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  2. Ich finde den Nerf vollkommen in Ordnung, sry aber du konntest vor Seassonende immer wieder mit dutzenden Twinks Stage 20 machen und bekamst Abenteuermarken, das ist mMn zuviel gewesen immerhin sollten nur die belohnt werden die auch was erreicht haben im ToI und nicht jeder daher gelaufene Twink mit Stage 20.
  3. Divinity Bracelet for Sum?

    are you serious?.. As Earth-Summoner you spam RMB/LMB constantly. Always, there is never a situation where you dont use your LMB/RMB. While you do that, you do your VT + Magnum/Undying Badge Rotation. You gain around 60k dps with the new Bracelet when you have Full VT Gear + Aransu 9. maybe even more. The question above is completeley irrelevant and if you are really serious (and not trolling) you should not play Summoner anymore as you have obviously no idea how to play this class correctly.
  4. Today
  5. Ok I have been on a semi vacation from BnS for about a month now and decided to come back. That is when the problems started. I knew that there was an update so I let the launcher update and then first got an error about a debugger running on my system. Got that fixed, but now Xigncode will not run. I tried several options tat others have said to do with no luck. I have uninstalled BnS and reinstalled it 2 times already with no success. I have put both the NcSoft folders into my antivirus's exception list and yet still nothing. Xigncode refuses to start, even attempting to manually start it does not work. So far 3 days and support is not exactly being helpful with this. Does anyone have a solution for this annoyance??
  6. The outfit, "Enchanting Temptress", which I just bought from the "Dragon Trade Courier" in Mushin's Tower, cannot be stored into showroom/wardrobe as it is seen as a totally different item from the version that IS shown in the current showroom/wardrobe. Included are screenshots. Please, fix. Also, BOTH version of "Seductress" are shown in the showroom/wardrobe. Also, "First Step" in the "Moonwater Plains" section of cosmetics has been showing a duplicate in the showroom/wardrobe for a few years now. The other one is under the "Hongmoon Store" section still. Thank you for taking the time to look at these.
  7. Login rewards are getting really stingy

    This is the best login rewards have been. It's pretty decent, to be honest.
  8. Treasure trove costumes

    Yura's Hair was from trove last year and was recently in F10.
  9. If it plays overwatch it should play BNS.
  10. Game doesn't launch

    Ok tried it 3 times and that still will not launch the game for me. Never had this problem before what did the last few patches screw up?
  11. Game doesn't launch

    Thanks Kuro Ill see if this works for me.
  12. Hallo Silvelady, es geht darum das nur noch die Top 100 was feines bekommen. Die anderen gehen mit den Schatzbeuteln echt leer aus. Die Belohnungen werden immer lächerlicher. Man fühlt sich bald nicht mehr belohnt sondern bestrafft. Kaum einer wird mehr lust haben den Cheat Turm betreten zu wollen eh ich meinen den Turm der Unendlichkeit. (Cheat Turm -> Skills werden von NPC schneller und in andauerender Reihenfolge eingesetzt ohne CD [Soulfighter ist das beste beispiel da er aktuell Verbuggt ist und mit dem neuen Schildskill das selber verhalten an den Tag legt wie mit dem Stun der auch ohne CD war])
  13. BnS Gold 2018

