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  2. Well yea 6v6 is one sided its pin weak vs op
  3. BG never going be bal
  4. All F2P has an obvious way to milk money... In this game, they use Outfit boxes, Gems, Moonstones and Oils; they will never give up their source of income, giving away free drops to F2Players, you either pay for your Oils or stfu. Now go buy gold from F9 to make your True Soul.
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  6. I would think once they combine the servers in August, you will have a much easier time getting invites and runs through MSP. I know on our server, I see it posted several times a day.
  7. Dude take a friken chill pill, this is why I oh you know ASKED! Because the little blurb about the championship did not state anything at all about gunner not being allowed to compete.
  8. I tried the gunner on KR servers and this class is totally awsome I hope it will come really soon, I really want to play it!!
  9. We are never getting Gunner. NA/EU are more liable to be shut down before we get it.
  10. It's possible, but I wouldn't be surprised if we get it around fall.
  11. why just put them in the daily reward chest 1-5 E. stones. simple as it is. this makes ppl play alt as well, make it game friendly. Something like this does not require Albert Einstein's brain. and BTW, 8 pouches of CB boses, ZERO E. stone!!! thats how bad is. It seems NCW added 1% more to get evolved stones.
  12. i think if someone lost spot is because he want to come and other 23 to do all, and this 1+ potato may be stealth in this 24 mans but in 12 will not xD
  13. again gunner, gunner, gunner, will not!. gunner is not allowed to participate on championship
  14. Why the "locked asura weapon chest" need 3 brilliant silverfrost keys? The other weapon chest needs only 1 brilliant silverfrost key.
  15. I agree with you, having the choice between 12 and 24 man would benefit everyone's needs. Unfortunately, there really isn't anything we can do about this change. We're supposed to be following Korea's model, so it's not surprising we also got this change as well. Unless they get the option to choose between 12 and 24 man, I don't see us getting it in the foreseeable future.
  16. Are we looking at the gunner before September? The world championship is posted to be happening in SK in September which I don't see how the other regions can compete if CN and KR have gunners and the rest don't. Does this mean it will be released before then or are they just not allowing gunners to compete.
  17. Literally fought a low-rank clan of nearly gear capped ascendant weapon users named 'free BP'
  18. After last 2 maintenance i start receive client crash, or just not response on BG, now in total i have 6 time. (-180points asome) its work some of this 1) you dead and need to revive to base, push 4, = game rip 2) you after revive fast run from base = game rip client x64 3570+16gb ram, this shit start 12 or 19 july some time i see some people leave from party, think he to have crashes, and this is game problem not in my pc. because is not logic to leave from BG for -30 or leave if we win. p.s.- if someone have to this issue too. tell about this below
  19. Care to elaborate, RavTH? Has there been more recipes added to B&S, or changes since this was made?
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  21. No, from videos I've watched, the looting system is still the same.
  22. Some of the laptops with dual video card might use intel video card for some games. check your Nvidia control panel and make sure you are using 860m, not the intel integrated video card. I have old HP Dv7 with 650m and I get 40 fps with shadow turned off. Hope this helps.
  23. If we were happy with these drop rates, then we would have been happy with farming plog sanctum and Zaiwei Ruins for evolved stones. The fact that those locations are basically dead zones should tell you otherwise. These low droprates would only be acceptable from content the playerbase does daily regardless, such as evolved stones being added into the daily challenge or dungeon chest loot tables. If it's something we have to go out of our way for like Du Tu peaktime, and we are ONLY going there for evolved stones, then I literally expect guaranteed stones. Possibly chance to roll more or crit, but one guaranteed stone. If you feel those bosses spawn too often for a guaranteed stone, then it should be attached to something that spawns less often. The grand harvest square raid boss should have the same loot chest as BBBB, with 1-3 guaranteed stones. And/or make a daily or weekly quest for those bosses, like a quest for killing one of each Basin boss, that has a reward that always gives at least one stone.
  24. Idk i thought about it, it would be nice true it would also allow for lower levels to use it, and make it less end game account only
  25. I seriously hope they implement the same looting system as the 6man dungeons where the bidding screen pops up for everyone in the raid... having one person loot then distributing it to others is such a faulty system when people are playing favorites.
  26. I'm saying it should be selectable between 12 and 24 rather than getting rid of 24man raid. Now we have to separate our friends into 2 different groups instead of all playing together. It should be OUR choice not NCSoft's. Besides I'd hardly call 12man a raid, that's just 2 parties. Raids should be massive, they should be hard, and there should be failure. A game that's too easy and only requires mindless grinding is boring. Dumbing down the mechs further and decreasing the people is going to make the game more boring.
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