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  2. The new Call to Arms is a bit...

    Going to post an update on my original post... but honestly... after the 1st day, I can say a few things pretty safely. First and foremost, this event does seem a LOT more doable than originally expected. The main reason being the massive dungeon nerfs have pretty much made them a breeze to complete, making them easily to go through with virtually any group. You MIGHT need to do mechanics in some harder dungeons, but so far, even Hangar 0 was a joke with one 1800 AP destro and a group of event-geared characters. That being said, I'm still seeing quite a bit of gatekeeping and elitism. A lot of people running Botany Center to Hall of the Templar are either asking for stupid requirements (one guy was spamming GC+, 8 full slots) or are simply not taking people they deem not "good enough" without requirements. It took quite a while for me to find a party for WC. I'm still also seeing TB+ requirements for some dungeons in the cross-server (which at this point is like asking for GC+ for Sogun's Lament). So, it's going to be up to the community to stop their nonsense. Fishing is still the biggest issue, though - I've yet to get even enough pearls for the daily 5 remnant limit as it is. I'm still going to say that above everything so far, this is going to be the biggest sticking point for this event. I'd like to hope they put some into the hongmoon store like they did with the Ebon Realm remnants... but we'll just have to see. But I will say that, for the most part, this event does look doable.
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  4. I'm frustrated to no end at how this is done, and the worst part is I've probably asked this question before and got answered. Please someone explain to me how to join or start a 12-man raid. I'd deeply appreciate it.
  5. vs Great Prices Key Bundles almost doubled. 2800 to 5200. Costumes from 800-1200 to 1700-1900 (2 of them "cheaper". only 1200 & 1350, hurray) with unnecessary price-increasing Chromatic Threads. Starter Pack now 399, not 299. I saved some hmcoins to buy the keys. I'm not fishing pearls for houres. With those prices not possible anymore. So, i just stop at stage 3. Not buying one of the overpriced costumes either.
  6. Summer Groove

    Pretty sure the Recolor version was out that one recalling is what I saw. also alright.
  7. Summer Groove

    Summer Groove was out already. you must have missed it. And yes jsut ask support to remove one.
  8. Summer Groove

    Did that costume ever release? Because I don't think so. I've been keeping track of every summer outfit so far and haven't seen it whatsoever. Uhhh btw... @Hime it's been a while but if I call support they can remove costumes right? I got 2 faction outfits I can't delete. (was leveling from 1 then used the scroll)
  9. AP nerfed?

    Check ur unity set effect. I have 1520points, from spreadsheet i should have 61ap but in game its 75ap along with other stat increases. Unexpected change but welcome one
  10. Wowww, ihr macht es einem aber auch immer einfacher sich langsam aber sicher von B&S zu verabschieden. Was bringt es einem wenn die "Eventwärung" noch eine Zeit gültig ist aber die möglichen Belohnung einfach so ohne Ankündigung soweit Reduziert werden das man sich #Zensiert# fühlt. Sagt mal, habt ihr sie noch alle? Oder wollt ihr noch mehr Spieler verlieren? Wenn ich so sehe wieviel Spieler alleine aus meiner Freudesliste in denn letzten 2 Monate aufgehört haben zu Spielen, da fragt man sich wirklich langsam wie lange das hier noch so weiter gehen kann. Insgesamt gesehen Spielen nur noch knapp ca. 12% von meinen ehemaligen Discord/TS3 "B&S freunden" B&S. Die meisten sind zur Konkurenz, wie z.b. B## Remasterd oder W## Classic, gegangen. Aber, macht nur so weiter.
  11. I only see that Inner Lightand it's adornment are available for Classic Tranquility Emblems from Songhyun. There doesn't seem to be any way to get them with the new Tranquility Emblems, though. You can get Hot Shot using new Mewtineer's Coins, so is there a similar way to get Inner Light?
  12. Yesterday
  13. The first message you get if you want to skip isw not for the training room, its for the basic "tutorial" of gliding moving etc. After you get to actual training room, complete at least 1-2 trainings then the option to leave the training room should light up and you can leave. Thats how it worked for me.
  14. could they ever put an update without killing the game? They always have to ruin something, 7 hours and there are problems .. I wonder why 7 hours if it goes wrong later ... what do they do with those 7 hours? Whoever does not get stuck when creating the new character, gets stuck in the dungeon room, the latter does not matter if it is with the new person or the previous classes. There are people for whom the game is normal and others for whom it is not, for whom it is normal, please do not give your opinion, if you are not going to add, do not subtract either. as for the ncsoft team. could you answer seriously? They test before updating or what comes out and is solved later? I wonder why if it is the second option, better wait a week in another game and return to the Wednesday following each update because this situation is already irritating. They are asked for understanding or sincerity, sincerity to be able to say, we do what we can do and well, have patience, understanding so that this stops being so annoying, take more time when making an update and do your job accordingly or once again, change the name of the game as within the community, this particular server is already told bnsbug
  15. This is ridiculous

