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  2. Title Should I go after Skyshatter ring or Inheritor's Ring? My gear:
  3. Nightstone pricing out of this world grind

    Peak time still exist.
  4. On warden only in frenzy stance if you use the "ss" then a skill appear (you can use with "f"), but i can't find this skill in martial tome ("k"), can i get a description of this the skill. what it's do?
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  6. Just hit level 55, now what?

    For wind summoner you want to get the Courage Soul badge first, and use that untilyou can fuse it with the glory one (courage one boosts your damage with bees when using petal toss) Mustic badge you can go with the pulse badge. For the gear, yo can go for the inheritor ring, or the skybreak spire wind ring. Depending on how far you want to go with the game / class, you can do fine with the Skybreak spire ring as if you manage your focus you should not have any issues (flying nettles gives focus, petal toss gives focus, cat crouch Q specced gives focus, weapon gives focus regen, ring gives focus regen) Plus the maxed out skybreak spire accessories later on can be slvaged for a crux that you can use to evolve the nest tier accessories you get for cheaper cost. you should also get your VT badge as that will give you a heavy damage boost.
  7. Mailbox problem

    when you click on the say "letter" on the left side, on the right side it will show you the items you have in there. Now you have to right click on the icon of the items on the right side and that will move it to your inventory.
  8. last 2 slots

    The last event gave tons of legendary hammers....i unlocked slots for 4 weapons with that.....i eman legendary hammers aare not as hard to come by now compared to before.
  9. Why would that mean double loot? o.o
  10. last 2 slots

    Raven Aransu is understandable but Bale/Seraph :/
  11. Saturday and Sunday means double loot anyway right?
  12. Verdant Nightstone

    If they can't fix a simple coat weight bones that would take like 5 minutes time to fix and apply it to server client then patch. I am not worried anymore for this game, but sad seeing a game with good combat just slowly fading...
  13. Wreath?

    Is there any way to get it a second time? I can't find it in my inventory or anything and I remember having it I think.
  14. Just hit level 55, now what?

    Don't worry, I was confused as well at the beginning ;) Well I play earth, those badges should be ok: Mystic badge I would go with pulse mystic badge (maybe a wind sum can help out here, there is a chance, that wind sums do need enigma mystic badge for focus, but I guess the Ring does the most part?) As soul badge, you want courage or glory badge (there is an option to fuse both later on, so you want to get both of them at some point), although to me courage sounds like the better first option (again, no wind summoner :( ) And yeah, dragonexpress is the 5. button from the left. For the names, it is the dragon bracelet, oath necklace and eternity belt. For earring you wanna go with Dragonsong (wind damage from skybreak spire) and the hellion ring (should be from ebondrake lair, if that is still up to date, not sure there... you want it because of the focus regen, at least you used to) With dailies/weeklies I mean the following: there should be little circles right above your quest list, with daily challenge 0/3 and weekly challenge 0/3. The concept is, that you got a list of quests you can do, and if you did 3 of those you get an extra reward. Most are dungeons, one is right now always midnight sky plains and one is always to kill a boss in celestial basin (that is the easiest). Oh and some pvp quests as well. So you can choose what you want to do. Also, the dungeons got way easier, so most of the mechanic up until naryu sanctum has been removed completly. And with up to I mean in the list in F8/p-play infographic. So you can really just go F8 and hit the lfp button for those (just a warning, the mobs on the way are often skipped). Also cold storage is safe to drop a naryu tablet (but you can only enter it once per day), most dungeons do drop them and they can be farmed in celestial basin. I would no recommend naryu labyrinth, as hardly anyone does it, so finding a group will be hard. For the weekly, you have to complete the orange quests as far as possible. The first part of them is a solo part, the very last one is the raid itself, which is fine, as you don't need the last part to be able to accept weekly quests. And yes, bt is old content by now, but you stil need the gear from it to be able to run vt, or otherwise your damage will be too low ;) But that beeing sad, not so many people need stuff from bt, so you get it very cheap or for free even. For now I would say, celestial basin is fine, but try also some dungeons (and if it is only to get something else to do), maybe someone from your server can help you there... which server are you?
  15. Nightstone pricing out of this world grind

    You shouldn't be really worry about that as MSP loot buff is permanent. Just consider it a long time investment. Those telling you to rush however is not your friend.
  16. [Karmin] OwnU sucht dich

