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  2. Moon Refuge quest as 10th daily challenge.

    +1 to this idea
  3. Danke hab es gefunden.
  4. Ich habe von einem Neuling gesprochen, da zu kommt, das ich nicht immer spiele, schon mal Monate aussetze, es reicht wenn ich die Täglichen Quest mache, dazu etwas in der Mondschein zuflucht rum laufe, und die Insel mache, das reicht mir.
  5. wow, da hast du natürlich ausgesorgt. Habs extra für dich mal kurz durchgerechnet: Um Schmuck (Rabe) und Handschuhe/Gürtel auf Stufe 4 plus Waffe (Rabe 6 auf 7 als Beispiel) zu bringen,benötigt man ca 500 Mondsteinkristalle. Geist und Seele sind da noch gar nicht berücksichtigt. Wohlgemerkt, wir reden da nur von einer stufe Aufwertung, je höher es geht, desto mehr wird benötigt. yxz80 hat von Neulingen geredet, da dürfte es mit Twinks eher schlecht aussehen. Egal in welchem Thread ich Kommentare von dir lese, werd ich den Eindruck nicht los dass du nur trollen willst.
  6. Neuer Launcher

    Nein, habe kein Korea, habe nur die Deutsche Version. Habe sogar Win 10 neu aufgespielt, nur die Treiber und Crom Installiert. Ob wohl alles neu war, habe ich diese Fehlermeldungen bekommen. Habe es Win 1803 und 1809 probiert, 1809, lief bei mir gar nicht. Habe auch keine anderen spiele drauf, weil ich nur eine SSD 120 habe, vorher schon mit OOSU10 alle nicht benötigten Programme still gelegt, kaspersky ausgeschaltet, die Firewall deaktiviert, auch da gab es diese Fehlermeldungen. Weil ich langsam nicht mehr weiter wusste, habe ich wie schon gesagt das alte installiert, und dann den Nc launcher drauf getan.
  7. Neuer Launcher

    Hast du auch schon diese dinge gemacht? : - geschaut, dass (solltest du BnS West und Korea haben) nicht beides im selben Ordner landet und sich beißt? - ob irgend ein anderes Programm den Launcher blokiert Das sind die wirklich einzigsten Dinge die Grund dafür sein können. Denn der Launcher "funktioniert eben doch". Sonst müssten ja durchweg ALLE BnS Spieler dieses Problem und dies ist definitiv NCIHT der Fall, PUNKT!!!!
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  9. Gunslingers are literally the weakest pvp class. The class it self is literally a backseat class.... I want to find the logic in this ... A range class with a cd block, no projectile resist ,an escape that has a cast time and can be cancelled why is it they don't have healing skills I mean 5 percent from dark shot is me considering all classes have healing in main skills ...but where's the hp recovery from our shield like how are we suppose to heal ..while desto healing 30 percent hp in 1 Shield phase....summoner heal sf heal wl heal from shieldx3 time distortion and sanctum. .kfm pull,fm veil and armor ,warden heal spam, bd shield but why gunners don't have any ...gunners have no neutral game ... Let's say fight start u have like 2hooks for 18 sec within 5 sec those 2 hook gone that hooking skill is not guaranteed. . U left in open .. like all gunner do now is whip line to one side poor thing gotta spam reload for any hooks he can get ... otherwise he's dead meat . Our block doesn't stun so we literally a dps sponge cake to spam at... U can't kill a spin class. . What amount of damage can u do I'm your 5sec I frame Every other aclass just block and hold f to roll and if he can't tech chase gg
  10. skill pvp

    The pvp combo of the new witch is disgusting. that can not be called combo, the only thing that had the warlcok was its aerio combo and it is removed to put combo that does not work.
  11. it was moved to the cold sotrage merchant. You cannot use solar energies for the exchange anymore tho.
  12. Beware of CS scams

    Prob you are talking of me lmao, my isp was ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing me Thursday, i made a moml party and then got dcd
  13. Hello, so has the verdant stone to tawny or purple nightstone exchange been removed? Can we not exchange the green stones with solar energy for yellow stones/purple stones now? Where was this mentioned in the April patch notes? Or did this get removed since awakening? I don't think I saw it on either of the patches.
  14. FPS drop/combat freeze issues got even worse since last patch

    So I am a new player and recently started playing. I had start up issues and insane frame drop and 60ish frames with frame drop to 40 or lower I was luck to hit 80 I tried lowering my resolution etc even lowering graphics all to 1. I even had like 3+ min start up times just to get the game started after I hit play, but what I saw all over reddit is that if you can; you should install Blade and soul on a ssd. I know it shouldn't improve anything but it does I can get my 3440x1440 100fps almost all the time and very rarely do I get frame drop with max graphics.
  15. Listen your voice please.

