that. It's more realistic that way anyway. I never did understand why half the things that died, reach out their arm then neatly tuck it back before expiring.
  27. Bilder selber hochladen F2

    müssen bilder diese größe haben ?
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