    Just this. ^
  14. That's not the case going from BT->VT. As already stated, constraints can be applied to problematic cases. The most obvious "fix" woudl be to changing vt-raids to once/day instead of once/week. TT is already once per day, so any problem you have with that is already here. Above you talk about TT -- it's already not limited to once/week, but once/day. Do you think before you post. You are throwing out multiple conflicting examples. The SS bosses throw out in the weekly quests are ones most people doing that dungeon, usually, already have. I had a complete set of raven + three vt-level segments before I ever walked into a weekly raid as do most people in my clan. If you wanna argue a point, don't use conflict data. Sorta like you are pulling examples from random places to support an unsupportable premise -- like you are trying to argue but can't find any good examples to support your position. Someone who argues to stir up dissension and hinder group/community progress close resembles the actions of someone who is trolling. Think about it. Are your actions to help the community or keep others down?
  15. But IME, materials are often a large impediment to upgrading. As for upgrading to awakened -- I acknowledge that it isn't an issue for any of the vt accessories, nor bt accesories. Ex: Aransu 9 upgrades directly to next grade 3. There may be some upgrades needing some lower lvl item, but I see items like 'Breeze' being required, that comes from an unlocked dungeon that many can solo. And of course, BnS must be like every other mmorpg? Where is that rule written? It used to be those traveling cross country in the US needed several weeks and a horse. Now they can do it in under a week by car, or 5-6 hours by jet. Just because things were more primitive in the past doesn't mean they can't progress. BnS is already progressing in ways you are missing. Since they are adding dungeons at the high end, they are eventually adding ways for previous high-end dungeons (and their needed equipment) to be more quickly traversed. Items that required many runs to acquire, can now be sold in the market. Initial prices are, predictably high, however some of those items can now be acquired for much as 1/24th the amount of gold initially required in the market. Again -- surely, are you claiming all should have to pay 20k+ for an item that is now available in trove for 1k? Admittedly, for FtP players, the odds are low of 1 free play/day yielding that item, but some have bought HM coins and can have more chances/day than the 1 free one that is given. You don't need to make further comments about norms for historical MMORPG's or even contemporary ones. BnS doesn't have to be the same as the developers have shown. The argument of "well, it's always been done that way" or "is done that way" fall under the logical fallacy category of "Naturalistic fallacy". See "" for several common fallacies that people often use here in the forums to justify things.
  16. Here would be my suggestions on what NCsoft could do. Option #1. Everyone who has non completed souls may salvage those souls and get all the pristine astral oils that they put into that soul back and then spend those pristine astral oils on other things in the dragon express from the event. Those people wouldn't get the soul, but they could buy quite a few sacred vials which would put them a good bit closer to the soul they wanted, but hey... they didn't do the event as hard, so they DO get to upgrade their soul a pretty good way, but not as far as the people who were more dedicated. Option #2. Change the price of the permanent soul in the dragon express such that everyone with a stage 6 soul can turn it in for the permanent version regardless of what percentage it is at, thus negating the RNG mechanic that should have never been there in the first place. The problem with this is that everyone who DID grind out the full soul is now being told that all those extra pristine astral oils and all their additional effort wasn't actually important. We can't have that, so I would suggest that all souls can be salvaged, use the antique system, or maybe you just submit a ticket, and they revert it for you. If you salvage / revert the thing, they give you pristine astral oils equivalent to what it took to make the thing plus some arbitrary amount of gold that approximately compensates you for the money you spent (maybe not exact, but close). Then you could make 1 stage 6 soul with 0% upgrade mileage. Then you buy the permenant soul MUCH cheaper than you did the first time since the dragon express reduced the price of the permanent soul to a stage 6 rather than a Brilliant Fleeting (effectively a stage 7) Soul. Then you would have a ton of leftover pristine astral oils, which you could spend as you see fit on the rest of the event. Buy some gems and salvage them into honeymoon gem powder, or buy some more sacred vials to put toward upgrading your soul even further. Maybe buy the outfit. Additionally: What if your soul was already above the level that the event handed out? The event was useless to you, but NCsoft is effectively punishing you for whaling and paying them tons of money for all those sacred vials (sacred oils since that is what they were called at the time). NCsoft punishing people for whaling is telling whales, "You fool! Why did you pay us money!? You paid us a lot, but if you just would have waited, we would have handed you a soul of this level!" That is discouraging whales from paying NCsoft in the future. Also consider if you are someone like me who had a soul that was SOMEWHAT upgraded, but lower than the soul they offered for the event? Yes, I got the soul, but now what do I do with my old one? Resealing it and sending it to an alt is far too expensive. I am not going to throw it away. I spent too much on it, so it is just going to sit in my bank forever as a reminder to never put effort into upgrading, but instead sit around and wait for NCsoft to hand me the upgrade? That discourages people from playing, and instead, encourages them to sit around and just check in every so often to see what the most recent welfare handout it, which isn't even the way people want to play the game. For example... why should you upgrade your pet aura with pet pods? You should probably just sit around and wait for NCsoft to do another event similar to the soul event that just ended, and wait for them to offer a legendary pet aura. If you put money into upgrading it by buying pet pods / pet packs, and then they offer a pet aura upgrade event, you would have wasted your money upgrading your pet aura. Also consider if you are a new player who starts the game 3 months from now, you have to upgrade your soul the hard way. Even with the cost reduction, sacred oils are expensive. You are never going to catch up at this point, and you will have a hard time getting parties because you don't have at least X AP, which you would have if you had the soul from this event, but the event is over, so there is no way for you to get it. So what do to about THAT? Well people who already had a better soul than the event offered, they obviously wouldn't buy another soul from the event, so they probably just bought more sacred vials, which they probably got quite a few of to put towards their existing soul, so that is most likely ok, and if they chose not to participate in the event then... the sacred vials were there if they chose to earn them. Sorry. As for the people with souls that were partially upgraded but those resources were wasted since NCsoft offered this improved soul, I say NCsoft should let people salvage the soul to get the upgrade costs they put into it back. Then they can put those upgrade materials towards the improved legendary soul that NCsoft handed out. That way the players who invested some resources into a soul previously didn't waste those resources. As for new players who start playing 3 months from now, or ... people who want to start that new class that NCsoft is working on when that comes out... gosh I don't even know. Warrior is the name of the new class? Why would you make one? You won't have the soul. You will be so far behind you will never catch up. NCsoft makes a new class. No one makes one because it isn't worth the effort to catch up? Bad business model! Maybe we should just hand out legendary souls as part of the quest line? Free legendary souls for all? That would be REALLY slapping NCsoft's paying customers in the face for being stupid enough to pay them any money though, so that isn't really smart either, but investing developmental effort into a new class this late in the game when the game is THIS "alt" unfriendly? That seems foolish. The only use for an alt in this game is a slave used to generate resources to gear up your main and that is only if you have the time for that. I say that as though NCsoft hasn't already slapped their paying whale customers in the face JUST NOW for buying all those sacred oils earlier, and then offering this event though. I have the soul. I didn't pay for it. Other people did. How is that fair? Why would a whale continue paying NCsoft money after watching NCsoft hand a soul to me when they had to pay so much for it? I will also point out that they never should have had to pay so much for it in the first place, and if they did pay that much for a video game, then they are a fool. So NCsoft is has a bad business model that simultaneously encourages spending, and then later discourages spending by penalizing you for having done it by handing out all the stuff you paid for to everyone else later who waited. Whales are fools for paying when stuff will be handed to them if they just wait. You should just play this game casually, and lets all be a bunch of poor welfare recipients together? Things will be handed to you, but probably a year after they come out. Just play the game 1 year behind the curve, and it will be a great game. Let's all start running Shattered Masts, and Cold Storage, and Avalanche Den, and stuff again? Is that the lesson here? I say that, but that kind of is what you are going to do to a degree if you didn't get the soul because maybe you don't have 1100 ap. How about we just have a smooth curve that doesn't get exponential in difficulty to climb, that isn't missing rungs in the ladder, and that steadily rewards effort at a satisfying rate, and isn't confusing about which path you should take (upgrade paths) and doesn't penalize you monetarily for choosing the wrong one, and that doesn't lock you into that path (which elemental path you chose). Speaking of elemental paths, why would NCsoft make a class with 2 elemental play styles, and then cut the versatility of their classes in half by making you choose 1 elemental path? That is idiotic! That is taking a class that can be fun and flavorful in changing the way it plays to keep it feeling fresh, and removing that aspect. That is effectively removing content.
  17. Treasure trove costumes