    Actually, the pvp accessories aren't gated anymore.. you can get them in moon refuge for 120 moonlight bud per which grant it doesn't include the gloves or the bracelet but ya. They are looking into the powder situation as they have already mentioned it wasn't intended to make it only obtainable from Trove. It is kind of one of those overlooked areas much like the changes to the naryu sanctum bracelet, was changed in both loot boxes (dungeon and moon) but untouched from the quest which still requires a brilliant key to open. @Hime maybe let the dev team know that? Why would one require a carry run for accessories? Your meant to do skybreak as Baleful / Seraph (with the other option being rift walk / dawn forge mind you, like wise with VT only really requiring skybreak stuff. The community is to blame for the hilarious requirements they set on things. TT is no different, max out skybreak accessories, Aransu weapon and so on to be able to run it barring mechanics and actually knowing your class and how to do your rotation to maintain enough dps to clear each boss. Personally, I only did my alts up to dawn/rift 9 during upgrade events, got the soul/aura during events, got gems during events and salvaged some when they offered powder to get to where I'm at. I only have 1 set of gems as I don't mind mailing. Do your dragon everyday for scales to buy garnets etc.. Fact is unless your talking like the new imperial pvp gear, you can do all of the dungeons as of this posting with very min. gear and if people won't take you, learn what little mechanics are left and recruit for your own parties. I'm not sure what server you may be on, but I can say I have no issue what so ever doing all the way up to the shadowmoor on my characters including alts and the parties fill up. Likewise with weeklies where half the time on my alts I don't even need to mail gems over just because I know each class I play and can maintain a decent dps for the gear it has (awakening or before). I'm on Zulia I forgot to mention.
  16. Where are we now?

    I'm answering the question you asked me, which was where I was getting the "bad word of mouth" saying from @RavTH.
  17. Old RNG Boxes Better?

    I liked how the old box gave tokens so I could focus on things. Tokens for garnets, tokens for other things, mats, etc. Stuff that isn't bound to account was better that way for alts.
  18. Oh mann... ich kann es echt nicht mehr hören. "buhhuuu ich krieg keine Mondsteine. mimimimi." Sorry aber dann macht ihr definitiv irgendetwas grundlegend falsch in diesem Spiel. Wenn sie wirklich so selten wären (und ja man bekommt selbst die umgewandelten gelben Kristalle hinterher geworfen!!!) warum bekomme ich die dann seit anbeginn hinterher geworfen, mit JEDEM meiner Chars. OHNE jemals groß PvP, Turm oder sonst der gleichen gelaufen zu sein? Ich war noch nie mit meinen Chars Mondsteine farmen und habe trotzdem immer mehr als genug zum Aufwerten vorhanden. Allein aktuell habe ich auf meinem Main über Hundert gelbe Kristalle. Mondsteine an sich brauche ich daher nicht mal und mache sie auf dem Markt zu Gold und das seit 2-3 Jahren (btw. seit es sie halt gibt) Das gleiche mit geweihten Kugeln. Die umgewandelte Form kriegst du ebenfalls nachgeworfen. Auch hier mache ich die reinen geweihten Kugeln permanent im Markt zu Gold. Wie kann man also ständig zu wehnig davon haben? Das verstehe ich absolut nicht. Dazu kommen ja noch die Twinks. Da müsstet ihr eigentlich von allem drei mal so viel haben. Was also bitte macht ihr? Das müsst ihr mir echt mal erklären xD
  19. StormPulse Necklace

    I want to buy stormpulse necklace, yura, 100g, no entry fee since i dont want boss achievement. It drops, you invite me, I pay, get the item and leave. Easy, nothing else. Write down date and time if you ok with this. Monday - friday, i am unavailable until 4:30pm because of school, no restriction on weekend. thanks.
  20. Listen your voice please.

    But do you think like 70% of the population on EU/NA can aford a carry run for their accessories? The weapon mat can be bough in market which is realistic to have but not the accessories. I've focused with all my characters on my soul only for the past 1 year with events and it's only Awakened Cosmic Soul - Stage 2 and I've used every event I could to focus on it while I used my other materials to upgrade accessories and weapon and gear up alts to have easier gameplay on them. I have no gilded gems the only gems I have are f2p octa obsidian and garnet cause those are the only f2p obtainable gems that don't use fusion powder. Rest is just not obtainable for f2p other than swiping Unless you ignore your entire gear and focus on gems which is not optimal. It's not hard to catch up with the weapon for PvP only but for accessories which are necessary you need a decent PvE gear to get them which again gear gated, unless you can do PvE content with PvP weapon(which you could but it would be harder). um when VT badges were introduced first into the game I saw amazing gameplay from Gunners, BDs, KFMs, DES and FMs in 6v6 and they havent done anything to improve that balance what they was released higher tier PvP gear to have even more ridiculous impact on 6v6 with no balance what so ever. Arena is skill based if you understand the match up and your class.
  21. New launcher

