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  2. You can buy premium with in-game currency in For Honor

    So I basically agree with the main argument. Yes, you should be able to buy premium with HMCoins. Won't argue the point or even lay out my reasons for agreeing. But..   Your comparing a MMORPG to a RPG with an online multiplayer mode. Your comparing  F2P to purchase game+expansions marketing models, while they may have similarities these are very different.   You just can't compare apples to oranges and ask for lemonade. You'd have much more solid points if you compared it to Rift or Skyforge or half dozen other F2P games.   However you'll find most these games all have one thing in common. F2p players vs Whales! This model just doesn't work well in the west for this reason.  F2p players want big wallets to be meaningless and big wallets want what they pay for. :) The "free" in F2P is just marketing hype, you should be willing to pay at least a small sum now and then and semi regularly to keep playing. If not you really don't have any right to voice complaints. Forum privileges should really be behind a paywall.
  3. Weap and Acc progression is a mistake

    Next time I try a new character will be when gunner is released. As an old player I very much doubt that the new way of progressing to 50 will bother me seeing as I will skip by it as quickly as possible. Perhaps I would have to hear from a totally new player how they feel about the game in its early levels?
  4. Weap and Acc progression is a mistake

    Umm, that change was done months ago.. that didn't just start with the removal of Hongmoon Weapons/Accessories. You only saw people doing that content because they had no choice or it was a high level grinding a second weapon for the heck of it. It makes sense to phase out stuff that people were already skipping in favor of getting them to 50 with decent gear so they can play with everyone else... if only they'd fix the crappy DC schedule and phase out the old Silverfrost content no one bothers with now either...
  5. Dunkele Skilltastenfelder in der Arena

    Was meinst du mit "corrupted" ?   Angefangen hat es erst seit dem neusten Update , da gabs diese Sache mit dem 64Bit Clienten wo man beim verschieben der Gegenstände nicht mehr sehen konnte wohin man sie schiebt (mittlerweile sieht man es wieder) .   Wenn ich da die Probleme der Anderen hier im Forum lese , bin ich eher froh das es nur so eine Kleingkeit bei mir ist die vielleicht bei 20 Tagteamkämpfen einmal passiert .   @Baskerville , falls es wieder vorkommt werd ich versuchen einen Screenshot zu machen  . Eine Datei-Überprüfung hab ich zuletzt vor fast einem Jahr gemacht wo ich aus versehen aufs Feld geklickt hab ............ eigentlich müsste da auch alles in Ordnung sein , weil niemand ausser mir den Computer benutzt .    
  6. Getting Hongmoon accessories back

    You can't get the Hongmoon accessories back anymore, not sure if pirate bracelet or siren belt is still upgrade able. Basically they changed it so that the only accessories that evolve are the legendary and end game elemental ones. Players who still have the old upgrade able accessories can keep upgrading them or just use the Ivorymoon, Lucent, Pinnacle accessories. You can buy Ivorymoon with silverfrost valor stones and Lucent/Pinnacle drops from Silverfrost purple dungeons.
  7. Stealing Blackwyrm at the last second

    Whoosh That was the sound of the joke that just flew over your head, you missed it.     *one of the best drawings I have seen, deserves a spot next to guernica **also you can feel the artists feelings though the screen.  
  8. Timing of Disconnects

    This can't be a coincidence, can it? Because i always DC on that boss as well and its either when we are waiting for hae to recover his chi after we beat the boss (forcing me to repeat the entire dungeon) or on 25% HP   Maybe its a glitch?    
  9. There are still some old item names in manage equipment.   1 example I have is True Oathbreaker Ring evolve item is "White Night Ring" (acquired from avalanche den 6p) but recent update the name of this item was changed to "Lucent Ring". although this is displayed correctly in upgrade path window, but not the manage equipment window.
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  11. Timing of Disconnects