    Moin moin, Können sich auch BnS Anfänger zu euch gesellen ?
  17. last 2 slots

    Think this is more for ppl who couldnt get it reverted and are stuck at aransu or raven or something and dont wanna start over again or farm hammers its just an alternative
  18. Yes and no, right now there is an event in MSP where you get double loot. After the event you will only get one box so its far beneficial to farm it now then later.
  19. Genuine question about wind summoners in arena

    Or...they are simply smart and know how to avoid it in the first place..... The summ can only aerial you if you are stunned or dazed. @Adrian Stormrage To me it seems you just need more practice, like you said sin isnt your main so i guess you are just not as good with it as someone who mains it would be. Practice makes perfect. You can always ask some summ to spar with you so you can practice :)
  20. Verdant Nightstone

    I mean....if they ant gives us the rest of the slots in the storage do you really think they are capable of other things? xD
  21. I think some of you miss something: Currently MSP is also part of the anniversary event as MSP right now gives double loot it normally does. So oyu have the Zulias Request daily and MSP Double loot for the anniversary event. Once anniversary event is over MSP loot will only reward 1 box.
  22. Bonjours, Ce topique s'adresses à tous les joueurs Belge, staff Développement de BnS et NCSoft. Suite à la décision Belge sur la commission des jeux de hasard, tous les objets contenu dans la boutique (CS) qui contient des objets aléatoire sont devenu interdit en Belgique. du coup pour l’Évent du 3éme Anniversaire et le coffre de célébration nous n'y avons pas droit. La seul possibilité pour les belge de l'avoir c'est avec les Pièces de Hongmoon qui nous est bien-sur impossible possible d'acheter avec des euros. Il est donc normal de dédommager les belges pour les désavantage par rapport aux autre joueurs, d'autant plus qu'il ne s'agit pas ici de simple récompense, car ceux-ci permettent d'obtenir des objet pour monté de manière significative les performances de son personnage (Gemme Octogonal, Coeur du servant suprême, Orbe de la Sorcière Pierre de grâce divine) etc.... Pour tous les belge qui souhaite obtenir dédommagement fait un +1 en raiponce a ce topic. Cordialement
  23. Some generic crying summoner thoughts in pvp

    Well without the aircombo summoner would become pretty useless because we only have 1 stun. And why are complaining about summoner dmg when wardens do 5 times more than i do in a single aircombo?
  24. Kind of torn on this I really appreciate the enthusiasm behind it, it really does seem like thought and care was put into it. boyfriend was just as disappointed as OP. I thought the event was ok, but upon to listening to him I could see it from his perspective as well. He told me that he logged in excited thinking there would be amazing prizes to work toward..but there wasnt. The best prizes are in the RNG boxes. I think part of the problem is...the set given out for this event is veryyy particular. Very shiny and chrome. It's only going to appeal to some-which all costumes are like that, and that's why it's good to have more than one up as prizes. The rest of the prizes as OP said just werent the best....they werent great deals really. Nothing worth doing it every day excitedly at all. That's what we're after. Excitement, something to get the blood rushing and the teeth showing. It's very very incredibly nice that the wings had a decent droprate and we were able to buy the illusions and things off each other, that's very very good!! but that's gold and money not all players can so easily spend. I don't know. This event was so-so. Beautiful presentation, and then kind of a wompwomp losing horn upon implementation.
  25. Verdant Nightstone

    if I did hurt or exposed you with that nice fresh meme, I do apologize and I shall feel magnanimous as I do so... On the other hand, someone up there mentioned how to fix your problem with converting your crystals to flowers and then mailing them off to alt banks(bank characters). I do not think the limit of items should be increased past 9,999 because not many players are whales but having a material storage accessible from bank or inventory would be neat. To bad we wont have that. Just like we wont have gold storage in bank...
  26. I need, but spending time killing the 3 bosses (you at least need to kill 1-2 extra excluding one of them inside the MSP event token) is not worth the time. And you need 3-4 days just to exchange coins with 1pcs of leg element/jewel, which you can buy from dragon express for 10-15g (with SSC+SC). I think not good enough for ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION.
  27. ^ another one person who is not going to be focusing on the anniversary event (NOT msp event) Its just not appealing enough, while on the other hand this is ANNIVERSARY event that is SUPPOSED TO BE GREAT (CELEBRATING birthday is not supposed to be great/special?) But it is just totally MEH rn unless they change the reward list next week.
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