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  2. Upgrading Soul

    They already did that for us and I don't think they will change it even more because it's already very cheap to get the first true soul. We will probably get a higher soul than now from a story later so I don#t think you can expect any nerf for awhile.
  3. Ticket für 13tes Stockwerk

    Dass Naksun überhaupt Mondsteinkristalle droppt, ist schon ein Luxus, den es in Korea nicht mal gibt. F13 droppt fast immer ein Ticket. Wer nicht täglich viele Runs macht, sollte durch das tägliche Absolvieren von 9-15 ausreichend Tickets anhäufen.
  4. No it doesn't because it's false advertisement at that point when you take that route of buying everything. You get price gouged a lot more than before for something that's a supposed cost reduction. I already posted in another topic about it below, but I already did all the calcs the week this update came out. Making an apples to apples comparison of buying everything, at the time of that writing, 60 elements I was looking at would have cost me 2000g worth of materials, weapons, powders, transmute, and exchange fees. 800g more compared to just buying 20x at the old 20g price. 33.33g each element, over 50% price increase.
  5. Upgrading Soul

    Is it worthwhile to upgrade my alt's soul right now? Did NC lower the cost of soul upgrade cost in Korea? I figure with a new soul coming out, nc will usually lower the cost of the old soul.
  6. >because idiots that start the boss and finish it BEFORE everyone inside. it happens to every dungeon, other dungeons didnt have the problem, i can repeat some dungeons over again, but why does it matter in cold storage that everyone has to be in? >Thus locking that dungeons to whoever comes late. the party is dismantled after the boss is dead, so it should not be effective. even if it is locked, it should only happen to the leader for a day. but are you saying if one player in a whole sever did this, then the entire players in a server would be locked too? >The only way you know your party or one of your member has done CS before is by looking at dungeon list. i looked at the list after players are gathered, what do i need to look at exactly? because the party can still enter. but it is for nothing, the door is still closed. >You will see padlock icon beside the dungeon name like heaven's mandate, if mandate is locked, then i know i can not enter and join because a pedlock shows up because i have done this today but cold storage didnt have a pedlock, so i entered, so did everyone else, but it was locked inside. >and if you hover your cursor on top of the dungeon name.. you will see the name of person who already done the dg in red. i still dont see any red, you hover on the dungeon name, you will see a person in red? and not the dungeon name in red, even if possible? it doesnt make sense at all to me.
  7. When whales are begging in all chat for someone to sell gold then there is a problem. I have seen that multiple times and yes it is likely hurting their bottom line. There is no reason for price controls in the gold exchange other that some whale who overpays and then whines to support that they have buyers remorse.
  8. Warlock looking for clan Takízawa&s=106 It's an alt, but I play it. Looking for a crimson clan only. Not amazing PvP gear, but I have some. Active in discord.
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  10. WL und FM suchen VT PLatz

    Hallo liebe BnS Gemeinde. Wir FM und WL HM 15 full BT Gear und Erfahrung suchen einen VT Stammraid. Eckdaten nachstehend: san Bitte hier, Ingame oder Discord kontaktieren: ShArAiA#3877
  11. You forget 1 little thing: They do not care because in the end the whales will buy tons ncoin either way so their profit won't change.
  12. Learn to read sir. I said I have 1.8k left. Not that i farmed 1.8k. I usually get round 200-300 per day easily without much effort.
  13. You are doing the thing wrong. Your cat will.never he able to kill anything. The cat has a skill called crouching tiger (Q) and when you spec the skill right it will gain aggro of everything around it. During the crouch you attack the mobs. The aggro will switch to you but then once off cooldown you crouch the cat again. The cat is not a damage source it's use is mostly for cc and protection.
  14. Spieler für VT Raid GESUCHT

    Wir sind ein WL und FM beide HM15 full BT Gear. Wenn Interresse besteht bitte melden :) san Viele Grüße
  15. how to get enough players to kill...

