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  1. Today
  2. Hello, I just wanted to give a little bumpy-bump to this thread. We've reported this to the development team and they're currently exploring solutions to this. We'll have more information in the future. Thank you.
  3. Weapon buffs missing for awakened skills

    Hey there, just to double confirm we've reported it to the development team and they're aware of this issue. It's hard to say when exactly you'll see this fixed but we will get it out as quickly as we are feasibly able to. Thanks.
  4. Yesterday
  5. I was able to collect my orbs as well. Try restarting your client if you haven't already. If you still weren't able to get it, please contact our Customer Support team as they can look into what happened.
  6. 2x launcher (matryoshka.exe)

    Hello Gman, Both files are safe and are calling the same process so don't worry about it! One shortcut is dedicated purely to the launcher one is for Blade & Soul (that still get started through the launcher). Obviously right now there's no difference because only Blade & Soul is using the new launcher, but we will add more products in there eventually :)
  7. Are all Legendary Mystic Badges Exchangable?

    Right now, the decision is to have that exchange permanent, there's no deadline. If for any reason this would change we would make sure let everyone know well ahead in advance.
  8. BNS battle royale ladders

    Hello there! We definitely care about Battle Royale rankings and while I know that we haven't replied to your thread, it's feedback we gathered and brought up in our reports. I understand that right now the ranking system may not be the best since it's solely based on how much you play (quantity) unlike other modes like the Arena where ranking is based on Skill/MMR (quality). When it comes to class ranking it's not something that is planned right now, but that is a good suggestion too! Changes to the ranking system would require a certain amount of work to be implemented so it's difficult to say at this point if changes are going to happen. Keep in mind that Blade & Soul goes beyond just our version in the West, so adding something totally "new" like Class Ranking isn't a change we can unilaterally make.
  9. Last week
  10. Eternity Belt wrong stats

    Greetings Cor, After we took a closer look, we can verify that this is not a bug and the new stats are correct and intended.
  11. lv 60 voucher

    Greetings Wizardelino, As mentioned, the Support reply times are higher than normal at the moment. We understand the frustration this may cause. It's best to resist the temptation to bump your ticket as this actually puts it to the back of the queue.
  12. New launcher

    Greetings everybody, Please make sure you have a look at the Announcement message here BEFORE you attempt the download. I know this may be late for a lot of you, but maybe it will reach some of you in time.
  13. Eternity Belt wrong stats

    Greetings Cor, Thank you for posting this. We have forwarded the information to the appropriate team for a closer look.
  14. lv 60 voucher

    Greetings Senzamore, We are sorry to hear this. Please feel free to open a ticket so our Support team can take a look at your account. Please note that the reply time may be a little longer right now and make sure you check your spam folder periodically for any replies from the Support team that may get sorted there.
  15. How to install the new Laucher?

    Greetings Kicca, Please make sure you refresh the download page with Ctrl F5 before you attempt the download again, as noted in the announcement section here:
  16. KFM - Wind Shear buff is not applied on resist

    Greetings csisy, Thank you for the report. We have forwarded it to the appropriate team members to take a closer look.
  17. Lyn Female Heels Missing

    Greetings @Everblack, Could you give us an example of a costume that did have the heels displayed before and now no longer shows them? That would give us a starting point in trying to replicate this. Thank you in advance!
  18. Bugged Warden Awakened Skills

    Hello, Sadly that issue affecting both Warden and Gunslinger will not be fixed in today's update. I understand that this can be very frustrating and I understand how important it is for both of these classes. We have reported this issue further up last Wednesday as soon as we were made aware of it, however the fix hasn't been delivered yet so it couldn't be deployed today. At this time I cannot provide an estimated date for a fix, then again with all the feedback we received about this we understand how it is important to players so it's something that will be pushed to get fixed as soon as possible.
  19. Starting on March 20, 4:00 a.m. PDT / 12:00 CET, all servers will undergo maintenance for approximately 4 hours and 45 minutes. An in-game notice will be given 30 minutes prior to the maintenance starting. Below is the list of changes introduced within the update: Routine server maintenance and modifications The Orb of Ascension Shard can now be traded on the marketplace. The Character Information Window (F2) has been updated with the new Mystic stat and the elemental stats have been removed. Food items now correctly restore Resilience for Wardens. Fixed an issue where the adornment item could not be equipped with various costumes. Fixed an issue where the Gunslinger Awakened Passive skill was displaying an incorrect icon. Fixed an issue where Sovereign Monarch Greatsword and Artisanal Monarch Greatsword were missing textures. Fixed an issue where the Hongmoon Gilded Triangular Diamond and Amber had swapped item information. Various Localization fixes. For server status updates please follow the @BladeAndSoulOps Twitter account. Tweets by @BladeAndSoulOps
  20. Level 60 voucher; how do you actually get it?

    Greetings MasterofMemes, Feel free to reach out to Support, so they can take a closer look.
  21. Dumpling not restoring shields on Warden.

    Greetings Red0p, Thank you for the report. Our team is aware of this and is deploying a fix possibly as early as tomorrow.
  22. Greetings Ylkrad, Thank you for the report. There are a few items affected by this and our team is currently working on fixing this in an upcoming patch. We appreciate your patience in the meantime.
  23. Greetings Dreuxx, Thank you for the report. We will take a closer look at this.
  24. Mechanika Wing bugged after awakening patch

    Greetings everybody, We have forwarded this to the appropriate team members and they have confirmed that there will be a future patch to fix this. Thank you for your patience in the meantime!
  25. Unity reputation limit per week not per day

    Greetings, As mentioned, this discussion is already active in the thread linked above and has been commented on by us: Please feel free to continue posting there.
  26. I just fail to understand your reasoning when you state "put you too much behind". Either it's too long/tedious to reach the cap everyday, but in that case it is for nearly all players therefore you won't be behind since almost nobody will reach the cap everyday anyway. Either it's not and in that case the system doesn't require any changes. It cannot be both at the same time. Hence my original reply: we will assess how players are progressing through the Unity system and make adjustments in the future if required, but as it stands (meaning today) there won't be any change. I understand that this system may not suit your schedule and/or play-style but we cannot adjust an entire system just because of individual feedback on the matter. We are collecting data on how players are engaging with various content in Blade & Soul and the Unity System is no exception, your feedback is directing us where to look but ultimately what will weigh the most in decision making are factual metrics and I hope that you understand that (again even if this may not go in the direction that you want.)
  27. Nobody is forcing you to reach the cap literally everyday. The most dedicated players will, but that shouldn't be everyone. The system wasn't designed to allow just about everyone to easily reach the cap daily but instead to reward the most active players. You may not reach the cap daily and that's perfectly fine, instead of just thinking about the Unity system as a task you must complete no matter what, focus on playing the game as you would normally and increase Unity along the way. Eventually you'll reach the cap. The Unity system has been designed with long term goal in mind, we will re-assess it as time goes by but as it currently stands the Daily Cap isn't going to change.
  28. Well the whole idea of having a daily cap is to incentivise players to log on and be active daily. Making that cap weekly would defeat the purpose. Sure there are days where people cannot play but that's the same for pretty much everyone in the end, you will just miss your Unity for that day. The very same happen with any activity that resets on a daily basis.
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