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  2. Old Timers Guild

    Generally its 25, but there is possible exceptions for friend's and family Lexi. Start here: and let me or Cabrina Foxx know as soon as you have applied so we can put in a word for you.
  3. Ap for dungeons

    I see bots at 500 ap and hm 10 all the time... I would say looking at gems, accessories, soulshields and the crit/crit damage stat is a good way to measure whether someone is good or not... if they ignore those and just stack ap... they're going to do jack squat for damage no matter what ap they're at. Hit is also a good way, because someone trying to hit the soft cap is obviously trying to maximize their damage as best they can.
  4. Do you love B&S?

      Hey! Are you a huge fan of games! Or maybe just of Blade & Soul! Do you want to share your love with the rest of the world?   Good news! The Sanitarium.FM is looking for passionate gamers to join us as volunteer bloggers and DJs!   So what does that mean?   Its pretty simple. You join us, we hook you up with a platform to share your love. Blogging tools, a YouTube or Twitch channel if you are a video creator, and you can also play some kickass music on the radio and use your platform to spread your love for Blade & Soul!   So if you’re interested either head on over to and chat with us, or if you’re super stoked, just click here.
  5. "Warlock" I have no dash. DD or AA

    they werent even in game evern, they also removed the not aviable hm skills.
  6. Today
  7. servers are down?

    Hi all,    the login issue should be resolved now. If you continue to experience problems when logging in please let us know.    Thank you!
  8. Game Won't Start.

    need hellp  Failed to Connect Error (200)
  9. <be quiet> bietet BT Verkaufsruns an - "Frostgipfel"

    Kann ich so nur unterschreiben, ich weiß aber aus Erfahrung, dass die Asis immer am lautesten sind. Ich bin in meiner GIlde auch der Einzige der einigermaßen bekannt ist, weil ich nichts auf mir sitzen lasse, der Rest ist echt schwer in Ordnung und fällt null auf. Nur weil bei Be Quiet mehr Leute auffallen, heißt es nicht, dass sie deswegen nur aus Asis bestehen, denn das kann ich nicht bestätigen. Als "Massengilde" hast du aber nun mal mehr solcher Leute, die negativ auffallen. Ist ganz normal.  Und es geht hier auch nicht um "Be Quiet", sondern um das Angebot das sie als Solches machen. Ihr könnt auf andere Angebote hinweisen, die besser sind (Woraufhin ja mit einer Preisreduzierung reagiert wurde.) aber beleidigend zu werden hat null Sinn, auch wenn ich eure Meinung durchaus Teile.  Ich wüsste sowieso nicht, warum man sich das Spiel selbst zerstören sollte in dem man sich carrien lässt, dabei ist es egal ob es von dem verteufelte Be Quiet ist, oder irgendeiner anderen Gilde mit einer wesentlich besseren Reputation. Ich finde es ehrlich gesagt auch lächerlich Raids zu verkaufen und das kenne ich auch gar nicht, hab mir aber sagen lassen, dass es normal sein soll in anderen spielen. Jedem das seine. Wer in BT drin war und am Ersten, Zweiten, Dritten und Vierten Boss vorbei kam weißt, dass man 3+4  nicht (oder kaum) mit Randoms legen kann, oder zumindest ist das derzeit ziemlich unwahrscheinlich. Wer das Geld hat und in keine größere Gilde möchte solls halt ausgeben, ob er lieber mehr Geld ausgibt und sich bei Be Quiet meldet oder das billiger bei einer anderen Gilde macht ist deren Entscheidung und geht uns auch einen feuchten Furz an. Man kann halt nur auf die besseren Angebote verweisen, mehr nicht.    Crit
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  11. Build PVE SF

    that build is crap, more pvp block mixed with pve skills, crap either way,   pve use last tier block for iframe and chi stack, also howling blast first tier 3 points in for another chi stack after q or e or resist with shield. for hm 6, if he got hm rmb and hm block, then this build would be far superior for chi stacks , dmg and survivability. for later hm lvl then u can use displace chi stack and ice coil chill, but not absolutely more important than howling blast or last tier hm block skill. also if he doesnt have hm rmb, then earth build, as the stacks of energy r just far too slow to make ice superior, also even if he got hm rmb, then he needs at  least the toi breeze kick badge or 60%+ crit chance for the ice build to work.
  12. servers are down?

    error is fixed now, i just got in! yay bns time
  13. <be quiet> bietet BT Verkaufsruns an - "Frostgipfel"

