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  3. The lower ones do. But you get all 3 of them trough sool booster so it isn't much of an issue.
  4. Hallo, Ich bin relativ neu in Blade and Soul und würde mich freuen bei euch mitmachen zu können. Ich spiele einen Berserker und bin aktuell Level 60 HM14.
  5. Same here, can't use the token to upgrade my True Tiger Soul.
  6. Just feels so odd that people with gear enough to do multi 41's and with so many runs now in both Aerodrome and factory, that they don't know what their skills are doing or even the breaker system at all.
  7. Not any more. They also switch spec when i switch. At least the Blackmoon badges does, have not tried lower badges on alts.
  8. https://twitter.com/ShiroMizukii/status/1484852838102704128
  9. Even the old bracelets change according to spec. Soul badge seems to have to be change manually or swapped.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Agreed @Hime, it's honestly a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ take 😪
  12. Most likely they are just holding down simple mode and not using the skill. On 3rd spec the breaker skill feels like part of the rotation since we used to use it at the end of god mode. The Fire FM breaker skill was just a skill for deep wound before they added breaker so the ones you are playing with most likely just arent using the skill.
  13. Probably very bad fire FM's it feels like. But i will always assume a FM who is fire will not do any breaker amount, as they've never done so in the past.
  14. Don't argue with them, this forum is full of bad faith actors. They know very well what's going on, but try to downplay every cheat-related topic. Still waiting on an NCstaff comment on the situation.
  15. for me it is quite common to finish Koldrak after 3min in total, then it takes 1min to log out the char from semi-frozen client, loging in another char need another 5 minutes of "connecting", so I got 1 min left to join a 2nd Koldrak run. Less crashes then before, but watching a stuck client more the half of the time is no fun either....
  16. ? Who are you playing with? The breaker is not grab its short fuse to fill the bar. I main the class...how are you trying to explain to me how to play the class when I've been playing it for years and Im an end game player.
  17. Well, the skystealer bracelet changes. So i guess that mechanic got enabled for every thing
  18. I saw this too. It was horrible. My guess is that they downgraded the servers on-the-fly, a while ago, and now the servers are struggling to keep up since there's a lot more activity after the update.
  19. Did not know that was a thing since I didn't find it in patch notes, thought it was showing the wrong modifiers for fire. Thanks for the clarification.
  20. Koldrak used to be a convenient way to get a fast, easy daily without waiting in LFP, but it's really become a crap-shoot with all the technical issues. I feel like the bare minimum they could do is add a couple of extra time slots. Maybe limit it to 3 runs per character per day if they're worried about devaluing Garnets. Not that extra times would fix the problem, but just that it would give players more opportunities to make up for NCSoft's failure. Edit: I see DyoxEvo made another thread suggesting expanding the queue time to 30 min instead of 10 and I think that could be a help
  21. It's either down for maintenance or broken game. People freaked out like crazy during the emergency maintenance 😄
  22. Servers are very bad. I wait 7 minutes at the connection screen. I'm tired of afks and connection issues.
  23. I doubt that, i have personally never seen a fire FM do any breaker. The Fire FM's i've asked say their breaker is grab. If same gear, The Lightning FM will always be the better overall player
  24. Badges and bracelets changing their texts and effects to the appropriate one for the spec whenever you switch around is a good thing. Now you don't need several pairs of badges or bracelets. Why are you complaining about this?
  25. Any comment from @Hime on this? My support tickets just get referred to the forum.
  26. Hello guys, This patch comes with a higher amount of broken things than usual. Soul Pass has a large amount of discrepancies on different upgrade stages when it comes to gear upgrading with Evolution Stones. Specified gear cannot be upgraded at certain stages and some look like a mess. True Tiger-> Brightwill Stage 1 (Evolution Stone path missing, you get 7 Evolution Stones) Soul Boost badge (Thornbreaker badge is for 1st BM spec but displays 3rd spec) I know there are more but I don't have pictures for them. We will most likely find even mo
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