    What monster ? I would love to find people to do "Big Game Hunting" quest because i can't solo Galewings and ShockHog myself. What server are you BTW ? The problem is yes.. they're old content, for those who thinks to gather currencies and such they are of little interest. and unfortunately that seems to make up the majority /shy. Dev attitude also not helping as they basically do nothing (not even nerf) to this old contents. Would be nice if we could have event centered here and there (say Plog Sanctum).
  16. what is the aggro steal condition between a sommoner and his pet? no matter how much my pet has been damaging a mob, it doesnt matter how much because if i use 1. or 2. or 3. then 1. doom and bloom 2. grasping roots 3. thorn strikes i steal my pet's aggro and a mob or a boss starts to hit me until i use my pet "hammer strike". then they fight with my pet and i become safe again. but it takes forever for my pet to kill a boss or a mob this way,
  17. PUG is "Pick Up Group" random people you recruit from Cross server. and cold storage being unfriendly to LFP is because idiots that start the boss and finish it BEFORE everyone inside. Thus locking that dungeons to whoever comes late. The only way you know your party or one of your member has done CS before is by looking at dungeon list. You will see padlock icon beside the dungeon name. and if you hover your cursor on top of the dungeon name.. you will see the name of person who already done the dg in red.
  18. Fix gunner class, or quitting game.

    Unfortunately, generic gunner balance would take a while to finally come here.
  19. >i PUGged Cold Storage today what is pug? >Cold Storage is PUGged unfriendly what does it mean?
  20. do you need these weapons for upgrade or breakthrough purpose someday? ivorymoon sterling lucent pinnacle -------------------- only the quest given weapon that is most important i can see now is the gunwon weapon
  21. Why push for the 20g option when you can push for an overall decreased price for legendary elements/jewels?
  22. Snake dancer class

    I appreciate how much you wrote for this; it's good to give people an idea of what the class would behave like. I'll ask a few questions and give a few suggestions to help further develop the idea: What would the snake be doing when it's summoned? Can it attack, are there other commands to give it, or does it just sit there? Does this class have any resistance abilities, like iFrame? You did a good job describing some attacks, but I didn't see a whole lot of defensive maneuvers. Why did you decide the range of this class should be short? It seems to me (from the moves you described) that the whip is pretty long. A few of the abilities could be underpowered or overpowered depending on the cooldown and/or startup times. Could you give us a few ballpark numbers on the cooldown/startup times of some of the more specialized abilities? Some suggestions/criticisms: I think the weaknesses and benefits should be readdressed, the reason being that this game doesn't utilize specific things like that. It's just uncharacteristic. 20k health is not enough to survive in most PvE situations, let alone PvP. And having 100% Critical chance seems like you're saying they just have very powerful attacks; because, if they always crit, then one could argue that they also never crit.
  23. idk if this true or not at most it would rise to like 1:3 since the damage has been done. What I do know is NCSoft had no ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing right to come in and cap it especially when people were asking if they could help STOP the gold converting drop.
  24. Okay, so with increased soulstone prices, a lot ppl farming SSP. Its hard to collect 500pp to buy a box. (If ur not a GUNNER again!) So what happened here, some clever sausage GUNNER from opposite faction, keeps coming and sniping ppl with high pp, every mining phase. and with a single hit, nullify my hourly work! (Was carrying 400+ pp) HAPPENED TWICE! This CLASS is Beyond BROKEN and UNBALANCED!
  25. FPS (frames per second) my FPS varies from 2 to 20 mostly in the current resolution 1280 x 800 situations. * i cant turn off particle effects, and i cant turn off water ripple effects in this game, but this game turns off party members buff effects and attack effects so i play this game blindly. i have no idea who hits what. * if i reduce the screen size to 800 x 600, my FPS goes to 30+ then i can see others attack and buff effects, but then i have to be an ant to see to play the game. particle effects or ripple effects reduce my 20 FPS to maybe 0.5 FPS (the game says 2, it is not 2) how do i increase FPS? in graphics settings that might help? this game rather wants us to see the water than the other players attacks and buffs. i can only see my own attack and buff effects.
  26. It's interesting how some people are close minded and think that either you are a whale or you are a non-life to play 24h/day to farm like crazy. Some people just do the dailies or the purple dungeons and that's it. From those alone one could get 60g atleast and buy 3 jewels a day and progress slowly, now you can buy one if you buy the materials. But sure if you aren't a whale or a non-life you should not progress in this game.
  27. why is the gate closed in cold storage dungeon? what i see to hopefully draw some conclusions. 1, there are no mobs and the gate is closed, 2. there are mobs but killing mobs will not open the gate my assumptions A. you can only do this dungeon once a day B. if anyone in your party who has done this dungeon today, dungeon will be closed. then how would i know if anyone who has done this dungeon today? C. this dungeon opens on and off to harass you and waste your time without system's messages D. game bug
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