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  2. You can turn on the in-game ping under setting in the game. Then, you can see if your freezes are ping-related. I have similar issue after maintenance too. My ping kept on spiking between 120ms to 600 ms (going up and down a lot) and it only happened in cross-server (dungeons, battleground or arena). When I get back to original server like (SSP or GHS), my ping was back to normal and stable even though there were tons of players in the same map.
  3. More questions i need answers for..

    1. I am unsure of what you're asking so the best thing I can suggest is to go into the hm training room and practice to see what keys you're pressing. 2. For pve you can use whichever you like though most use shadow. For pvp you can also choose whichever though it's definitely recommended to use fire because it's more bursty. 3. I haven't thought about this question myself since I have more than enough of these items but my guess would be you have to get them from the merchant. 4. You get an unrefined weapon by doing the story that you upgrade into either baleful or seraph and you're also free to get more for 5 naryu tablets I believe. For accessories you just use pinnacle until you get legendary accessories and also save up legendary elements to upgrade it. 5. You still have the chance to unlock more gem slots past stage 6 and I really wouldn't bother buying the gem hammers, but if you're really worried that you won't unlock them all before stage 12 then it's cheaper to start over earlier with buying the unrefined weapon and upgrading it to legendary over and over until you get the 6 gem slots on stage 1 of legendary. I did this with my gunner and got all 6 on the 3rd try.
  4. Transformation Stones?

    you can get 5 of them from today's specials, also forgekeepers is still best place to get them. Also you get some from trove
  5. Transformation Stones?

    I know that forgekeepers can make them, but the cost in items required is ridiculously high. And yet I see people selling a hundred or more. There must be some other way of getting them.
  6. Transformation Stones?

    I am unsure if you can still buy them in the Marketplace or not but I do know you can craft them if you're Forgekeeper.
  7. Weapon search (pistol)

    probably not out yet until this game ver got lvl 55 cap
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  9. maj du 20/09/17 et Grelot

    désoler du dérangement suffit de demander et le problème est résolu ^^
  10. Transformation Stones?

    How do you get Transformation Stones?
  11. So, ich vermute das es an der Tastatur liegt! Hatte das ganze ein paar mal! Das erste mal, nachdem ich "w" gedrückt habe und loslassen wollte lief der Char (NUM PAD Licht aus) einfach etwas weiter! Das zweite mal kam ein merkwürdiges spielverhalten hinzu, wo mein NUM PAD blinkte! Musste den PC neu starten! Aber habe mir bereits eine neue Tastatur bestellt, fertig! Hoffe, dann geht alles! Lg
  12. Spent 3 hours to win still trying to win WWV

    Please don't make daily as participation or else there will be tons of non-gear afkers (or alts) ruining the games 24/7. Also, if you are talking about weekly rewards, you shouldn't be worried about them if you don't even have proper gears to play in 6v6. As I stated in many posts, those rewards are for players who are ready for BT or ready transcendent weapons. If you have 900+ AP with baleful or seraph weapon and some legendary accessories, you should do fine in bronze or low silver rank matches. Whether you can win the match or not is another story because it will depend on the match up and the match up is mostly pure by luck. Sometimes, you get couple raven players on your team, sometimes they are on the enemies team.
  13. Finally I have that damn ring ! :D

    I want to get mine too, but i get bored when i do like 3 runs, then wait days before doing it. Probably not going to get any legendary accessories soon.
  14. Suggestion for 6vs6

    The only time i'll touch 6v6, cause I haven't non this or last year, is if that system is equalized like arena but that will never happen, why? Cause the p2w kids will cry about upgrading their gear for nothing when we all know skill is what should matter in a pvp mode.
  15. pistols issues

    You think people care about the rules around here? I speak my mind all the time and get banned for a few days and it's no big deal. Hell, even the devs say more harsh things than this.
  16. pistols issues

    Pistol weapons are trad-able? From what I have seen, all the drops so far stated un-tradable for the Pistol in the weapon image. If they are actually tradable, then shouldn't it be a bug? If it is a bug, then people who are selling it are actually abusing or exploiting? Still need a word from GM.
  17. Suggestion for 6vs6

