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    Also kommt der Schmuck den ich aufwerten muss aus den Inis? Aus welcher denn? So für den Anfang. Überfordert mich grad alles.Überall sieht man in Guides nur Highend Sachen aber keiner erklärt wo man anfängt :(

    You can post as much as you want here but that will not speed up your ticket handling or make someone look into it. Support responses are delayed and depending on the issue can take a few days to get a response. Your only option is to wait.
  4. I have already explained it, I mean when the matchmakin puts in a team players exaggeratedly better equipped than the other and this happens in all the maps. each of the players wants to win but the game should take care to make comparable teams fight, it's called balance. It makes no sense to have a small car and a Ferrari fight on equal terms

    Day 5 still no update from support
  6. Neulingsfragen

    Nein. Man bekommt zwar auch Schmuck aus Akt 11, aber der kann nicht aufgewertet werden. Desweitern gibt es auch Truhen mit Geistes- und Seelenabzeichen die man erhält. Im gorßen und ganzen also schon eine Basis um dann weiter zu machen.
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  8. Returning Player Guide

    Grab your free reset token (premium) from f10 and reset the spiders quest. Trade the powder (4 powders per quest turnin) + 1 spider box for new box from the spiders daily. Receive additional buds and a chance for gold tokens to sell to vender. Use the orbs to buy the random soulplate box. Try for acc / crit but don't spend to much time on this. Also, buy your belt / gloves for buds or tokens, forget which. Learn crafting to make the soulplates to add stats. (gathering no longer exists, so will take you a few days for level 5 crafting) Learn crafting for transformation stones, Get your 6 soulstones from the daily in the soulstone planes. (don't bother trying to do bosses, bots 24/7 one shot bosses) Grind buds until your eyes bleed, get the 6 gems for buds. For buds, you can also buy mats needed to level your weapon. After you have soulplates and gems, buy exp charms. Once you are around 1600 ap or so, it's swipe for ncoincs or you are at a wall. MSP requires 1800ap (for celestial steel), dst and above requires more ap than msp. Since the patch, gold is the new wall.
  9. Cant find File (HELP)

    change permissions on the folder to everyone > full control (allow), and see if that makes a difference.
  10. NC Launcher 2 does not work

    Try this out, it worked for my brother and I, is a bit scary as you need to add access permissions to Everyone. Rclick(right click) NCSoft folder, lclick properies Click on Security tab > edit > add in that bottom box, type Everyone > lclick 'check names' > lclick okay lclick on Everyone in the top windows then at the bottom, lclick full control allow. lclick okay and lclick yes, wait a while for it to finish and try the game. this works too, if 'run admin' doesn't resolve issues ie not loading or loading very very slowly. runnning software as admin usually works unless explicit permissions disallow inheritance.
  11. I have an old laptop, i5-2430M, 8gb, SSD 240gb, GT 430 1gb. Locations are loaded quickly, FPS always shows up to 60-100, but in dungeons of 12 people during the battle the FPS drops to 1-2, it is impossible to play. In ordinary dungeons of 6 people still tolerably drops to 10-15. On any settings. There is also a desktop computer, i5-6500, 16gb, GTX 1060 6gb, 2 SSD 240 + 1TB. In battles of 12 people, the FPS also drops to 8-10, it’s difficult to play + freeze. Before 2 years ago, I didn’t have this, there are even old videos where I play and the FPS and the smoothness of the picture are clearly visible. Is there really not enough such a computer? P.S .. sorry for my English curve
  12. What happened to ue4?

    It's not a port of Blade & Soul Revolution from Netmarble (it's that is what you are referring to) This is the mobile game: I don't mean to post any misleading information, i'm only posting the information thats available online, so please don't shoot the messenger. I didn't realize the Frontier World server was still in testing, so i'll change my original post that i worded back to "testing"- which i original wrote since i can't tell if it's officially live yet or not; i mean they have a Class update (Taoist) back from last month; it just seemed like a live service to me. :) MMoculture: According to MMOculture; i guess both versions will run on UR4, "Live world" i guess is the existing service with old characters on it, and "Frontier world" - which i am guessing is like a fresh start server?
  13. Thank you Gunslinger is useless in 6v6

    even with dragon fang 6 , storm speaker belt and necklace bright will soul 7 ki piercing , full pvp full pve ss i cant do any damage, it doesnt motivate me at all to gear up cause before gearing ups was worth it now u can gear up and u only get an extra 1 k damage on your skills , like this patch was the last nail in the coffin for me.... i quit ..all my pvp gear has been rendered useless
  14. Hongmoon Homecoming?