    Later on is a few months away as we all know. The true problem is removing droppable weapons in general. Archer war and now the new one, pointless to go hunting.
  16. This is ridiculous

    If you are referring to the new class, there will be no weapons anuwhere in older content. They might add them later on i think warden or archer had them added at a later time. But dont expect them.
  17. This is ridiculous

    The only story weapons you can buy is the training weapon (not for everyone) and the old 45 cap weapons at grand. I just checked for the new class and it's "0" weapons you can buy over there for them. No boss weapons, no mob weapons. N O T H I N G What is with this game these days. Who thought removing weapons from the world was a good thing? What am I running dungeons for? Achievements? I can't smack someone to kingdoms come with that!
  18. Space space space

    Can we get 2 additional storage tabs? We keep getting more and more items but inventory space and storage space are not enough to accomodate it o.o
  19. Unity visual effects

    Did you try ctrl +H twice? Else check the Advanced Effect option under options.
  20. This is ridiculous

    Although, ironically... it probably wouldn't be a lot of work from them... if you look at the Archer's weapons they have included, you see they did a lot of recolours, probably more than other weapons.
  21. This is ridiculous

    The reason is efficiency, it would cost far more to make all the weapons for all levels rather than jsut 4-5 for the story progression. Its a smart move. You can buy them from grand harvest square, including the field boss ones. This very likely wont change as it will be increased development costs.
  22. i will try it then with my other character,thank you for reading and reply my post.
  23. 2 Problems that needs changing NOW I am a weapon collector I explore every dungeon every field, mob, town for skins, or should I say I used to (Which i'll talk about in a bit) Why for Warrior, archer and now Astromancer can we not find any weapons nor open them from boxes?! I know all 3 classes have skins that every other class has because some people I follow around twitter show them. What's the deal? As for Warrior and Archer why is the only way to get more weapon skins for them is wasting 10 gold and naryu coins when everyone else's just Coin spending? I doubt anyones even touched those skins because of that. Or making a level 1 character and playing the story for different types of weapons the npcs give out. Like what in the world? Is this really the only way now? Btw Astromancer is the same but even WORSE! So far the smiths and story npcs just regave me the training weapon over and over! 4 times now! I know for a fact its a motherload of weapons we should be able to obtain from mobs fields and dungeons! But it's just...nothing, nothings around anymore! (I know people still waiting for the return of dreadtide weapons!) 2. The removal of field/dungeon weapon drops. As I said ima collector, I don't just sit and idle by the market like everyone else! I actually do things and my thing is Wacking mobs till they give me what i'm looking for. Now mobs give NOTHING when you smack them silly even mini boss you find while leveling drops NOTHING but health pots like Really?! Oh sure mobs still drop weapon boxes at times, but it's ALL THE SAME! It's not even a different skin color! Do any of you know how many skin most weapons have? about 3 to 7 or 8 at times and they won't even hand us those. Did yall also know npcs used to give out special skins? (no not blacksmiths..ok n oactually SOME of them did..rare) It was a npc in moonwater in hogshed that gave out some dragon looking sword if you have enough coins, now it just gives soulshields and accs, what was the point in removing the weapon I don't get it. This seriously needs to change, it's ridiculous I can't go out hunting if it's nothing to hunt!
  24. Hentai Havens looking for social people

    Are you: tired of the game tired of running dungeons tired of people telling you the game sucks thinking the game sucks tired of your 32 bit crashing and not getting raid boss kill like me dont wanna spend money but enjoy the game looking for friends but they say no nsfw that person that just wanna share your collection of hidden pics deep on your computer the person to send/share nudes tired of farming elder scales but new scales came out tired of getting 5 fps on a game that can run crysis on max graphics tired of the game overall? Well say no more, come join hentai havens, all we do is have fun, chat, talk about new anime, and all the hentai's out there. we just wanna have fun, talk, and maybe watch hentai together on video share, maybe hentai movies or anime, yes you heard it, watch hentai together, please mute so we dont hear the thumping. come join, dont be shy, we just wanna find new friends and have fun since the game isnt fun anymore :)
  25. in the past there been an issue with using the lvl 60 voucher if it is in a overfilled received items box. Last year I had the same problem until I emptied my received items Mailbox a bit.
  26. This is very funny, after making a new character using a level 60 voucher I was forced to train in the Hongmoon training room and I already rejected it but I was still sent to the Hongmoon training room and I couldn't get out, the option to exit was locked in gray, the only one that opened was change characters, but after returning to the game I still return to the Hongmoon training room, how do I get out from here, I want to continue doing daily and weekly quests, while i am writing this post i am still in the hongmoon training room until now and can't find a way out, please help me
  27. Bonjour, depuis la maj, il n'y a plus aucun moyen de cacher les effets visuels de rang de cohésion. J'ai beau avoir cherché partout dans les paramètres, rien n'y fait, ni même ctrl + G.
  28. Unity visual effects

    Hello, since the patch came out I can't find how to disable the unity visual effects. There isn't any option concerning the matter in the game settings.
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