  12. Haters gonna hate. :)
  13. Der 25 dc

    Ich hatte in einem jahr nur ca 3 dcs für die ich nichts konnte ^.^
  14. Stealing Blackwyrm at the last second

    hm14 rekting bunch of hm8 trying to make some gold. gj
  15. Four thoughts on game improvement?

    atm im 554 ap... and i understand the point of view of those players of "high ap" is: we are going to wipe, so they leave party... and i understand that because, if u see that almost all ur party are between 400-500 ap u know that they shouldnt be doing masts, asura or be ido, they should be doing yeti, necro, lair, mandate and storage till they get pass 500 ap... i think that people in this game dont think in what their limits are cause im seeing ppl doing asura with 410 ap thats nonsense cause ull slow your party and end in wiping... the other case can happen... high ap people who thinks their are gods and do less dps than a low ap player this can happen if the low ap player knows the mechanics and dont ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ it up. So the moral here is to learn the mechanics and dont be ambitious with time and effort ull get to desolated tomb, asura, nexus, masts, ebondrake citadel...
  16. Naksun 241 AP no legendary accessories or other legendary item

    Do it with Jiangshi SS and Blight accs, then ill say you're pro. 
  17. Weap and Acc progression is a mistake

    my point is that you are missing 95% of bellow lvl 50 content cuz everything you used to farm before is given to you now
  18. I've been doing event daily on 6 characters not spent any coin on the bundles from store and just got 2 gems yesterday. I'm close to getting a 3rd on my Des, it's all rng based whether you get the crit chance of 10 chocolates. 
  19. Naksun 241 AP no legendary accessories or other legendary item

    cause you havent mentioned the other stats: crit: 5615 (59.24%) crit dmg: 1636 (224.01%) piercing: 717 (12.53%)   ss: 3 tomb + 5 oblivion
  20. Weap and Acc progression is a mistake

    So... your point is that even with the changes, it's still easy as heck to solo? I was saying for those who want to do that stuff, that's what you're supposed to do now if you can't do it alone. Did Plague Hallows and Lakeside Cache several times today since a bunch of new players needed help with it, still not using anything but the equipment I've picked up or recieved from questing. :P
  21. Weap and Acc progression is a mistake

    Currently im lvling a sin and atm im lvl 30 with deva weapon... at first i was angry cause viridian coast was very fast to let behind now you need to learn the skills and use them, but after i got the blight weapon, tomun range was like before and same as scorching sands (im still in scorching sands, but im like 70-80% of content cause i know what to skip)... so in my opinion the only "downside" of this change is the viridian coast but after (if u get blight weapon) you'll be like before. I wont deny that lvling as a sin compared to other classes is easy the only thing u need to do is entry stealth and rmb+f... so it's kind of fast and easy, problem, no AoE but u kill very fast and u arent taking dmg.
  22. Hackers in pvp...

    yes i was very irratated by someone keeps stun and daze me, not sure if they are hackers or not, but it feels like i dont have change to fight back, 3 secs stun then daze 3 secs then stun then daze
  23. yes some low ap players blend in and some dont know mech and some trolls rush too far ahead make other members cant take dragon heart
  24. Hackers in pvp...

    Better rewards more players in arena. Some of you have no idea what to do  in arena against other classes and rush to assume that other players are hackers, macro users and bla bla. I'm not saying they are not any bots and hackers i've seen too, but they are not so many as you said. I myself was blamed for macro and hacks... giving the fact i don't even know how to use such programs. Probably most of the complainers here are silver ranking. However you have any doubts record them and send to support.
  25. Chat Probleme

    Hi, benutzt du WTFast? Das einzige was mir einfallen würde ist, dass WTFast teilweise die Communicationsserver einschränkt (oder so ähnlich). Hatte zumindest dasselbe Problem, was nur dann auftrat wenn ich WTFast benutzt habe. 
  26. Demande de skin

    Ça dépend,certaines tenue arrive assez vite comme shangri la su'on à eu quelque semaines après la Corée d'autre traine les pieds.
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