    It is not about HM level, it is about gears. I have seen HM7 player with True transcedent soul with all max raven gears. On the other hand, I have also seen HM14 player (summoner) with basic Hongmoong weapon and accessories (not even legendary stuff). Equalized bg is fine as long as they don't give ranks and also they should be rewarded way less Battle points (maybe 100 BP if you win and 0 BP if you lose) than normal 6v6.
  18. [Karmin] The Strain - Ü30 Klan

    *push*... wir suchen immer noch nette Mitspieler :-) Einfach Ingame melden Grüße Zuckerherz
  19. Important question

    Where i can sell my account what i have is : and how much you think such account would cost Gunner HM 13 50% 1118 AP all legendary acc Awaken cosmic soul stage 6 all tier 3 gems i also have Shadow and Fire Gem . Pet legendary stage 1 Raven full soul shield bunch of costumes.
  20. maj du 20/09/17 et Grelot

    Bonjour je voulais demander combien de temps cela va prendre pour traiter le ticket car cela fait 4 jours et toujours pas de réponse du support :/ Merci d'avance de ta réponse Youmukon
  21. Vergessen

    @yxz80 | Was hat das mit mit dem Thema " Vergessen " zutun? Jurorin Namsoyoo will damit etwas ansprechen was es im Spiel noch gibt, Items die zum Craften / Herstellung benötig wurden aber man sie gar nicht mehr benötigt. Items wie Tränen aus Mondwasser. Deine Schlangenglocke benötig man noch für die Lila Windwandel Quest. Und hat nichts mit dem Theme zutun. Wenn du sie nicht herstellen kannst, oder kaufen, kannst du sie aber noch immer erfarmen durch Mobs auf ganz Ascheweiten. Oder, wenn du freundlich im Chat fragst, gibt es immer mal einen der so Spendabel ist und dir einfach eine Schenkt (Ich z.B mach das ) Zum Thema Vergessen. Ja es sind jede menge Items im Spiel die man vergessen hat aus dem Spiel zu nehmen. Aber nicht nur das, auch Waffenkisten die man laut dem Aufwertungspfad gar nicht mehr benötigt. Diese gibt es aber trotzdem noch. z. B Gequälte Waffenkiste. Die man im Verlies "Frostige Reißzahn " aus der Belohnung erhälst. Sowas gehört auch aus dem Spiel entfernt. Weil die verhindert das man aus der Belohnungskiste die richtige Waffenkiste erfarmen kann.

    Problème résolue sujet clos. Merci à l'equipe blade & soul tout de même d'avoir régler mon soucis de ncoin.
  23. Finally I have that damn ring ! :D

    I have no idea how many I did before I finally got my belt. I'm up to 50+ sanctum runs and only seen it drop once and it went from 1k g
  24. NCOIN acheter dans le jeu URGENT

    Problème résolue sujet clos. Merci à l'equipe blade & soul tout de même d'avoir régler mon soucis de ncoin.
  25. Finally I have that damn ring ! :D

    Well, I did about 30 runs of NF and still no belt.
  26. Has anyone done the Soul Warden Masterwork (max level) Soul Shield Engraving? I'm wondering if it is worth the cost. As best as I can tell from the description, you can enhance the secondary stats of your legendary soul shields. If I'm understanding it correctly, you can enhance only ONE of the secondary stats, and which one you can enhance depends on your RNG when you craft the soul shield engraving. I like the idea of this, but these cost a lot to make in terms of materials (the most expensive part being the number of Rare Elements you need), so my question is this: Is it really worth it? The cost of engraving for Raven and Whirlwind shields is not too bad, but the cost of engraving for Fallen and Beluga shields is high. I'll be trying this sometime within the next few days, so if nobody comments, I guess I'll follow-up and let you know what I think.
  27. More questions i need answers for..

    Personally for the gunner I run shadow and I know a lot of people do for pve. For pvp I am not 100% sure if one is better then the other. The gem slots just keep going. both my Summoner and Soul fighter got 6 slots the minute I went to legendary, my Assassin though sat at 3 slots until stage 2 moved to 4 slots until stage 6 and when I hit stage 7 bale all opened up.
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