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  3. Genuine question about wind summoners in arena

    That's simple. Just spam 1 whenever they are auto-attacking. Wait for an opening, then use your CC's to bait their espaces and stunlock them. You have also your own numerous aerials to get rid of a good chunk of their HP.
  4. and 1 stun, if you have low enough ping that's instant air and 95% damage xD Besides that, you got cat recall KD, 2 kd/daze, c daze, V kd, cat pin, kd over time, and can kd people that counter/block with 1 You can literally keep ccing people forever as sum if they have no escapes. And this is in 1v1 arena, in 6v6 it's even more ridiculous cause they 2 hit you in air combo and have 6 hits left + can instant cat pin after
  5. Realistically if you're going just for the three set, you only have to buy slot 3 since slots 1 and 2 are not achievement locked and can be gotten via Grand Celestial Wings. Either way the MSPP route was always made to be the least efficient way to get the set, it was made to supplement Twilight Temple, not replace it. This especially holds taking into min maxing the roll and re-enforcment.
  6. Suchen einen aktiven Sin.
  7. suche TT Raid

    Danke für die netten Angebote. Ich habe meinen Platz gefunden :)
  8. PVE/Clan Events/Casual/Progression/Friendly/Crimson

    Hey there! After reading your post would love to chat with you. I main a SF (Currently Aransu 3 / Legendary Badges / Cosmic Soul) looking to join a smaller clan as well as progress into VT. Judging by your post, it looks like you all are a perfect fit for me. But regardless, would love to chat with you. My name is Tsuru Ryo in game as well as Tsuru#4735 in Discord. I will look for ya in game, hope to hear from you soon!
  9. Lore-unfriendly armors

    I kinda thought it matched the Naryu..labs, was it? Like Be Ido's robot. There are a few futuristic cyborg looking areas in BnS, they're just usually quite small and tucked away. So in the grand scheme of BnS it probably doesnt feel like it fits much but I think it does a little. BnS is kind of...the typical Asian style costumes at this point have been done to death. I'm not sure what variations of that are left to even try other than like maybe...hanbok/kimono theme'd swimsuits which wouldnt make sense with either of those..
  10. games path

    why is half the anniversary update cash shop items? this game is being monetized through the roof every update it is becoming sickening. feels like you are being pushed to buy something or you will be grinding your ass off just to keep up with everyone
  11. Disconnects

    Was in midnight skypetal plains, doing Sacred Longui stage 5. Died. Tried to res, but the poison auto kills you. Pressed 4 to release. Game disconnected. Tried to log back in. Game client is already running! Had to wait to log back in a second time. Blade and Soul takes a long time to load especially twice. Get back into the game. Game auto booted me from the raid/alliance. It did not offer to put me back in the instance I was in with my raid. I was just out of luck. Very irritating. A tip I can give you for isolating the cause of this is that it seems like almost all of my disconnects happen when a loading screen is triggered. It is a low % chance of happening, but once in a while triggering a loading screen to happen = disconnect. I don't know why. I have noticed that the game somehow knows when it would be the extra inconvenient for you to disconnect and likes to usually disconnect you at times like that. For example, when you are pvping, and a disconnect would cost you all your prestige or some rating. Another one is after a dungeon, and you are talking to the merchant of wonders, but before you make a purchase it might disconnect you. You try to get back in, but by the time you log back in, everyone else already left the dungeon, and the instance is gone, so you can't get back in to make your purchase from the merchant of wonders. Sucks to be you. Another one is when you are trying to do your weekly challenge. You get a disconnect. The party kills the boss. You don't get credit, but you can't do the dungeon again for the week because it gave you credit for completing the dungeon without giving you credit for completing the quest. Now you can't complete weekly for that week. (That was back when there were only 3 weekly pve missions.) Stuff like that. ALL of those things have happened to me. THAT is when it disconnects you. I don't know why, but honestly, I am telling you right now, it has happened that way enough to me that seems like it has something to do with it, though it would clearly be some sort of series of programmatic things causing the disconnect.
  12. Droprate at 6 men Dungeon

    the Hollows heart and starstone mines so low the droprate inside
  13. last 2 slots

    And crafting them in an account bound version isn't a big deal either, it is just a bit time consuming.
  14. Blade and Soul 2

  15. bro im building a shadow gunner im new to this game which Bracelet/EARRINGS/NECKLACE/BELT/GLOVES SHOULD I GET FOR him AND FROM WHICH DUNGEON and what sould badge should i get please
  16. Lore-unfriendly armors

    it does kinda fit in with the whole naryu lore
  17. Shadow gunner help

    bro im new to this game i have a shadow gunner which equipment should i get for him im LVL 55 HM 13 im talking abt earrings/necklace/Belt/... as where to get them i mean which dungeon as for budge what one should i buy ?
  18. I don't trust the in-game ping meter. At 150ms (my average connection), every time I issue a command, I would expect roughly 1.5s delay before that command executes. However, there is no delay, at least for me. It happens near instantaneously. So I don't know what it is measuring, but it's either wrong or it's measuring extra things besides just connection to the server.
  19. Lore-unfriendly armors Well I'd say the Cutting Edge armor is beautiful but it is my #1 top armor that doesn't fit with the Blade and Soul lore at all. Thanks anyways for the gift! Are there any other armors that don't match with the lore ? After all it's like if you brought some Starcraft armors in a Warcraft universe, or Warhammer 40K into Warhammer it doesn't make sense. Well I don't talk about Tera which has ruined its lore for a while. Ah Korean mmo games... ^^ logic fails sometimes (yeah who cares, I know !)
  20. Inheritor, but still if you have a chance to get the skybreak Spire lightning ring get it its superior than inheritor
  21. I always get latency spikes, every minute there is a random few seconds spike on the last 2 hops. (pingplotter) On PvE I don't feel it that much, but I also play PvP and that sucks a lot. Sometimes I just get 2-3 sec delay in a match and I instantly lose. I tried to work around it by checking when I have to move towards the wall to wait for the delays to end, it works sometimes. If everything would be stable I would have a <20ms connection. Actually most games that i played in EU i have below 20ms. Only BnS EU is having daily issues, I also connect to servers that are located in Asia (several games, incl BnS). And I end up with a higher latency, but more stable connection since it doesn't spike into the sky constantly.
  22. Verdant Nightstone

    For future reference for those who press without reading. You don't exchange items unless your read the description info and understood what happens to it. It's not the first item that changes in a 'negative' way, but avoidable like many other times. same goes with item mail fee's that increase after exchange. (for example split the item and exchange into the new item, check mail fee) About the time machine, you can always try have it converted back to the old currency by writting a ticket.
  23. the "ping" ingame includes other latencies like processing and stuff, not just your ping. The game simply runs like dogshit and theres not much you can do about it.
  24. ping on bnsbuddy: 14-30 usually, other games are around 20 ms aswell (league, overwatch etc) but bns's the only game that constantly has internet issues :/
  25. No idea tbh o.o i know right now there is double loot cause of event lol
  26. My ping to other servers is perfectly fine, yet bns EU servers are really totally ridiculous.. I already made many topics about this before, and it's only getting worse.. Where the spikes used to be like from 60/80->150, it's now going up to like 400/600.... And as you can see my ping to other servers is totally fine and stable :s Really what is this? why the servers always has to be laggy for me? Wonder how many people actually are blessed with a stable ping in this game.. bet not many. Edit: I live 270km from the server, my ping from buddy is 20 usually... but ingame… And as you can see it's not because my fps drops either, im having 120 fps and 600ms ...
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