    No it was not lol that was VT, TT was released in mid 2018, get your facts straight. Also like grimoir already said what matters is how relevant that gear is, for 99% of the playerbase it's still the best you can get.
  15. What happened to ue4?

    No, that's just a test server with the shitty mobile port with lvl 45 content, google properly before spreading false rumours.
  16. Neulingsfragen

    Wie ist das denn mit Schmuck zum uppen? Bekommt man den auch bei Akt 11?
  17. What happened to ue4?

    still waiting for them to release UE4 in Europe to come back in game since as it is, it's unplayable...well you know it better than me. The more they delay, the more they kill the game, why are they delaying so much? Isn't it obvious? They are testing the success it will have in Corea and then eventually bring it to us as it always happens for every game that's born in the East part of the world, only a matter of money. I can bet that the ue 4 for us is ready yet since they released the Corean version, they are just waiting for the right moment, but as of now, my hopes are fading.
  18. 612keys nohing for me

    I think no one really told you yet but Fashion is the real end game in bns.
  19. 612keys nohing for me

    Honestly I didn't need high end items. I just wanted a pair of wings. Clan member gets one in 25 keys, I get hosed after 300. Second trove in a row. Welp. I hope they choke on what I spent cause they just lost someone else who was willing to put in for something nice. This is how games go bankrupt. I get the high end heart or soul. But some glam dude? You gonna hold out on some glam?
  20. Hongmoon Homecoming?

    Sure. Its too generous you say. Thats why i wont even do this :D I will check back before year end, maybe we get the service termination notice.
  21. Yesterday
  22. 612keys nohing for me

    Distributed like candy First you need to have ((candy))
  23. Thank you. I hope that training lynblade will be available again, it looks really good. But it seems like all of those weapons are very rare anyway.
  24. TICKET

    Can someone from support look at my ticket. I waited 4 days just for someone to do half his job and leave
  25. Looking forward, with this lastest trove still fresh in our hearts and minds, lets discuss alterations/improvements to make the next instance of trove more pleasant. DAILY FREE TROVE ROLLS ARE FREE= introduce a new tier of 0-star crits, with weaker prizes than one star crits. Bound mats instead of tradable ones, dokkaebi soju instead of imperial, etc, but have the cost be 0/1c for just about everything. Chance of 1-2-3star crit, but the majority of free rolls are 0star. Premium 0hmc key and NCoin keys guarantee 1-3 stars still. Perhaps HMC keys can roll 0star. ENOUGH CONSUMABLES TO USE= 5 field repair tools when most weapons take at least 6 to repair once? c'mon! C'MON! At least stacks of 3 Imperial Soju (stacks 3 times, when you want to use it, you generally use 3). Perhaps yield enough for multiple sessions of use, with total cost increased to match. (10 Imperial Soju for 30g rather than 1 for 3g). DON'T LET THE F10 SPECIALS BEAT YOU, TROVE!= As a limited time event, I feel like a trove roll should beat out the f10 daily specials for similiar items, either in quantity available or cost. I want each key you buy to be fun and feel rewarding and to not be able to look at the f10 specials and be able to say "Man, I could have got more soulstones cheaper if I had spent that NCOIN of the trove key on the daily special. I got scammed!" YAY I CRIT! OOPS, IT COST ME ALL MY GOLD= Some of the high end items cost quite a bit of gold. Example, high end gems and high end unity stones. Now for gems, I can imagine the high expense is due to cost of producing that gem through transmuting, and the ability to recoup gempowder through salvage. Awakened Unity stones are a different case. With them occassionally available in the F10 daily specials (HEY TROVE! WHY YOU MAKING THE F10 SPECIALS LOOK SO GOOD!?) and the merchant of wonders selling at a similiar price on the ultra rare occasion his list contains them, Limited time (fun) event trove could sell them for less. (Might be remembering wrong) This latest trove some of the mid tier nontradable cosmetics cost 200g, up from 20g iirc. I could empathize with 200g for a tradable cosmetic to make the f5 listing to be perceived as valuable. But for a bound costume that squishes to 1 fabric? Eh.
  26. What happened to ue4?

    The Unreal Engine 4 servers are already in service in South Korea, it's called "Blade & Soul Complete" Google that title and that's were most of the information is; i'm not certain on the fundamentals of the project, but it does not look like a mere patch. It looks to me like a entirely new game with it's own independent servers and service. EDIT: Okey so i was half-correct ( if the information is correct );
  27. 612keys nohing for me

    I find it a bit funny how people think end game upgraded items in trove would be handed out like candy. there is a reason they are hard to get / have a low chance.
  28. Hongmoon Homecoming?

    It dosent matter how old it is. its still gear and True Hongmoon Heart cost like nothing.
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