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  2. fix that stutter/freeze!

    im potatoandbacon the guy who discovered the issue with the Quest tracker and posted it on reddit it seems they are using shockwave like BHS did on tera thats why the UI causes a massive stutter and fps loss i also though my pc was the problem cause i have a 3770k old cpu and was not being able to handle the game but my surprise its when i installed black dessert my fps were stable and without stutters on towns with a lot of people back in bns i noticed on my Alts with literally almost no Quest that they had better performance in game and so i started by removing some UI things like fps and ms then i moved into the quest tracker and bam no more stutters
  3. fix that stutter/freeze!

    Well i did say it was based on my own experiences. Me and my friend have 0 problems with anything here, no ping problems, no fps problems nothing and only time it has sometimes stuttered or something is when game is quickly trying to dynamically load something new. I dont exactly have a top end pc or anything so it baffles me to see others have so much problems with stuff. I know game is not well optimized at all but still. Guess im just lucky. Im not judging or dissing anyone.
  4. New Math?

    First of all how the heck do you have 196206 hp (I assume that's what you mean by hits)? I'm sure the math is correct and you may have missed some entries. Yunsang requires you to be close to him and side step some attacks while iframing others. You will need to figure out which ones. Yunsang is tuned so that you MUST do mechanics or he will deal raid boss level damage to you, which usually results in you dying pretty quick. Once you get used to it, you should not have difficulty attacking while doing mechs. Having HM block specced to counter will help alot. Don't know your gear but being over 1.1k should mean you are at least BT level geared, which is plenty enough to down him. Just need more practice.
  5. Nerf Gunners

    You do realize that: 1. Alpha Call works on only specific skills right? It doesn't reset all skills. 2. Alpha Call resets none of gunslinger's skills, right? 3. Each class has their own unique skills.. Just because a Gunslinger can reset other classes' certain skills, doesn't mean other classes should have the same skill/be able to do the same. It's called individuality and is what makes each class unique. But, all of that aside, yes, like you said, your post is relevant months ago, pre-patch.
  6. Nerf Gunners

    This was relevant to the post months ago in January. Gear is gear. Its always upgrade-able until end game . They have only made small changes too gunslinger. Imagine if all classes had gunslingers mobility/skill resets. What if a Blade Dancer could reset skills and just spam chain lightning with lightning strike. Would you like it if they did? It is still broken and yes I happen to enjoy the game so I don't have much to complain about lol. No offence to gunners broke 6v6. Skystone <Q> x1 Whipline <E> x5 Backstep <SS> x1 Deadlock <X> x1 x2 with Alpha call. Just give wl back soul burn skill reset if that is going to be allowed.
  7. Account Banned But Why?

    Hi everyone, especially the ones who can help me. I had an account since the first day game launched at Europe and i played the game nearly every day for 2 years. Then a few months ago, i couldn't login. When i asked the reason, they told me that a 3rd party software was used with my account. I told them i didn't (because i really didn't use any) and they told me that if i do it again, they ban the account permanently. I opened the game and played for one day and the other day my account was permanently banned. I am like begging the admins to open it but they respond the same, that they can't. I lost my 2 years of time, work, memories. I told them i would do anything to open my account but there is no help that i can get. Please someone help me.
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  9. (Spoiler) Stilvolle Änderung kommt bald

    Abend, also ich weiß nicht so recht... optisch spricht mich das eher nicht an, muss ich dann Effekte ausschalten. Das die meinen Block (ganz links) löschen finde ich auch nicht besonders vorteilhaft. Habe das für einige Situationen als sehr nützlich empfunden. Schaut man sich die Änderungen an, sieht es ganz grob so aus, als würde der dps stellenweise reduziert aber während Soulburn erhöht. Die Änderungen der Soul Badge finde ich auch nicht so dolle... Quelle: Hier noch ein Video zur übersicht: Skill Übersicht Müssen wir schauen...wie sich der SF dann spielt oder nicht ;) Wünsche noch einen schönen Abend Gruß Lucky ps.: Danke Dannyl für die Info :)
  10. fix that stutter/freeze!

    cant belive this work Big thank you to this guy who found this.Game become smooth even in this Automaton event i am very very grateful
  11. Nerf Gunners

    Holy NECRO! I also like how your only two post is complaints about something that the devs have already rolled out changes for and some of those changes are already live. Makes me wonder if you even play the game
  12. Nerf Gunners

    Not saying that gunslinger is or isn't broken but, you do realize that 6v6 is all about gear/is P2W right? Coupled that with the fact that Nodah is literally end-end-endgame (his average DPS is in the millions), you can't really use the video/him as a reason as to why gunslinger is "broken" without any other kind of reason as to why gunslinger is "broken" (and why argue about it even after the nerf/skill change/bring up an semi-old post?).
  13. fix that stutter/freeze!

    All the UIs in this game uses the CPU to render. If you turn all the UI off your fps will be better. Ever notices that frame stutter when the menu pops up when you press O? Ya, this is what that is. In celestial basin I sit at 75 fps. When I have the options menu open I drop down to 67. Add all of these small things up and you end up with what you see in the event dungeon.
  14. Nerf Gunners

    Have fun enjoy the 6v6 content vs fire gunner. You guys know its broken thats why you defend it.Its even worse with a TD and Alpha call duo.
  15. cant get in after logged out

    Greetings! We were experiencing login issues earlier today which have been resolved by now. Please restart your PC and try again. Should the problem persist, please contact our Support. Thank you!
  16. fix that stutter/freeze!

