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  2. Questions about Gunslinger.

    tombstone move 1 is for pve and is where alot of your burst comes from for fire, I usually would wait for sb to wear off and then depending on the boss decide when to use it (usually after the boss does a move i have to iframe cause then i know i have time to make full use of my tab). the move 2 is for pvp for the defense and parry penetration. if a fight is 5 minutes or less you wont notice much difference between the two specs, longer tho shadow should perform better unless it is because of rotation or ping issues. shadow can lower cd of its 4 with its rmb and also its 3 is not rng reliant
  3. 720USD never seen fountain

    Hi denny, with this Trove, you are able to have a guaranteed crit in 40 keys of fewer. After using this many keys you still have not been able to see one?
  4. High ping after maintenance

    Hello. I'm from Brazil and my issue is with the host located in Texas. I use pingzapper and I used to get about 150~160ms. Now I'm getting about 180~200ms. You guys know what is happening? Is it related to those major hurricanes?
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  6. 720USD never seen fountain

  7. 720USD never seen fountain

    Don't know... that's why I am asking... He may be meant to say the "crits" ??? I don't recall seeing any fountain in the drop list...
  8. 720USD never seen fountain

    what is that fountain about?
  9. 720USD never seen fountain

    fountain? o-o
  10. Act IV, Chapter 17: HELP

    IV is number four in Roman numbering system.... So it's Act 4 Chapter 17
  11. Suche BT Gold Raid

    Suche immernoch Ingame Name : Déxa
  12. Clan Workshops

    The clan leader is able to affect these things as in allow only certain people to be able to access workshops and that way control who takes stuff out. For example I don't allow anyone below Veteran rank to take stuff out from the clan workshop and when a member needs item from there I simply rank them to Veterans just long enough that they pick their item out. PS. game has been here only for around 2 years if you mean EU/NA version of it.
  13. From September 13 to the present. The I have a total of 725USD recharge All used to buy a key .. but a fountain never seen How much is this chance? 1% 2000? tell me why
  14. Opportunity Knocks Ki Low MIA

    I supposed you came to the house near the lake where it looks like there is a gang of npc wearing Blackram uniform and 1 dude in the middle wearing bamboo outfit? Talk to the girl npc who is wearing the blackram outfit and she gives you the uniform. Put on the uniform, and hit that npc in bamboo outfit dude Don't have to go anywhere.
  15. Elysian orbs seem to drop for me very often. If you are at the point that you need Empyrean Spirit Stone I suppose your gear does allow you to farm hardmode dungeons such as Ebondrake Citadel, Desolate Tomb, Naryu Foundry and Naryu Sanctum. From hardmode boxes you get nearly every run Elysian Orbs or at least I do. For Rare Elements you can simply do DKV on main + alts. 1 run = 1 box that gives with 100 % chance Rare Elements. Also you could try getting yourself Skybreak Spire raid as it drops quite a few boxes with 100 % chance for the Rare Elements too even if you clear only bosses 1-3. In over all the stage of weapon that requires Empyrean Spirit Charms is the very end game currently. Don't expect it to become cheaper yet. They will make them cheaper once the game advances to a further point where end game requires way higher stage weapons than Raven 3-6.
  16. Question!

    If you mean the instant level 50 ticket then yes, it's under Service tab in F10 store
  17. /grrr and It look's so pretty /tears
  18. As far as I know, KR doesn't even have it yet so it's gonna be a long wait.
  19. yeah i know that that's why I ask "When" :P
  20. As the description said, it's not available yet sadly
  21. Does anyone have any information? or know something about it? I'll appreciate your replies ^_^
  22. Gunner Skystone Bug

    Within the fight of the endboss in Naryu Labyrinth, where i used my Q - Skill "Skystone", i got a bug and the character walked vertical through the room. I was able to bid upon the loot, but could not finish the quests, i needed to escape for next actions. With regards
  23. Hongmoon Geheimtechnik 4

    Ich vermute mal, das ist die Geheimtechnik, die vorher Nexus, Talus Verlies und Yeti gebraucht hatte, weil die taucht unter 'U' nicht mehr auf.
  24. Vielleicht findet NC Soft ja eine Möglichkeit, dass Du der Einzige/ die Einzige bist, die keine Truhe aus dem Shop erhält. Als Geeste, weil es Dir ja so auf den Zeiger geht. Ich denke, dass die Patches alles andere als sauber eingespielt werden. Lange Wartungsarbeiten, mit ständigen Verlängerungen und dann geht das Game Online und Bugs ohne Ende, Hotfixes ohne Ende. Die tun bestimmt ihr Bestes, aber Hammer Geile Arbeit, sieht zumindest bei mir "ganz" anders aus. Ich warte heute noch, drei Tage nach Kauf on NCoins auf die Gutschrift der selbigen, die Kreditkarte wurde instant belastet ^^ Die letzten Patches waren der Horror, und jeder der das anders sieht, zockt offensichtlich kein BNS. Kommentare wie: Zock doch was anderes, wären jetzt fehl am Platz. Danke NC-Soft für die Kisten, Ihr habt Euren Fehler eingesehen und der Comm proaktiv Entschädigung zugestanden, dafür Daumen hoch!
  25. (Immernoch) kein Premiumlevel.

    Ich glaube, dass ist kein Bug. Es ist allgemein bekannt, dass wenn du Ncoins auflädst oder deine Mitgliedschaft verlängerst, dabei aber im Spiel bist, Du erst einmal in die Characterauswahl gehen musst. Erkennst Du daran, dass das mobile Lager unter "I" ausgegraut ist. Hat also meiner Ansicht nach nichts mit einem Bug zu tun. Ausloggen/ Einloggen und alles funktioniert wie gewohnt.
  26. The costs are ok, go and farm yunsang and u have enough elysian orbs.
  27. Questions about Gunslinger.

    Thanks alot for your responses! The thing is at this moment fire and shadow do close the same dps for me over a 5 even 10 minute fight (I consider this pretty long no?). This is why Im wondering why shadow would be better. Do badges and higher gear scale better with shadow atm or something? I'm at 740 AP so real basic gear. Fire does 25k dps for me while Shadow does 25.5k over 10 mins. And do you know if Tombstone Move 1 is far better then Tombstone Move 2? Because I realy dislike it putting you in place like that. It might result in getting no use of Tombstone if u have to move.
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