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  2. Where's the patchnotes?

    At RU stream, same update patch, costs where reduced by half almost or so... Lets see how Ncwest will handle it.
  3. Keep the gempowder boxes

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  5. did you see?

    This its FM 3rd spc, already in KR test server, and yeah its FM not new class lightning its from ying-yang spec, its like dark/lightning. We got dps instance like all 3rd spec.
  6. Where's the patchnotes?

    Those will come tomorrow after maintenance ps: LF player who can make a spreadsheet
  7. Where's the patchnotes?

    Where is the spreadsheet with the new costs? I like how it states "adjusted". Not even "reduced", but "adjusted". What's it gonna be this time, you removed Sacred Vials and put PTS instead?
  8. Keep the gempowder boxes

    at that rate it will only take you like 50 years to get all your gems ^^
  9. We also don't have Patch Notes. 16hours to maintenance...
  10. Where's the patchnotes?

    Seems like they completely forget about it. Now we don't even get patch notes 24hours before update arrive...
  11. Keep the gempowder boxes

    this is just a weak excuse to say: "you can get it ingame" so its not p2w. A lame excuse tbh. I mean... SURE we need more... MUCH more... but i hate the actual concept that every good thing comes from shop.
  12. Keep the gempowder boxes

    I rather have shop sources than nothing, via solar energy its 7 powders per month, not worth.
  13. When i read this kind of topics it annoy me so bad like for real ? You ( everyone) didn't resign that NCsoft doesn't care anymore for this game,community? What else do you want from them , 1 year of fails,lies,miscommunications,working as INTENDED?? You still think they will change to good ? Is enough to look the F10 market and see ur self what are they doing , they try to get money as much as possible from us . STOP this kind of topics is not a anymore a questionable situation , IS JUST PURE A FACT THEY DON'T GIVE A ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ABOUT US ANYMORE . So deal with it.
  14. No mouse control

    Yea i send them an update but i still have no answers
  15. merchant of wonders

    we have seen them kinda regularly in cold storage and altar of divine will and some times in other dungeons, but now never again after christmas around.
  16. Mach einfach die Story Quest weiter, sobald du Hongmoon lvl 7 erreicht hast und die Quest „Das Vermächtnis der Hongmoon“ gemacht hast, kannst du deine skills verbessern.
  17. Where's the patchnotes?

    This reminds me of when the players in EU asked if NCWe$t could adjust the maintenance time as well. It hasn't changed until today.
  18. Keep the gempowder boxes

    right. but no shop sources!
  19. Where's the patchnotes?

    Not everybody plays in NA server, we need to get em at a decent time in Europe so we can plan for maintenance changes, thank you.
  20. Additional Slot Voucher bug

    Greetings UltimaST, Please submit a ticket to our Support team on this issue, so they can collect more information and forward it to the appropriate team members for a closer look. You can reach them via the Support tab above. Thank you!
  21. Keep the gempowder boxes

    100+ gem powders for 800 Ncoin is very nice. I wish we'd have those Pouches forever.
  22. I just hope they will drop the frontier test server idea completly and just go asap into UE4 for the West.
  23. Frontier Server on EU! WE WANT IT!

    np.^^ We go on RU frontier server and test it there. xD We already get more infos from RU than from western staff so we can start testing UE4 there too. NCwe4t already lost the interest on problems here long ago.
  24. Keep the gempowder boxes

    We need more sources.
  25. "Lost it" would imply they had it in the first place
  26. Frontier Server on EU! WE WANT IT!

    I want it. But it has been confirmed that we in the EU are not getting it, We are just telling you all who seemed to have missed the news/information that it's not coming, So you don't start getting hopes of something that will never happen.
  27. did you see?

    Is that a hint to a new class at the end of the 2nd video?
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