    Wer solche Runs mitmachen will un bezahlt ist selber dran schuld, ich hab zusammen mit nem Raid aus Rdms zwar keine hohe Chance im derzeitigem Patch bis Boss 4 zu kommen, aber weder bezahle ich Eintritt noch soviel für n Schmuck.   Baguas gehen bei uns zwischen 40 und 80g weg und der Feuerohrring war bis jz auf max 1k g ... ich persönlich hab meinen Ring für 400g erstattet. Da sind 2k g echt nur für die, die nich warten können.   Am 12. wird sich eh mehr bilden weil mehr Dmg im Spiel sein wird... und man kann auch Andere mitnehmen wo man weiß, dass es keine Movementkrüppel sind aber die Stats dafür vorher eher nich hatten.
  14. servers are down?

    It's working for me, no issues atm.
  15. servers are down?

    same error, i don't think is for server maintenance, damn i wanna play ç_ç  
  16. hab das gleiche Problem..heut mittag ging es noch ^^
  17. servers are down?

    Also got Dced, cant get in...error 200
  18. PVP BDs vs BMs?

    ok,  here a very easy tactic and 100 to 0 combo with the new skill changes for lbm. (can be used already with old skills, but need to specc all into lightning)   start off with ur guradian tempest and just iframe everything that way, that the bm or any other enemy throws at u, get close, grab, ss to iframe their version of flock of blades escape, if they didnt escape use soulstab and grab lmb first to force their hard escape latest then, make em waste their 2nd escape or get em down with daze,  if daze then storm cleave, anicancel, raid, anicancel, rmb stun, anicancel, if still alive, kd and lightning draw....boom dead...if somehow miraculously they survived, use spin plus maelstrom to then force fivepoint knock up into aircombo to either finish the enemy or give ur skills some time to go off cooldown.   they use their hard during grab escape, get up with f, maelstrom, force raid stun, then the anicancel combo, if no hard escape, then use daze and start anicancel combo, but watch out for their hard escape and restart the anicancel combo right after they use it. this way fm cant even up stacks of chill on u, summoner cant use cat, if u knock it back during grab with the charge skill disable, destroyers cant spin, u basically force ur combo down their throat with very little chance of retaliating, if u do everything correctly. now say a guy plays it smart and tries to keep his tab for ur real anicancel combo, to escape stun , or u fight another bladedancer, also easy, just remember u need to get into draw stance to keep on stuning with rmb, so get em down with rmb grab ( bladestorm) which gives u draw stance, plus very nice dmg, then raid, they tab ur stun,follow it rmb stun, stormcleave, anicancel, kd, lightning draw and so on......same result. as this combo has several stuns in between and u still keep ur fivepoint and maelstrom shield off cd, it's easy to cover for any mistakes or escapes used at unexpected times.  remember, only other blade dancers can really interupt this combo with their 2nd escape flock of blades, which has 1 min cd, so easy to restart that combo after 30 sec, when ur skills are all off cd again and they have only 1 grab escape.   also vs assasins, if u up guradian tempest at the beginning, no body switch possible, which makes it hard for the sin to even start their stealth wombo combo.  but ultimately if u use guradian tempest at the beginnning or charge with sprint/ windwalking rmb stun into grab, depends on enemy and class ur facing...either way, goal is to get close fast without other person having any chance of interupting u or cc'ing u from grabbing em and make them wastel their hard escapes.   so grab is not for dmg, aircombo is not for dmg, both these r used for making them waste hard escapes and playing for time to get ur skills off cooldown.
  19. Le serveur d'identification est mort ! Allo ? Quelqu'un m'entend?   C'est un complot allez avouez.... après avoir ENFIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNN  loot un animus depuis la sortie de BT je suis quasi prêt à cliquer et ca CRASHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!! Complot ! Remboursé ! Impossible de se reco depuis 1h ! Illuminati !
  20. C'est cassé !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Je report exactement le même problème !!   Non mais sérieux quoi... Fallait prévenir que la maintenance était avancée ! (Ah ? Elle l'est pas ? C'est quoi ce binz alors ????????)   Ticket envoyé au support !!!! Le temps de mon premium qui s'écoule, vous le remboursez aussi ???? Non parce qu'on le paye ce truc. And Time is MONEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY !!  
  21. Don't try pvp

