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  2. Why do you keep nerfing KFM now i have almost no cc in pvp as FIRE KFM first you nerf tremor then flurry which i understood but kfm didnt need anymore flippin nerfs u made the class absolutely trash in pvp at this point
  3. Note: This bug is different from the original invisible-in-F8 bug (which is suspected to be caused by eye distance upon character creation and it still currently exists). This one is relatively new. I noticed the message around the March 17th, 2021, so it was likely the patch prior to this date. I hoped that UE4 launch would fix it, but it did not. Characters with long IGNs will be invisible in F8 for every other player. "Long" means a character whose name is at least 13 characters. Invisible means everybody else is unable to see you. You will always be able to see yourself, but no
  4. Please bring keys from F10 back T_T
  5. XML edits does not mean "cheating". Fixing quality of life issues, like the transmute animation existing at all or waiting 3 seconds to open a box, are fixed by editing the XML files. Also the map drawings are barely usable (too thick lines and vanishes too quickly and horrible contrast), and the boss rage timer being hidden are other issues that are fixed this way. It seems that this is a much better theory than mine, and makes a lot of sense.
  6. https://discord.gg/gEAudrHsnA Join the discord or PM me for invite, or add me in game: EmoryLevelsUp / ThePallasAthena Cerulean NA/Yura new clan, casual, friendly, active, & kind members, only requirement is be nice. Have a great rest of your week! UwU
  7. bin im altar der reinigung und soll ein chatfenster öffnen und betteln eingeben passiert aber nix und ich steh in dem grünen kreis für hilfe und tipps wäre ich dankbar sag schonmal danke
  8. Hello, Have you contacted Support at all concerning this issue ? They may be able to help you: https://support.bladeandsoul.com/
  9. ya I am not goin back in until this is fixed... i CANNOT kBm games due to injury... it literally puts me in pain playing anything over 30 minutes... why i ONLY play games that uses a controller... and if NCSOFT does not want to fix this issue... then i wont be back in... and i was part of the founding group that preinstalled this game before release... was a good run... good luck to you all
  10. True, but most people have a few stages open already probably, and just to be save, stop selling it 11 days before, not like 25 days before... I'm still hoping that this was just a bug with IDs or something while disabling sale options and it will return next week for us plebs to catch up.
  11. Danke und Ja, in Screenshot #1 sieht man die kleine von seinen Enkeln^^
  12. Du brauchst beides,hast du auch die beiden Kinder auf der gegenüberliegenden Seite angesprochen bevor du zum Cho rübergeflogen bist?
  13. Hallo Leute, ich bin schwer verwirrt, ich habe die Glocke und soll Sie Cho geben, der ist aber wie im Screenshot zu sehen nicht auffindbar und vor dem Spielneustart hing die kleine da einfach so in der Luft. Im zweiten Screenshot steht er auch nicht da. Ich habe auch laut Questfortschritt eine Drachenknocheninschrift, was aber nicht der Fall (im Inventar) ist. Ich verstehe auch den Unterschied zwischen Glocke und der Inschrift nicht, benötigt man beides? Ich habe auch ehrlich keinen Nerv diese Nerva(?) noch x-mal zu legen oder 13 Gold für ein Questitem hinzublättern
  14. Last week
  15. Outlaw Island - Slashimi - weapons do not de-spawn from the floor:
  16. I keep getting Error 300 when I try and log in to a character. I haven't played in a while, and noticed the UE4 update was rolled out already. I kept getting the Error 300 issues though... I tried a few different things, scanned my files, etc, and eventually along the way I tried a VPN. Using a VPN I was finally able to connect, but I'd rather not have to use it for the game. I went ahead and made sure all my ports were open, and that the game wasn't having an issue with the firewall.. And again, without the use of a VPN the game just doesn't let me log in. Not sure what else I can do, but I k
  17. Sometimes, killing mobs doesn't de-spawn them completely, leaving behind these half-de-spawned mobs:
  18. i agree with this guys i basically do not do any daily because im to weak lucky enought for weekly there is lots of people letting me just get a free ride
  19. Totally agree, also in F10 the bundle still advertising.
  20. Don't forget that the chest has an 18h cooldown, you usually open it up once a day and therefore have to start open it 11 days before the redemption period ends without missing a day. If they sold keys til last day, ppl will complain because the chest would antique before they reached last stage.
  21. People can't gear without doing raids and dailies. People with low gear can't do dailies, so, can't participate in events, therefore can't gear at a proper speed...
  22. Give people a finger and they will rip off your arm. ^^
  23. Well from my perspective it should be possible to buy keys as long as there is time to redeem the chest, that's the whole purpose of having items in cash shop, if you didn't managed to get remnants / was too late to gather needed amount you can buy it for cash. Now as a returning player that just jumped at the end of the event I'm left behind while the same upgrades would cost thousands of gold and take huge amount of time (and I still wouldn't be able to catch up) while I literally see the chest in my inventory. Yes, maybe too late is too late, but that should be 11/9 when chests will be r
  24. It's supposed to be impossible. Buying keys from store is part of the official event and is taken down after event ends. Only reason why redeemable time is that long for any event item is simply for anyone who already has all the currency needed but hasnt used them for whatever reason. So in this case the redeemable time is for people who already have the keys or enough remnants to buy keys so they dont get screwed just because they didnt use the event currency or open all the boxes right before event ends. It should not be possible to get any keys after event has ended apart from what i said.
  25. hey guys i was wondering if anyone had a market place bug where you open F5 and it takes abit to reload then the page is blank it also happens when i press F2 for character or try to view any one iam pretty new to the game and everything was working at the begining then they all got bugged i contacted the game support via ticket and did everything they asked for including unistalling and reinstalling the whole game and still they dont work
  26. Its impossible to get those after "official" event ended, but there was a possibility to buy from store which they removed for whatever reason, even tho chest is still redeemable until 11/9
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