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  2. Recherche clan pour 2

    Kikoo ! Nous serions ravis de vous accueillir dans le clan La Septième Porte Site web, organisation de tournois, pve, pvp, ect... au programme ! Merci de contacter Æmiliä in game or add discord Loveless#4911 J'espère à bientôt :) Visit La Septième Porte
  3. Recherche clan fr légion écarlate

    Kikoo, c'est avec plaisir que nous sommes prêts à t’accueillir dans le clan La Septième Porte (légion écarlate) Site web, organisations de tournois, pvp, pve au programme mp : Æmiliä in game or add Loveless#4911 J'espère à bientôt ;)
  4. Hi Did anyone get any pets? I've opened 10 so far and only got charms
  5. Tropical Treasure Trove 350 Key Results

    Well i mean its i had a 3 star in the first 5 keys i used, then at some point got a 3 star twice in a
  6. Launcher was ist nur los mit dir?

    @Baskerville Werde ich machen, werde aber jetzt mal genauer hinschauen, wann das passiert, heute Morgen, musste ich wieder umstellen, von Amerika zu EU, eben war es normal, ob wohl der Pc aus gewesen ist,
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  8. SUM Sucht ET Raid

    Moin Bin auf der Suche nach einem ET Stammraid für meinen SUM Fashion Queen Queen falls wer nen Platz hat kann du dich gern hier oder Ingame bei Mir Melden
  9. Tropical Treasure Trove 350 Key Results

    He said "Appart from the Guaranteed crits" Edit: Well RiP.. I somehow managed to post at the exact same time as Spades.
  10. Tropical Treasure Trove 350 Key Results

    I'm talking apart from the guaranteed ones. So in 150 keys I hit the 40/40 three times and got those guaranteed, but apart from those 3, the other 147 were all 1*
  11. Tropical Treasure Trove 350 Key Results

    If you look at the screenshots i posted. There is no crit (outside of the Guaranteed crits) Between Key 197 and key 134, So that's almost 70 keys without crit.. Tho i dono if 150 without crit is possible, you gotta be very very unlucky then.
  12. BnS Exclusive FPS Dips at Exact Intervals

    Greetings @bns7426700027, Please feel free to also involve our Support team, who can help you trouble shoot and may have some more insight. You can submit a ticket via the Support tab above.
  13. Tropical Treasure Trove 350 Key Results

    not possible. Every max. 40 keys you get a guaranteed 2* / 3* crit
  14. BnS Exclusive FPS Dips at Exact Intervals

    i have tried, but none of that works. and literally nothing scanning or checking anything. i have checked using some things like HWiNFO and something else. when the FPS dip occurs seriously nothing indicates it. no drop in disk, cpu or gpu activity. RAM seems to be completely fine too. the in-game cursor is also fine too. lmao... i just got done re-installing twice since my last post. and this most recent re-install i even updated my bio's. which i was hesitant to do, because i can no longer flash an older version if needed. in the end absolutely nothing i can do is fixing this. well, this just sucks... FML
  15. Tropical Treasure Trove 350 Key Results

    I know its a lot of rng but is it even possible to open 150 trove keys on a single character and get zero crits apart from the 3 40/40 ones. I'm not even talking about good or 3* crits, I haven't gotten a single shitty 2* even. What bothers me is that this is happening specifically to one character of mine that I'm trying to reroll to. My other character that I opened about 70 keys on got a decent number of crits in those keys but it's really disheartening when the character you want to play more can't get a single crit.
  16. incorect price for braketrough TT earring

    Yes, this is correct, but please keep in mind this is still work in progress at the moment.
  17. onyx scale fragments account bound schedule

    it will probably be like with silver scales. so when they introduce the next tier material, onyx scales will become acc bound
  18. fermeture

    oouiiiii depuis fevrier .. sans succes c'est pourquoi je viens sur le fofo'
  19. 3rd Spec Release order?

    Is this realy the release schedual for classes 3rd spec?? Because if Gunner is ahead of other classes like WL its super infuriating.
  20. Bug main Quest 27 what is Rightfully Theirs

    class : assain level : 46 name : uudrweal ( yura )
  21. fermeture

    Bonjour Teyko, As-tu contacté le service d'assistance de Blade & Soul ? Cordialement, Amraith
  22. fermeture

    ca n'a rien arranger ...j'en peux plus
  23. Could a GM comment on when onyx scale fragments will become account bound? Thank you.
  24. fermeture

    comment on vide ca stp... je sais pas mis prendre et cest pas bien expliquer sur google ''edit'' je viens de le vider je teste et tiens au courant .
  25. Tropical Treasure Trove 350 Key Results

    Imgur with all the crits as screenshots
  26. incorect price for braketrough TT earring

    100 for each step then I'd assume. Considering it was too much for stage 3, 6 and 9. So people who immediately went to stage 10 would have paid 300 too much.
  27. Hi. I was wondering if anyone knew if there were any way to force Blade & Soul to be ran by an AMD graphics card like how you can with NVIDIA.
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