     They don't think fast or have faster reflexes than you. Almost in every pvp game thinking or trying out strategies makes you fall. Call it Moba, fighting game (Like mortal combat), hack 'n slash, fps. Be my guest defeating someone who starts smashing buttons even before the timer starts, with strategy, cool-looking combos and reflex in tekken. Ping and class are what decide the winner here. If i needed to talk regardless of this two terms : the key is getting accustomed to pattern and smashing it, give no room for your opponent to think or come up with a plan. Playing ultra-offensive has %90 win-rate against defensive types. If you watch higher elo matches you will see, all of them are like bots, same boring style, pattern, which one can guess the next 5 moves of a pro-gamer, who is going to win in 5 seconds after match starts. When you go lower elo it's more exciting and unpredictable because you can't guess what a noob is going to try next.
  22. servers are down?

    theres almost 12 hours for maintenance from now. its nothing to do with that. 
  23. Ok, danke für deine Antwort, dann weiß ich wenigstens das es wohl nicht an mir liegt^^
  24. Hallo,   Nach gut einer Woche wollte ich mich wieder einloggen, um etwas zu spielen. Bei beiden Klienten kommt aber diese Meldung (siehe Bild) Ist das eine allgemeine Störung in Moment, oder wurde ich gehackt und sollte den Support anschreiben?
  25. servers are down?

    yep i need my eyes checked as read the convert wrong it's mid day it's down for me,  well i hope the error is fixed soon
  26. servers are down?

    utc=gmt .....   if i do recall, the only difference in UTC vs GMT is that UTC does not have a summer time (+1)     and btw... even google can tell you that 11AM utc is probably 12PM for you....
  27. servers are down?

      when i convert the time they say the severs are down that time is now in my time zone?   11am  UTC - GMT = 12am (midnight) and it's midnight now for me   weird then why the severs down???   Glad it's not just me getting the error then
  28. New legendary path.

    doesnt matter either way which legend u go at this stage, as raven will be your main goal, so go with whatever looks u like, also seraph is slightly better in pvp than baleful, cause it can keep u alive longer with def spin while u get bombarded in 6v6.   just as a short look into the future for na bns ( as i play on tw server) for lightning build bladedancers, in the long run u want the elec juwelry from bt, which will stay with you for a long, very long time, as their awakend form was just introduced in kr, necklace ofc the then vortex raid elec dmg neck belt just get the naryu foundry one and make it 10, soul get 8 sec cooldown soul on the horizon, which ist just plain sex for lbm (25% crit dmg, 18% ele dmg and then plus 60, 12%crit chance, 200 ap, 160% focus....all for 8 seconds with 8 sec cd) badges for pve will be the next season toi badge, every thunderslash will grant a buff which leads to every crit for the next 6 seconds will reduce lightning draw cooldown by 1 second, which ultimately gets ur lightning draw to below 10 seconds cooldown, 2nd badge for me personally i prefer the bt badge over the leg badge, as the bt badge gives 20% crit dmg for all skills during electric surge and 100% ap for flicker. bracelet ofc the dragon bracelet, 6 sec of 315%bonus for every first hit of lightning flash after every thunderslash. what this gear combination will lead to, is for ur crit dmg mod to get a total increase of 23% weapon + 25% draw stance + 15% electric surge + 20% from bt badge + 25% from soul with a 100% uptime on an elemental dmg of roughly 180% and roughly 1,4 k ap with raven and soul procs active as soon as u enter draw stance and electric surge is up.  but now to the fun part, u only need 2 draw stance skills. thunderslash and lightning draw, the juliet 8 set will decrease the tunderslash cooldown to 9 seconds, which means every 9 seconds the bracelet proc is active for 6 seconds, giving an uptime of 66% on the proc plus every 9 seconds for 6 seconds every crit will reduce lightning draw cooldown by 1 second...and anicanceling with the huge lbm inherent crit chance means each anicancel rotation 3 sec off lightning draw cooldown, leading to basically u spaming only thunderslash and lightning draw all the time with anicancel in between, never losing electric surge and the dmg field from lightning draw will also gain a 100% uptime below the dont need storm cleave at all and can be specced into either double daze, giving u all 3 cc's at least as a double or an additional tripple iframe, increasing survivability. as u can see, lbm gear is about synergy, one thing stacks very nicely with another and leads to lbm becomeing a dps monster with huge survivability or absolut godly amount of cc's.  everything like baleful or seraph before that then just doesnt matter in the long run at all anymore.
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