    Annnnd got the email about the old launcher shut down. RIP... I suppose now it's when we start nagging NC to help those unable to log in. Because them, and their friends, could be the next ones moving to other games permanently. And I've had enough recent game server closures for my taste...
  22. What I said was more like a loose guide. Of course you won't be as fast and as precise as simple mode. More if it's on a class that can toss several skills in a row and not just rmb and F. Nothing short of cheating through third party apps would solve your problem right now, so you will not be getting exact numbers. More like a rough estimate. As for picking what is better in terms of gear and skill sets for your character, aren't there guides for that already? And if in doubt, you can post your build and your options here, and people will help you decide. Now, what I assume Simple mode is, it's not really a "key per situation" thing. It's just a list of skills in descending priority order, and the machine will trigger whatever is on highest priority that is not on cooldown. AT LEAST that's the behavior I'm seeing from my characters. It won't press space for you at the boss prompt, nor it will CC the boss either. All of those things still come from you manually. In my BD, who does only like rmb and F, I can just press those keys and I already have most, if not all the same functionality of Simple Mode. In a class like FM or WL however, it uses a few more skills in a row, making it more difficult (impossible for some people) to emulate. As a last training resort, try soloing old easy dungeons with bosses that have around a million HP, or whatever your output is. Any fresh from story character can solo those in their sleep, and you can get a rough and general view of how you do in a relatively safe environment. If you are mid or higher tier gear, go to dungeons with bosses on the 8M+ HP range to have some meat to shave and get an idea of how the set stands. OR just go for live tests on the current dailies. Yes, I know. It's again not a replacement to what you want. Actually nothing is. But it's something you can do now while waiting to see if the devs can hear you and fix it. Because really, Simple mode as it is right now, was an addition I never expected in a game like this. In other games, you either work with macros (in favor or against the developer's wishes), or with full manual mode with no opportunity to ease up the load on the hands. Anyway. I'm not against your idea/petition. I would actually benefit from it as well. I'm just trying to offer some options we can do right now in the meanwhile. Up to you to use them or try something else yourself, OR, wait for any dev response. For now, I'm doing the "safe dungeon" thing (and also the current low level dailies) to check gear and adjust things. So far I can't complain about it.
  23. Where are we now?

    But I did not mention servers merge, only region merge. I also didn't say anything about the updates.
  24. [Karmin] OwnU sucht dich

  25. Game freezes and shuts down after few minutes

    Eu estava lendo esse topico,e venho pedir ajuda tambem,desde que o gamer atuliazou o nclauch,o game pro meu pc parece que ficou mais pesado,o jogo ta em 60 fps e cai pra 30 porem nem adianta reduzir os graficos nem nada,o outro problema e que mesmo o grafico optimizado pra combate ou otmizado para computador fraco quando estou em uma masmorra os boss vao soltar um atck em area forte,o meu jogo congela,eu tenho um pc bom e rodava o game excelente nunca tive problema com grafico e nem lag com o jogo depois dessa atualização o jogo ficou assim alguem pode me ajudar a resolver esse problema? ou é coisa do jogo?
  26. Hey Du... und Du... und Du auch.... Du suchst einen familiären Klan? Du hast arbeitest schon an Deinem VT Gear? Du magst respektvollen Umgang miteinander? Du spielst gerne BNS und bist aktiv, sofern es Dein Reallife erlaubt? Du magst Mechaniken und bist bereit auch mal zum lernen geduldig zu wipen bis es klappt? Du hast Interesse an gemeinsamen Aktivitäten? Du kommst gerne voran, aber nicht um jeden Preis? Du bist ein Teamplayer und machst gerne jeden Spass mit? Komisch, dass ich Dich dann in unserem Klan noch nicht gesehen habe, denn ich glaube Du passt da gut rein! Ich hoffe, jetzt habe ich Dein Interesse geweckt :-) Alle wichtigen Infos hat unsere Leaderin Yue im Anfangspost verfasst. Komm uns doch auf unserem Discord besuchen und lerne uns persönlich kennen. Oder schreib uns hier oder Ingame einfach an (Yuemy, JPersia, Belí Brom) Wir freuen uns auf Deinen Besuch oder Deine Nachricht Mit besten Grüßen Belí
  27. Server Consolidation — April 24 looks like they changed it to May 1st? This happened todayish, maybe they haven't got around to changing the daughter pages with the original 24th date.
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