    our only hope is the rotation :x just ready some HM coins :x and basically wait.
  18. Treasure trove costumes

    I should already know this by now since I'm a veteran player, but I stopped playing quite a while ago and forgot how they handle this >< Do they ever put treasure trove costumes in the hongmoon store? My luck is always terrible and I absolutely hate gambling. I really want that Mythos costume set, but I'm afraid I'll never be able to get it with the treasure trove =/ I normally have no problem dropping money on cash shops as long as I know I'm getting exactly what I want. So as a costume lover, treasure trove is just super frustrating for me.
  19. Game doesn't launch

    Go to: C:\Program Files (x86)\NCSOFT\BnS\bin and then open "Client.exe". That will launch the XIGNCODE3 and then it will prompt you to launch the game via the launcher. After I did this the first time, I haven't had a problem since.
  20. I think new players would enjoy Battlegrounds more if everything was evened out and no gear was actually required. Everything would be fair and noone would be at a disadvantage. Of course the whales can keep the Gear Versions they have. But can you make a version for those who do not pay to win ? Of course if whales participate in these it would be skill dependent, not gear, so they wont be one shotting everyone anymore who is undergeared. Is there any plans to make BGS Fair for all? That is basically what I am asking in this thread.
  21. As a KFM

    Do i have to still tank? Even with the new skill system? thanks
  22. Gibt es einen Klan der mich mitnehmen würde für die Kralle und die Maske ohne das ich eintritt bezahlen muss?. Für die Mats würde ich schon bezahlen. mein Main
  23. I completely agree. I was never able to get into an EL group and only a few IL groups. The 'Free' oils I did not even know about until half way through, not sure when that notification went out. I can now end up with ONE vial but that is not even enough to upgrade my should one level. If I had known there was no chance of me getting the soul I would have used my oils to get more vials to get an actual upgrade.
  24. Terrible Cost Reduction Event! Rage Quit!

    Thanks, I did not know the was a sellable item, paid 55 gold. A price I am willing to pay and so I did. After another day I will have my Raven weapon and will have a better chance of getting into groups.
  25. Free Pristine Astral Oil from June 13–27

    I submitted a ticket to support and all they told me was to post in the forums to let them know how I feel and that they read the posts. I let him know that MANY people had already posted here and that the even was terribly implemented.
  26. Serenity Recruiting raiders!

  27. Terrible Cost Reduction Event! Rage Quit!

    i mean i dont see that but if i see a noticeable drop in not using the very small amount of frost damage i have ill go riftwalk... if i do see a noticeable drop ill go (although rip 31 second cooldown leech if that happens)
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