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  2. incinerator 6 higfh piercing and crit they shopuld be dead on a daze unload blue flame combo...where can i refund my pvp accs please and thanks
  3. well u miss what i was saying ....does it makes sense uprading pvp gear when we doing trash damage now does pve weapon pair with pvp now .....battleground 1 shot is the reason why whales battleground ..... nobody cares About bullet storm .. overally the damage i take from people is so lil even incinerator ppl its njust not fun anymore taking WHOLE MIN TO KILL 1 PERSON gets boring after a while
  4. Update not working

    i played this game without weeklies and clanless so any tips to open the update version of bns
  5. so you are basically complaining pvp is not one shot anymore.....makes no sense.... Well if you had soulburn your awaken bulletstorm is broken. also people have a lot more hp and defense now so...thats also a factor, plus some classes like summ can reducde damage by 10%.
  6. Are all Legendary Mystic Badges Exchangable?

    haven’t tested that, but i’m assuming it should work, though i wouldn’t know why you would do that. after all, the badge exchange doesn’t exactly highlight WHICH badge you need, to trade, just that it’s a legendary mystic badge
  7. Are all Legendary Mystic Badges Exchangable?

    even different for different class? like melee badge and range badge?
  8. Are all Legendary Mystic Badges Exchangable?

    yeah, they can be exchanged for the other, if you currently have a legendary mystic badge
  9. Make earth summoner great again

    Idk. Summoners got a buff, but so did everyone else. I also agree with first person, wind does more damage in pvp. I main earth summoner as well, and i dread fighting my own class so much because every time they are running wind build. They dps me down faster. I was thinking of switching to wind myself, but i'd still be weak since i wouldn't have all of my gear for it. Plus, i dont even like wind. So i agree with above person on this as well, why does 1 spec not do as well as the other in pvp when other classes have a choice? The server lag/dc in dungeons make it hard for me to even do dailies to grind for this gold to buy the wind build i need.
  10. Are all Legendary Mystic Badges Exchangable?

    Yes they are, just dont know for how long will be.
  11. New Idle Animations

    I liked lightning BD leaf slash animation.... But now I'm using wind BD, so RIP my preferences. Guess i'll have to get used to the silly poke... The warden guitar solo looks funny on my lyn, though I would have really liked to have a smaller scaled weapon. Even with smallest hands mine clips through the ground. >.<
  12. With the Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan update, all classes switched from the old elemental stats and accessories to specializations. Naturally, this was at conflict with the loot table from the major raids and was therefore replaced with a new Ring and Earring chest from each boss. First of all, why was this not mentioned in the Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan: Items and Systems article? People had to figure out how it worked either by reading Korean articles or by looking at the Cherry Blossom Treasure Trove Info menu. You guys have always been kind of meh at publishing information to us, like how you missed telling us about the new Available Buffs in the Character Status UI that launched in Theater of Mystery, but the new raid loot system feels like an essential piece of information to disclose. Furthermore, which NCWest trainee is responsible for the namings of the new chests anyway? Why are there quotation marks for each chest? Why are they so awfully long? "Unrefined "Fighting Spirit" Celestial Emperor Ring Chest - Type" seems a tad long, right? Maybe shortening it to "Fighting Spirit Celestial Ring Chest - Type 1" would be better? Or even just renaming Fighting Spirit and Guiding Spirit to something else that isn't so long? Endeavour is a lot shorter, and I'm pretty sure Fighting Spirit is the name of a skill - not an accessory. Not to mention - sure, there's Guiding Spirit and Fighting Spirit, but what's up with Endeavor being nothing like the other names? Perhaps you could ask the developers if each cluster of classes share a certain trait - like how the current Endeavor cluster contains three classes all using a sort of blade of some sort and how the Guiding Spirit contains three classes that are ranged, and give a fitting name according to that? I haven't even talked about how for each accessory chest, the displayed class specializations's reward just show the same accessory over and over, taking up an obnoxious amount of space? Why not instead use a similar tooltip of the refined accessories, like how on the Skybreak accessories, there's a "Guide" section which explains "Enhance skills for Way of the [...]"? The patch as a whole with early stages of Class Awakening despite delaying it for MONTHS in order to make sure the patch is good (lmao), with worse than ever optimization, and breaking the Character Info feature once more (without fixing preexisting broken features), NCWEST as our publisher disclosing false information regarding Heaven's Mandate and Cold Storage loot, incompetent localizations, and a complete lack of communication is just icing on the cake. And before you say that they've gotten better at communication, that doesn't matter a single bit if what they communicate is incorrect.
  13. Are all Legendary Mystic Badges Exchangable now? thx
  14. New class Archer. LOOKS GOOD! :O

    UE4 should work better with more modern hardware by better allocating resources and allowing the system to stress less (your 1050 SHOULD be fine with UE4). But if the rest of your computer is ancient, like having a very old CPU and ram, chances are this or that new technology or piece of code in the new engine may have a chance to mess with your experience.
  15. and its not about he has high def etc even noob gear character ...i just hardly do bg now not fun anymore
  16. Neuer NC Launcher

    MOin moin, habe das gleiche Problem. Nutze Win 7, 64 Bit, Professional. Virenscanner hatte ich schon mal ausgeschaltet und trotzdem kommt immer wieder der gleiche Fehler. Neu-Start hat leider auch nichts gebracht. .... Mag den neuen Launcher jetzt schon nicht. :(
  17. after awaken , i went bg only to find out my stun airial carpet bomb hold rmb (quickshot ) while they drop not even dealing 3/4 people hp ????? i have incinerator 6 5k piercing 6k crit hit and cant even kill someone with full buff and badge ......... idk but something is really fishy .................................. i will stop uping my pvp gear makes no sense now .....before patch i could 1 shot easily on stun targets etc , now i wonder if pve equipment are even better now that they actually increase skill damages ..... i just wanna know if anyone is seeing a difference
  18. I'm also getting a 1.97 gig update.... I thought the game was already updated...
  19. New launcher

    thank you for wasting my 13 hours
  20. New launcher

    On the new launcher, there's a tiny gear icon at the upper right side. Click that and go into the "Game" tab. There's a "run 32 bit client" option there.
  21. Simple mode - bug or intended?

    you can use it only near enemies, go near an enemy and you will see your rmb
  22. New launcher

    where is the 32 or 64bit option?
  23. New launcher

    Why new launcher is so damn heavy??? 2.30GB??? Guys you just can't make something nice without fck something up do you?? And it deleted my old game... Whole game gone... ''Thank'' you. PoE here i come. Wont dowload it again
  24. Today
  25. Neuer NC Launcher

    Liebes Mod-Team, aktualisiert euren Guide zum launcherupdate bitte mit den Hinweis für das "Seite aktualisieren" wenn man dort hingeleitet wird, solang es nicht so klappt wie es soll. denke mal es scheitert hier bei vielen und es lesen sicher nicht alle, alles posts hier im Forum.
  26. well rip it failed some enviroment ............. well good bye bns
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