    I had to login and say a big THANK YOU, whoever figured this out, you're my hero. No more stutters, freezes and game feels super smooth. God I wish i knew this before, cause this caused me many grey hairs, over the months. Yuran from the vid, if you play on EU, you have 100G reward from me, contact me ig.
  17. fix that stutter/freeze!

    Goes to show that Scaleform is a cancer that should be avoided when it comes to MMO productions.
  18. Suggestion: Make Souls Account Bound

    and in your opinion paying 200g for a pet pod and 550g for an oil is normal, now? do you know that you need 30 pet pods at one point for 1 single pet upgrade? and in total you need over 240 pet pods to upgrade your pet to maximum? that around 50k gold man. and you need another 20k gold for the PTS, around 130 oils =70k and maybe another 20k for all other materials to upgrade your gear. You call this normal? Been playing for 2 years and I'm nowhere close to having any of that. I know you farm some materials, but prices right now are just plain stupid!
  19. Suggestion: Make Souls Account Bound

    and i agree!
  20. I couldn't agree more. BG is my favorite thing to do in this game, but so much is wrong. First of all though, the class pvp imbalances have GOT to be fixed. The gunner "nerf" was a complete joke. Pull a team with a few geared gunners and I just want to throw my computer off the table. The one-shotting skills and macro stun chains/aerials are just so broken. Second, the matchmaking. I am not sure why it is so hard to implement a point system based on your gear, and to only allow you to queue with people within your range. Even better, just make pvp weapons a prerequisite for even entering. Third, make the reward based on actual individual performance. These damn afk'rs won't have reason to enter if they get nothing for doing nothing. I can't speak for all the pvp'rs out there, but the ones that truly enjoy BG seem to do it for the fun of a good pvp match, not the rewards. The only rewards you should get from pvp anyway should be pvp items/mats and maybe gold and cosmetics. Fourth, you should only get points for winning, not lose points for losing. This is the only way people that are there for a good game don't get penalized by the people who come in pve gear or afk and have no real intention of playing to win. It really sucks to obtain gold status and then not want to play for fear of losing it. Ranks should be acquired by how many points you can gain during the season, not how many you lose. Of course if you don't win, you don't make points. Finally, the game should hide pvp gear from being viewed by other players, and only solo queue should be allowed, or in the alternative you should only be allowed to partner queue with someone within your range of gear-based points. I think if these changes were made BG would be more satisfying for players of all levels.
  21. fix that stutter/freeze!

    Before you judge and bla bla try it yourself. Its much easier then trying to be smartass. The guy who discovered this should be rewarded. Me, as a guy who has super pc, (i7, intel ssd, etc.) also had stutters specially in basin and ssp. And this video and this "fix" made all those stutters go away. In the event dungeon i didnt had many problems with those balls, but open world maps was giving me feeling like smth is wrong with my pc, and in fact it was never problem about my pc.
  22. fix that stutter/freeze!

    man, the new event dungeon stutters every time the boss throws those big balls of energy at you. every single time! and it does so for the whole damn player base. And this small fix made that stutter go away; i tried it myself. and you're telling me it's internet speed? comon , let's be real. internet speed does not affect a list of some stupid writing on your screen; it's just poor programming anyway, don't judge people who actually help our poor community.
  23. When will you finally fix tower of infinity?

    Thank you someone else noticed this as well. I posted something about this in the bug reports a little while ago saying the same thing.
  24. New Math?

    Why would you blame yourself for not dodging? There usually isn't much to dodge, but when there is, I dodge some. I watched a video but it wasn't for gunner. He does different things in game than I've seen in vids w/other character types. Yeah, sub 100ms ingame -- have actually seen some. My best is 120ms, though in battle, its usually over 200. It's not the net either -- I can do pings to the server and its pretty steady at 50-55ms. But first thing he does is jumps *to* me and grabs me. If I am close enough to stop him jumping, I find it hard to maintain attack while dodging. If I need to iframe something -- my jumps will usually take me out to his jump+grab range. More often than not, if I can't DPS it, I can't do it, because doing the mechs, slows down the DPS so much that I've hit rage timers in the past. I try the mechs if they aren't too insane, but staying inside 5m w/his close range damage and a gunners low-defense, is not trivial. You mention the boss is "fair"? Who mentioned "fair" (or "not fair")? Wouldn't that be pretty arbitrary based on many factors? Unfair is when the game expects you to pay 8k-gold (~$120-150) for materials to upgrade 1 item you need, 1 level, but perhaps if I was given a billion G /month, I'd have a different opinion... ;-)
  25. hallo Flowercup. Versuche mal den Turm der Unendlichkeit, so weit wie möglich zu kommen. Dort bekommst Du in jedem Fall, glaub ab der 40. Etage, eine Abenteuermarke zum Ende der Saison. Ich hatte auch schon lange keine Funkelnde Abenteuermarke gesehen.
  26. hey guys, i cant get into the game.. i cant even press the play turned grey..i downloaded the stage 1 before and it says playable...after i create a character and logged out because its time for work..when i get back home...i cant even press the play there any maintenance going on?..or maybe there's a problem with the launcher..if the launcher is the problem...can anyone tell me the solution? please...
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